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Girl in lingerie on a deck of a ship

If sandy beaches and piña coladas have been on your mind lately, you may need a vacation stat. But for a jet-setting vixen to make her well-deserved getaway, she needs to pack up her luggage before hitching that plane. 

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to travel, and it’s not uncommon for packing up your loungewear lingerie and intimates to become an afterthought.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a little guide to help you master the art of transporting your intimates. With a little guidance on how to pack bras  and  with tenderness, your girls will feel right at home no matter where in the world you’re heading.

Bra Packing Part 1: Planning Ahead

Particularly if you’re planning a vacation, it’s not uncommon for packing techniques to get thrown to the wayside before your big trip. With travel logistics, communications, and your travel bucket list to keep track of, it can be tricky to pare your wardrobe down to those must-haves you’ll wear on your trip.

Fortunately, there are two criteria that can help you curate your travel wardrobe with those choice essentials: your trip agenda and how long you’ll be away.

Curating By Trip Agenda

If you already have some exciting vacation activities planned, those plans should inform each travel bra you include in your suitcase. To ensure you pack as light as possible (and make your airline’s weight limit), write a packing list of each item on your trip’s agenda and ensure you have a travel bra to match. 

Some common vacation activities include:

  • Hitting the town – If you’re planning on enjoying some nightlife while you’re away, make sure you have a few bra options to match each nighttime look you have in store. Don’t be shy about going for all-out glam if you’re on vacation, but if you’re headed on a business trip opt for more demure pieces like balconette bras that keep you feeling on point.
  • Heading to the beach When the beach is in your getaway’s future, choose packing bras that feel effortless to slip into. Lightweight bralettes can be the perfect beachside companion under a breezy top if you’re slipping on and off the boardwalk (or the beachside bars!).
  • Getting active outdoors – Ladies who love to stay active should opt for athletic-style bras for hot weather  that offer plenty of support while breaking a sweat. Take some classic sports bras with you, or choose styles that balance security with flirty details like a lace-up back.

Once you’ve listed your trip agenda, ensure each packing list bra works in practice by laying out all of the outfits you plan on wearing. Seeing your tops, dresses, or rompers on full display can give you a sense of the types of packing bras that will correspond to the necklines, fabrics, and styles of their corresponding attire.

Lastly, since the best bras tend to be lightweight, there’s nothing wrong with being a touch overprepared. A good rule of thumb is to add 3 extra bras to your suitcase that are versatile enough to work with spontaneous activities as they arise.

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Curating By Trip Duration

When packing for vacation, consider the length of time you’ll be away. Ask yourself practical questions such as, “Will I want to do laundry on this trip?” or “How many days in a row could I wear this multiway bra?” Answering these questions ahead of time will help streamline your packing strategy and prevent any hassle when it comes to selecting boudoir outfits on your trip.

To that end, remember these 3 golden rules about bra maintenance as you pack:1

  1. Bras shouldn’t be worn more than two days in a row. Doing so can stress out their structure, leading them to lose their shape.
  2. Every bra deserves a wash bras after 2-3 wears. If you’ll be hand-washing on your trip, be sure to pack your favorite intimates-ready detergent.
  3. If you’re heading to a warmer climate, there’s a chance you may sweat. In some cases, heavy sweating can count as “a double wear”—where your comfort bra packs two days of wear into one.

Once you’ve laid out your agenda and the number of bras you’ll need to pack to stay prepared, it’s time to unzip that suitcase and get ready to pack your cares away. 

Bra Packing Part 2: Protecting Your Bras

Like any good relationship, your best bras can only offer you support and care if you extend them the same courtesy. 

With these four little lessons in protective bra etiquette, your bras will make a graceful transition to their destination so that you can follow swiftly in a suit.

