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When the weather reaches a fever pitch, there’s no better way to find your chill than staying home and lounging around in your lingerie. When it’s time to go out into the world, are your bras prepared to keep you cool in scorching hot weather?

Bras are known for bringing the heat in their own right, but the best intimates around also play a practical role: keeping you comfortable when the temperature hikes. It’s essential to know what to look for when choosing your top-shelf pieces to keep the heat at bay while serving sweltering looks.

Below, find 9 types of sexy bras for hot weather that can beat the blazing heat while making you feel like a smoke show all your own.

Look #1: Breezy and Casual

From backyard barbeques to star-lit picnics in the park after hours, breezy and everyday bra styles support summer’s versatile social schedule from day to nighttime wear.

Choosing the best bra for hot weather comes down to 3 main components:

  1. A relaxed but supportive fit
  2. Minimal or no padding
  3. Oh-so-comfortable textiles

Below, find three styles to help you find your “Hot Weather, Chill Girl” bra.

The Classic Cotton Crop Bra

When learning how to pack bras choose a hybrid bra top. Hybrid bra tops are an effortless classic—and a staple garment in every It girl’s closet. With breathable ribbed cotton fabric, you won’t need to think twice about finding one that fits you like a glove. 

Here are a few ways to take it for a spin:

  • Wear it beneath a well-worn tee with a pair of denim shorts for a dressed-down look
  • Complement it with an unbuttoned Oxford to stay cool and get that flirty peek-a-boo effect
  • Don it on its own and pair it with some spacious, lightweight cargo pants or some booty-hugging bike shorts

For an extra dose of security and support, look for an everyday bra style with an elastic band to give you a streamlined fit. 

And if you want to complete the look to wear at home? Scoop up a matching pair of cozy cotton briefs.

The Wireless Triangle Bra

If underwire can make you feel itchy in hot weather, get some extra support with a style that molds to your shape: the casual, cool triangle bra top. 

Built for sheer comfort, it won’t miss a beat between whisking you through a day of running errands right into a steamy night of bar-hopping. For an even flirtier effect, look for textiles like stretch-tulle with a delicate trim reminiscent of glittering Parisian summer nights.

Not sure how to style the bra top? Let us tickle your fancy:

  • Channel the 70’s with a breezy white top and bellbottoms for a groovy combination
  • Wear it under your favorite sheer summer dress to subtly tease onlookers with a glimpse of lace details
  • Stay home and pair it with a set of matching panties for a delicious day in with someone special
Relax and unwind in style! Shop our loungewear!

The Barely-There Underwire Bra

Is it getting steamy in here, or is it just you?

Underwire bras are the structured sisters to their triangle counterparts, built with a bit more coverage while staying light on your skin. They’re ideal for slightly more upscale daytime occasions, from sipping cool Bloody Marys at brunch with friends to jet-setting on business trips when you’re headed for warmer weather.

For the best fit that keeps you cool, look for:

  • Stretch tulle fabric that conforms to your shape
  • Zero padding for maximum breathability
  • Sparkling details like picot trim for a touch of something special

With a bit more support and architectural interest, delicate underwire bras are a dressier option that still puts all-day comfort first and foremost.

Look #2: All Eyes On You

We all need a selection of casual, cool-girl bras to keep in our top drawer next to our intimate sleepwear. But if you’re venturing out in the heat to attend a more sophisticated event, it’s time to slip into one that can help you practice the art of tongue-in-cheek seduction.

Below, find 3 cooling bra styles that keep temperatures low while tapping into your more kittenish side.

The Modern Bandeau Bra

When the weather is hot, it’s not uncommon to steer clear of structured bras that can make us feel a little too cooped up—but not all form-fitting pieces were created equal.

Bandeau bras in delicate mesh textiles combine both impeccable fit and full, breathable coverage. Look for cooling bra designs that:

  • Are free of any extra padding
  • Use underwire to gently sculpt and separate your breast shape
  • Have convertible bra straps so you can match your comfortable bra look to whatever boudoir outfits you’re donning

Whether you’re donning a slinky strapless cocktail dress or are off to a one-on-one with a client, sculptural bandeaus built for the heat will keep you feeling pulled together—and never let them see you underboob sweat.

