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Model in triangle top bikini

Simple, elegant, and oh-so essential to any wardrobe, the bikini top lets you tap into your sexy inner goddess and show off to the world. But there’s more to this flirty swim top than a pair of triangles and some string. Bikini tops come in a variety of swimwear styles to help you achieve any saucy aesthetic you’re going for. 

So if you want to turn heads on the boardwalk or swim like a siren at a pool party, you need an absolutely scorching hot look to set the tone.

This guide to the 7 most essential types of bikini tops will help you find the right design to channel your most glamorous swim-style. 

#1 Underwire Tops

In your loungewear lingerie drawer, your underwire bras are your secret weapon for confidence and support—but underwire’s sexy skills aren’t just limited to intimates. Bikini tops can be made with underwire as well and can be sized the same way you’d buy a bra. 

If you’re new to underwire’s advantages, let us paint you a picture. Underwire can…

  • Add lift to your smaller chest
  • Support you while you swim, play, run, or dive
  • Give you extra shape

For those that have big busts, this style is definitely one to keep in mind because it’s considered one of the best fits for your body type.1 A good underwire swim top will ensure your girls stay in place and keep you looking cute all day.

#2 The Triangle Top

When you think “bikini top,” the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the classic triangle bikini  top. While this classic swimsuit style is flattering to a large range of shapes and breast sizes, part of the fun of a triangle bikini top comes from the many ways you can style them.

Use these bathing suit style tips to dust it off and give it some love this beach season:

  • With shorts and an open-top – If you’re looking for an easy beach look that’s always on point, wear your triangle top bikini with a cute pair of denim shorts. Pair it with an open linen button-up shirt that shows off your swimsuit top for some major beach vibes. You can finish the look with some espadrilles or cute sandals.
  • Go for a fun print – Since this is one of the classic swimsuit types, you can make a triangle-top shine by going for an eye-catching print. Bright stripes and loud polka-dots can show off your unique personality and embrace that bikini flair.

  • Sarong song – A beach sarong makes a perfect beach cover-up and fashion statement, allowing you to hop from the shoreline to the nearest cocktail bar when the sun goes down on the water. Add a pair of strappy sandals and a jean jacket and you’ll rock the boho-beach look wherever you go.
Vacay in Style! Find your seaside staple now!

#3 Halters

Halters are a super recognizable style of swimsuit top. They’re defined by their fixed triangle cups and shoulder straps that tie around the neck, as opposed to triangle or string bikinis where the cups can move. Since their cups are fixed, halters offer a little more support than a string bikini, making them a better option if you’re looking to be active.

Halters are also the bikini style you’ve been looking for if you have:

  • Breasts that need more coverage – If you’re a girl that likes to do more than lay in a lounge chair, then chances are that you’re looking for some coverage and support. A halter top can give you just that while still maintaining a flirty vibe.
  • A shorter torso – If you want to make your torso look longer, the adjustable straps on your halter top can give the illusion of extra length by drawing people’s eyes up towards your neck and shoulders like magic.2

From lounging around in the sun to going for a brisk swim in the ocean waves, a halter top bikini will have you ready for whatever your beach day might bring.

#4 Bandeaus 

We’ve talked a lot about adjustable straps in this article, but if you’re looking to achieve that even, sunkissed tan (without awkward tanlines), then bandeaus are the way to go. 

There are plenty of advantages to a bandeau bikini top:

  • The strapless silhouette keeps tan lines to a minimum
  • You can get one with an underwire for extra support
  • They come in lots of flattering shapes and styles

In addition to their tanning benefits, bandeau tops are also easy to cover up. You can throw on your everyday top or dress over it and head straight from the beach to lunch without anyone knowing you have a cute bikini top underneath.

#5 High-Neckline Tops

Whether you sunburn easily or simply prefer a more covered look, your reasons for not wanting to bare it all to the summer sun are totally valid.

But you don’t have to let your preferences put you off bikinis entirely. Instead, you can opt for a more covered look with a high-neckline or tankini-style top. Extra benefits of this style include:

  • More protection and coverage from the sun
  • Lots of fun variety in neckline styles
  • A unique bikini look that will stand out and show off your sizzling style

With a high neckline, you can rock a bikini your way. Embrace your signature style and find the perfectly unique neckline that means the sun won’t be the only thing turning up the heat on the beach when you’re there.

#6 String Bikinis

If you have the best time when you’re getting wild with your style, string bikinis might be calling your name. With their fun, stretch straps, you can create an eye-popping look and can even wear the same strap top in multiple different ways, depending on how you tie it. Some of the most popular ways to tie a string bikini are:

  • In the front – This look is a fun, but simple variation on the classic bikini tie. Instead of having your swimsuit tied in the back, adjust the cup and the straps so that the ends come out the front, and tie your bikini off with a flirty bow on your chest.
  • Criss-cross style – This scorching look is easy to achieve. Before you tie your bikini off behind your neck, cross the straps once in front of your chest. Then secure it around your neck like normal with a double knot.
  • In a choker look – If you want a unique beach look, then choker style can be an eye-catching way to tie your string top. For this look, tie your bottom straps across your back like normal. Then bring the neck-straps straight up over your shoulders. Cross them at the nape of your neck, and wrap the longer one around your neck once to emulate a choker before securing them with a knot to complete the look.

One of the biggest strengths of string bikinis is their endless versatility. You can generate an endless stream of fabulous poolside or bridal swimwear looks from the same strap top if you’re willing to be creative about how you tie it. 

#7 Fringe Tops

Pattern and top style are the most common elements that come to mind when you think about how to make a bikini stand out, but you can’t forget about texture. That’s where fringe tops come into play.

While fringe originally came about during the 60s and 70s, it's been making a big comeback recently. And fringe is fun because:

  • The extra texture gives your outfit incredible movement
  • It can give your stomach a little extra coverage
  • It has a totally unique and retro feel
  • The extra length from the fringe lets you wear your bikini top off the beach

Fringe can also work on many different classic bikini cuts. From a halter to a triangle top to one with a higher neckline, you can enjoy a fringe look no matter your body type or your personal sense of style. This throwback doesn’t discriminate.

Serve Up a Summer Look with Gooseberry

When the weather turns warm (or when the hot tub calls), you’re ready to the water. But to be properly summer-season ready, you need to rock the ultimate bikini look. And from bandeaus to halters to a classic triangle top bikini, there are lots of styles to pick from. So how do you find the perfect bikini for you?

That’s where Gooseberry comes in. Our island-inspired styles will keep you looking chic all summer as you lounge by the book, relax on the beach with a glass of wine, or swim in the waves. But we do more than just engineer our bikinis for a larger bust and small bust to be cute—although they certainly are. Gooseberry goes the extra mile to make sure that you’ll also feel snug and secure in our Seaside collection no matter what you get up to.

So browse our Seaside designs today and find a summer look that you’ll fall in love with!


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