Bra Etiquette Rule #1: Pack Bras Last

The #1 rule when it comes to treating your bras with kindness is to put them in your suitcase only after you’ve packed up all of your clothes and shoes. Bras are soft and delicate by nature, and packing them first can have some heartbreaking consequences, including:

  • Loss of shape
  • Snapped bra strap
  • A loose underwire
  • Tarnished lace
  • Dirt and grime

When it comes to the art of packing, this may mean reserving your bras for those last few moments before you jet off on your trip. But by saving the best part of your luggage for last, you'll be able to sleep just a bit easier on that plane! 

Bra Etiquette Rule #2: Keep Them Looking Shapely

Shape is integral to the functionality of bras. Not only does maintaining structural integrity prevent loose underwires and ill-fitting bands, but it also means they’ll better conform to your unique shape.

In addition to packing them last, try this trick: unpack any socks you’re bringing and roll them up into balls. Instead of packing them on their own, stuff the cups of your bras with your socks—this will help them keep your bras curved, no matter how much squishing, wrinkling, or jostling they’ll go through on the road.

Bra Etiquette Rule #3: Keep Them Separate

You probably already pack your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and perfume in a plastic bag. While standard TSA protocol, plastic bags can also help protect your precious clothes from accidental spillage and damage. 

To create a similar sense of safety for your bras, consider packing them in:  

  1. Ziploc bags For a space-and cost-effective option, Ziploc bags work well. For a pro tip, leaving a bit of extra air in the bag can act as an additional cushion.
  2. Side pocketsIf your luggage has a free side pocket, this could be the perfect amount of space to stack a few of your intimates.
  3. Wrap them in other clothingIf you want to be a bit extra with your precautions (and we get it, bras are precious) wrap your intimates within the other clothing you’re packing. This can help consolidate room and protect your undergarments. 

Treating your bras like travel buddies you adore will go a long way in retaining their structural integrity, salvaging them from damage, and keeping them as saucy as your style. 

Bra Etiquette Rule #4: Free Them Once You’ve Arrived

Once you’ve made it to your destination, your first order of business is to set your bras free: unzip that suitcase and let them relax after a long trip. 

Remember, bras are impressionable—the longer they stay compressed, the more likely they lose their shape in the course of their lifespan. To help them feel at home in their new environment, your best bet is to drape them over a flat on a dresser or table to give them some room to breathe.2

How to Pack Bra Types That Range in Style

Every bra is unique, and each style requires its own form of care.

Because of their specific designs and construction, they can effectively save space when packed correctly. 

  • Underwire bras – Thanks to their flexible cups, underwire bras make for excellent stacking. The most effective way to pack multiple underwire bras is to tuck the cups into each other, tuck the straps behind their respective cups, and stack them on top of each other.3 The small, flexible stack can lay easily on top of your other clothing. With their unique shape, you may even find nooks and crannies they can slip into with ease.
  • BralettesBralettes are usually free of padding, which makes them easy to fold and stack. Handle them delicately and lay them on top of other clothing to prevent them any inadvertent snags and tears. Remember: keep fine fabrics like lace cordoned in Ziploc bags or in a separate zipped compartment.   
  • Sports Bras – Like bralettes, sports bras can also fold easily. However, due to their highly malleable designs, you can fold and roll them to converse space. Little more than the size of a pair of socks, in this shape your sports bras might be able to fit into the corners of your luggage. 
  • Bikini tops – First off, you need to discern what type of bikini top you’re planning on packing. If built like an underwire bra, the stacking method’s your best bet. If your bikini is skimpier, you can fold it like a bralette or a sports bra. 

At the end of the day, your bras should be easy to pack. With these various folding techniques, your intimates should fit seamlessly in your luggage with enough support to ensure nothing frays. 

Travel Smart, Make A Statement with Gooseberry

Whether you’re venturing off to another country or taking a spontaneous road trip for a long weekend, caring for your bras is key for feeling your sexiest after you arrive.

Gooseberry Intimates provide the luxury your lingerie drawer craves no matter what sort of destination awaits you. As an international brand inspired by Bali sunsets and classic French architecture, our impeccable lace designs are ideal for any getaway you have in store.

And here, our collection of bras, intimate sleepwear, apparel, and beachwear bring that worry-free vacation feel straight to your front door. 


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