The Pearlescent Pin-Up Bra

If you’re prone to getting flustered when the weather gets warm, seek out intimates that feel cool to the touch.

The classic pin-up bra is a sight to behold—and with its silk fabric, it begs to be touched in steamy weather. The most glamorous designs include:

  • A demi-style soft cup to gently support and shape your breasts
  • Adjustable straps and band so you can nail your perfect fit
  • Dreamy tulle details for a polished finish

Demi underwire bras are a dream for wearing to dressed-up outdoor events, from destination weddings to beachside galas. To keep your body temperature in check, choose a regular bra style in white (black fabrics tend to absorb more heat!).3

The Diehard Romantic Bra

Whether love is already in the air or you plan on using the power of attraction to draw romance into your life, there’s no better choice than the balconette bra to fill your heart with butterflies.

Balconette (which means “little balcony” in French) were named for their necklines, which resemble the balcony where Romeo & Juliette’s early courtship took place.2 With their star-crossed roots, a balconette may be the best summer bra to wear if you’re looking for summer love.

For regular bra designs built to help you find your warm-weather flame, look for:

  • Gentle underwire support to create a feminine silhouette
  • Zero padding so that your natural curves can speak for themselves
  • Exquisite, flexible lace fabric built for breathability and heart-stopping appeal

Look #3: Excuse My French Lace

When the warm weather hits, there are the bras we reach for to head out to brunch and the ones we slip into on an evening on the town. But if you expect the bedroom to get even steamier than the weather outside, it’s time to find a barely-there style that would give any onlookers a flash fever.

Below, find three styles of bras to set hearts on fire while keeping the temperature way down low.

The Date Night Demi Bra

Looking to keep things prim and proper (to start) when romance strikes on your next hot date?

Your go-to style is a demi underwire that’s dying to get seen. The best designs for date night have:

  • Zero padding so you stay cool and unfussy
  • A plunging neckline that flaunts your décolletage
  • Eye-catching hues like gemstone-inspired teal to steal hearts (and the spotlight)

Demi cups are ideal for fresh romance, with enough structure to streamline your silhouette while keeping fabric minimal. For an extra touch of romance, opt for designs with gently scalloped edges and floral embellishments that recall the feeling of love at first blush.

The Femme Fatale Bra

Every vixen in training needs a show-stopping red bra to feel their sexiest when temperatures blaze.

For the steamiest styles imaginable, look for:

  • Medium coverage with underwire to lift your ladies and give cleavage a boost
  • Adjustable straps and bands to ensure your bra conforms to your unique shape
  • Full-on lace with gold hardware details to make you feel like a million and more

There’s no question that scarlet-hued bras will make a statement in your lingerie drawer, but their allure is far subtler than you might think. When worn beneath white tops, red bras will fly under the radar—sometimes even better than your favorite nude intimates.3

So, if you haven’t added one to your wardrobe yet, don’t play coy! 

The Tell-All Bra

The last bra on our raciest lineup is for those who want to leave nothing to the imagination.

Sheer underwire bras are the ultimate knockout number that never hesitate to show off your best features. The best part? Their barely-there fabric means you’ll stay utterly comfortable no matter how high the temperatures climb.

To find a flattering style, look for:

  • Medium to full-coverage cups that keep your girls in check
  • Wide-set, adjustable bands to give you a lift while keeping fabric minimal
  • Stretchy elements like nylon combined with impeccable lace fabric to streamline and show off your best features

Sheer bras are undoubtedly a statement, but there’s no sultrier way to break the touch barrier than putting it all on display. If you’re trying to beat the heat, this comfortable bra style keeps your best interests at heart, keeping you cozy in the heat—and, most importantly, in your own skin.

Spice It Up And Stay Cool With Bras and Intimates by Gooseberry

As you put together your hot weather lingerie wardrobe, one golden rule should inform every styling choice you make: no matter the temperature, always put comfort first.

As a Bali-based label, we’re experts at dressing for hot, humid weather—and designing intimates that take the temperature to task. For bras that combine pure pleasure with scorching hot styles, browse the daintiest garments inspired by Bali sunsets and classic French architecture.

When it comes to finding the perfect bras for seamy weather and boob sweat, you deserve to have it all. For impeccable designs that could break a thermometer the moment you walk into the room, stay cool and shop ravishing with Gooseberry.


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