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Bridal Swimwear

Ladies, ready your sunblock—it’s about to get white hot. You probably already have your intimate lingerie ready to go, but don’t forget about your bridal swimwear. Choosing your bridal swimwear look is the cherry on top of your romantic festivities, updating plain vanilla swimsuits with heavenly designs that’ll leave your partner craving more.

But whether you want to play coy in a classic white one-piece or turn up the heat in a cheeky bridal bikini, there are some guidelines to follow before you can introduce that unforgettable ensemble to your wedding wardrobe (and your soulmate). 

Read on to learn how to find the swimwear looks to carry you from beachside bachelorette parties, to private honeymoon moments, to finally taking the plunge with your beau.

What Is Bridal Swimwear? 

Bridal swimwear typically features a classic white color scheme and polished embellishments to let everybody know you’re the woman of the hour. 

That said, any bathing suit can serve as bride swimwear when it’s worn before, during, or after your nuptial celebrations. Just like your wedding itself, this swimwear category is defined by its ability to contribute to the precious memories you’ll make on your special day.

How To Choose Your Bridal Swimwear

Before you can cherry-pick a bridal swimsuit that makes you feel as delicious as that first slice of wedding cake, there are some practical considerations that go into choosing a bridal swim look:

  • Bridal Bikini design – Blushing brides, take note: while whites, creams, and ivories are classic bridal shades, some materials can leave you feeling a bit more exposed than others. If you want to ensure your nipples don’t steal the spotlight, opt for padded white bikini tops that can offer some oomph while leaving a little more to the imagination.
  • Body type – Brides have plenty of scrutiny surrounding them on their special day, so choose a style that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. One trick: if you tend to fuss around with your swimwear, choose types of bikinis tops that offer plenty of coverage in one area and show a little more skin somewhere else. Be sure to check out some of our bikinis for a larger bust. Alternatively, keep a slinky, lightweight cover-up with you on the big day so you can enjoy the moment (rather than poke and prod at your outfit).
  • Honeymoon agenda – If you and your hubby are whisking off to your honeymoon, make sure your swimwear collection can support whatever activities you have planned. Are you a couple that never stops moving? Opt for styles like halter bikini tops that can double as streetwear. Or, if you plan on having a dressed-down sort of getaway, aim for unfussy designs that are easy to slip into (and just as easy to skim off).
Vacay in Style! Find your seaside staple now!

Caring For Your Bridal Swimwear 

Just like your wedding dress, your swimsuit needs a little extra care to keep its coveted spot in your bridal wardrobe. Here’s what you need to know to give yours some TLC and keep it looking fresh for eternity.

How To Clean Your Swimsuit

Just like the moments you’ll spend wearing it, your bridal swimwear collection is precious. But before you can make a splash, you’ll need to whip your suit into shape with these simple washing instructions:

  1. Fill your sink with cool water and add a splash of gentle, chemical-free cleanser to start sudsing up. Or, you can make your own homemade detergent with a capful of white vinegar to deodorize and nix bacteria.
  2. Using your hand, gently create some motion in the water and allow your suit to gently swirl around for up to fifteen minutes.
  3. Squeeze laundry detergent onto a repurposed, soft toothbrush and gingerly scrub any blemishes you notice.
  4. Drain the soapy water sink or washing machine basin and refill with clean cold water.
  5. Submerge your bridal swimsuit until all the cleansers have been washed away.
  6. Gently roll up (don’t squeeze!) your suit to remove excess water and lay flat out of the sun to dry. 

Once your suit has made its big debut, be sure to keep it fresh and sparkling by giving it a gentle cleanse after each use.1

Preserving Your Swimsuit

You’ll want to keep your bridal swimwear in tip-top shape, even if you only plan to wear it for wedding activities. The more lovingly you treat it now, the more gorgeous it will look when you take it out of your closet to reminisce about your wedding day in the future.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your swimwear always looks its best:2

  • Whenever you wear it, be sure to spread a towel over surfaces you sit on to prevent it from snagging or accumulating dirt. 
  • Always allow your swimsuit to air dry. For best results, lie it flat in the sunshine so it maintains its shape.
  • Sunblock can degrade the potency of swimwear’s colors, so be sure to leave some space around the edges of your suit when applying SPF.

