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Boudoir Outfit

A boudoir photo scene brings sensual images to mind—rumpled sheets, coy glances, and bitten lips, to name a few. 

Boudoir is just another word for a woman’s bedroom or dressing room,1 but it has come to mean so much more. Since you’re here, you’re undoubtedly curious about the modern understanding of boudoir. 

Whether you’re wondering what to wear to a boudoir shoot, or just looking to enhance your collection of intimates, our article on boudoir outfit ideas, tips and tricks is here to help. So, fetch the fancy sheets, set the soft lighting, and put on your finest “come hither” gaze—we’re breaking down the best of the boudoir.

Scheme with a Theme

It’s always easier to plan to a theme. Think about it—birthday parties, charity auctions, proms, and even the Met Gala are all themed events. A theme gives you a jumping-off point to inspire your creativity. 

Here are a few boudoir shoot themes  to tickle your fancy:

  • Enchantress – Follow an elvish fantasy theme with floating, faelike garments and bras. Wear a diadem or circlet, and weave your hair into braids around it. Or if you prefer a “warrior princess” sort of vibe, go for a smoky-eyed makeup look matched with a structured black plunge bra.
  • Casual sultry – Throw on your glasses and a set of ribbed cotton boyfriend briefs with a matching crop top. You’ll be serving a sexy, understated “girl-next-door” style, and you’ll be super comfortable too—a win-win!
  • Gamer girl – Wear a mesh bra and panty set under a white tank top and a pair high-waisted cargo pants. Slick back your hair and accentuate your natural beauty with bright, colorful make-up, and you’ll look like a virtual fantasy who just dropped in from a video game.

Picture Your Audience

When you’re setting a sexy lingerie scene, it’s important to know who you’re dressing for—whether that’s your partner or you.  

Your Partner

If you’re planning a special memento or moment for an intimate partner, take a moment to consider how they like to be tantalized.

What turns your partner on? Do they love the long, graceful line of your neck, or is your lower back their favorite part of your bod? Do they like to run their fingers through your hair? Are they the type to take things slow, or lose themselves in a fit of passion? 

All of these questions can be addressed through your gorgeous lingerie. For instance, buttoning yourself into a look with lots of layers can create a tantalizing package to unwrap, either through a series of photos or together in the moment. 

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Boudoir outfits should first and foremost make you feel like Aphrodite—a powerful goddess of desire and sensuality who lights up any room. That means the first person you should be trying to delight is yourself

To help you find your picture-perfect boudoir outfit, consider these questions:

  • What sorts of silhouettes are you most comfortable in? 
  • What kind of sexy story are you trying to tell in your outfit idea?
  • What colors or fits make you feel the most alluring?
  • How will you want to do your hair or makeup?
  • What features do you want to flaunt in the boudoir photo shoot?

If a skimpy thong and sheer bralette make you feel like a sultry siren, go for it! If you prefer a look that’s a little more modest, like a bodysuit or boxers and a bra, don’t be afraid to follow your  woman instincts. 

Know You Can Always Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Here’s a revolutionary idea—boudoir outfits don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Loungewear lingerie is a fantastic option for first-time boudoir photoshoots. It’s hard enough to feel comfortable in front of a camera, let alone posing in your underwear. Throwing on a shirt, a wrap, a silky lace robe, or even a pair of briefs adds an element of mystery to the equation, and gives you a bit more fabric to work with, too. 

Consider these approaches to comfy boudoir outfits that can make you feel sexy and comfy: 

  • Bedtime playmate – Supple, soft, and super touchable, a cotton short set is perfect for lounging. And who’s to say the lounging can’t lead to more? An unbuttoned top and a pair of little shorts certainly paint a pretty picture.
  • Borrow from the men’s section – Androgyny has always been sexy, from Prince to Cara Delevigne. Men’s-inspired clothing is as comfortable as it is appealing. Channel sophisticated unisex energy in cotton boxers and a button up. Style with  bold red lipstick and subtly mussed hair for a look that’s lived-in and lovely.
  • Classic T’s – As Tom Cruise can tell you, there’s nothing sexier than a simple white shirt. Get up to some Risky Business in a classic button-up.