As in love, so in swimwear: take good care of the model you choose, and it’s bound to take good care of you. 

Our Favorite Bridal Swimwear Choices

Walking down the aisle is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and your bridal swimwear should make you feel as swoon-worthy as your wedding dress. To choose a suit that sends your (and your beau’s) heart fluttering, you’ll want some singular statement pieces that steal the spotlight on your special day and keep you both feeling fresh. 

Below, find 5 classic creamy white pieces that show (and never tell) how you’re the most covetable woman around.

#1 The Iconic One Piece

For classic brides with a craving for Old Hollywood glamour, reach for a universally flattering, one-piece that knows all about timeless romance.

One pieces are ideal for:

  • Sculpting, streamlining, and holding your curves gently
  • Providing plenty of coverage around your belly
  • Incorporating coquettish flashes of skin strategically
  • Creating the illusion of longer, leaner legs with high-cut briefs

Look for designs with delicate touches of hardware, like a flicker of gold at the shoulders, to catch his eye. With a plunging neckline and adjustable shoulder straps, one-piece swimsuits can be effortless to pull on (or off).

#2 The Sporty Spice Triangle

Want to make your top-shelf assets the center of attention? Opt for a triangle bikini top that gives your girls a boost—no matter what size of the chest you’re flaunting.

Triangle styles are a dream for:

  • Shaping and lifting your chest for a hint of contour
  • Provide extra security by cradling your girls close to the chest
  • Enabling you to slip seamlessly between waterside activities at your celebration

For a sleek, structural feel, choose styles in ribbed textiles and shaped cups to hold breasts comfortably in place. Make this sporty look even sultrier with touches of gold and a supportive lace-up back that asks to be undone.

#3 The Elegant Bottoms

Show off your tan (and your derriére) in a high waist, medium-coverage bikini bottoms with a delicate cut.

This style of bikini is excellent for:

  • Creating an hourglass silhouette with a high-waist cut
  • Revealing a touch of your bum with a tapered thong back
  • Combining elegance and coquettishness with barely-there fabric

Want to turn your wedding backdrop into your personal Eden? Choose designs that feature thin strappy waistbands and a fig-leaf style bottom that could make a marble statue blush. Whether you’re relaxing poolside with your bridesmaids or digging your toes into the sand, these fluttery bottoms float you through each festive moment with grace.

#4 The Scoop Neck Bikini Top

If your goal is to feel like a Greek goddess at your wedding, look no further than the timeless scoop bikini top. This style of neckline gently crests your cleavage and boasts wide-set straps to highlight your décolletage.

Scoop neck bikini tops are perfect for:

  • Doubling as a refined crop top for any casual diversions on your agenda
  • Showing off your neckline and shoulders while keeping your girls snug
  • Lending balance between your derriére and chest

In dazzling white, scoop bikini tops provide a heavenly fit that keeps you feeling confident no matter where the day takes you. For an extra touch of temptation, choose a style with a lace-up that begs to be undone. 

#5 The High Waist Bottoms

Creamy, high-waist briefs conjure images of demure Parisian panties—and lend an unexpected surprise with a triangle thong-style cut in the back. You’ll enjoy slipping into this sexy, comfortable style—while your partner enjoys the view.

This style of bikini bottoms are a dream come true for brides that crave a little more coverage without sacrificing seduction. They’re heavenly for:

  • Snugly smoothing out your hips and stomach
  • Creating a chic silhouette that accentuates your tush
  • Providing ample coverage while letting your cheeks breathe free

To look and feel your breeziest, choose styles in breathable, fully-lined fabric to keep you feeling both cozy and cool.

Let The Wedding Bells Ring with Gooseberry

Your momentous day deserves momentous swimwear. Treat yourself to a hand-dyed piece from Gooseberry Swimwear in trendy fits that blend coquetry with comfort.  

Searching for something one-of-a-kind to slip into after your swim? Browse our lacey Intimates collection for styles so sumptuous you won’t want to take them off (rest assured—he will). From lacy scalloped corsets with mesmerizing details to a cute pair of panties adorned in silky bows, our timeless pieces complement every bride.

With universally flattering cuts and high-quality material, Gooseberry’s bridal offerings stay by your side from the pool to the beach to the boudoir. Start curating your bridal seaside wardrobe today.  


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