Think Outside the Lingerie Box

Gorgeous Lingerie isn’t a prerequisite to getting frisky. Take the boudoir session to the beach (or the beach to the boudoir) in a flattering swimsuit.

A swimsuit look can be particularly fun for a boudoir photoshoot, and it’s a good way to dip your toe in these sultry waters. Posing in the waves or by the pool can feel more natural than going all out in a conventional boudoir shoot, and the thicker fabrics and slightly more modest cut of a swimsuit can help lend you that extra boost of confidence you may need to feel your best. Shooting in a swimsuit also helps you avoid finding bras for hot weather and learning how to pack bras.

Channel Sports Illustrated in these bodacious boudoir swimsuits:

  • Picture-perfect one-piece – With a thick tie-back and an eye-catching underwire detail, a plunging one-piece offers up a picture perfect peek-a-boo. 
  • Soft and sexy bikini – A super soft bikini feels as good as it looks add a thong style bottom for the ultimate flirt factor.
  • Strapless and stunning – Channel early 2000s glam in a bright blue bandeau. Your top will be serving The Simple Life, but the matching bottoms have more of a brazilian beach vibe. Together they create a scorchingly sexy combination.

Feel the Fantasy

We’ve recommended sexy lingerie, loungewear, and even swimsuits to fit all kinds of sensual sensibilities. Now let’s chat a bit about mindset. 

The brain is the most important ingredient in the recipe of arousal. If you feel good inside, odds are your body will feel good too (and you’ll look even better). 

When you’re shopping for intimate wear, make an effort to imagine the experience of wearing it:

  • Where will you be during the photo shoot? 
  • What are the things that you will see and hear? 
  • What will you taste, what will you smell, what will you touch? 
  • Will you be laughing and smiling? 
  • Will you feel intense and inspired?

Your feelings will inform your experience—follow them. If a boudoir outfit looks alright on the model and you think your partner might like it, but something about it just doesn’t sit right inside, don’t hesitate to move on to other options. 

There are no wrong answers here—it’s all about what feels good. 

Tips for Staging a Successful Boudoir Photoshoot

Whether or not you were originally planning on taking photos in your boudoir outfit, finding an ensemble you feel sexy in may inspire a desire to document it. 

There are lots of ways to take sensual boudoir  photos. Let’s take a mini-tour of different ways to create a totally banging boudoir photoshoot. 


If you have access to an instant-print camera, your boudoir photoshoot can be as simple as pressing a button. Who says you can’t take boudoir photos selfie style? 

This type of boudoir  photo shoot is an ideal choice for folks who’d rather not pose in front of a stranger with a camera. Plus, the classic flash on a polaroid camera is universally flattering and lends a flirtatious air to the photos 

Of course, if you don’t have an instant camera, you can always recreate the effect on your phone. If you do decide to go the digital route, remember to stay in the moment and have fun (save worrying about the filter for another time). 

The Expert Option

Release yourself from the stress of planning and producing a photoshoot by hiring an expert boudoir photographer.

There are tons of professional boudoir photographers offering their services online. You’ll definitely be able to find someone who aligns with your vision, and offers a package you’re comfortable with. 

There are plenty of benefits to working with a professional photographer:

  • Edits – Most photo packages include basic edits, which will take care of out of place strands of hair and the odd blemish without risking your mental health in the process.
  • Sets and props – Professional photographers often provide studios and sets to shoot in. If you’re looking to create something high concept, this is the option for you.
  • Pro tips and tricks – A good photographer will make you feel at ease and catch your natural expressions on film. A great one will be able to guide your poses and accentuate your best angles at the same time. 

Experience It Together

Turn your boudoir photoshoot into a bonding experience by recruiting your partner to take the pictures. It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it could result in some photos worth cherishing (and a nice cuddle, too).

Give Yourself the Gift of Gooseberry

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