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Girl with large bust in grey bikini

Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, so our swimsuits should follow suit. For women with a little extra curve on top, comfortable support isn’t just a want; it’s a necessity. Luckily, having a large bust doesn’t mean you have to miss out on stylish swimwear. 

A well-designed  bathing suit should provide stable support for the base of your bust and proper lift and coverage—all while flattering your natural assets. Finding the proper bathing suit style for a large bust can give you a sense of stylish support to keep your mind focused on the sunshine. 

How a Supportive Bikini Should Fit

A well-fitted bikini top should feel like a best friend. Trustworthy, reliable, and a confidence-booster. Keeping compatibility in mind can ensure you and your bikini become BFFs. 

A few green flags that signify an excellent bikini top include:

  • Supportive baseThink of the bikini top below or underneath your breasts. This base should provide your breasts with support, shape, and comfort. If you feel like your breasts could slip out at any moment, or as if you’re not wearing a bra at all, this top may not meet your specific requirements.  
  • Snug cupsIf you have curves, padded bikini top cups can help your breasts feel supported and centered. Like a well-fitted bra, bikini cups should hug your breasts snugly in place without stifling them. If you notice your breasts squeezing out of the top or sides of the cup, you may need to size up. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any gaps, as they can feel uncomfortable and even lead to slipping. 
  • Adjustable strapsIf your seaside bikini top has straps, adjust them to provide your breasts lift without digging into your shoulders too much. Thicker straps tend to feel more comfortable for women with larger busts. Far apart straps can also give the breasts ample room to lift independently rather than squeeze together. Let those girls breathe!
  • Comfortable bandLike a standard bra, your bikini band should fit snugly around your torso without squeezing your skin. If you find your band feeling too tight or even painful, you should consider sizing up. If you’ve adjusted your band to the tightest possible setting and it doesn’t feel snug, you may have to go down a size. 

Now that we’ve covered all of the bikini bases, let’s dive into some fun stuff. With tons of bikini styles straight ahead, you should keep your eyes peeled for tops that resonate with your personality. 

Vacay in Style! Find your seaside staple now!

Underwire Bikinis

Many women with large breasts concur that the best type of bikini top acts like a supportive bra.1  That often means a bikini with underwire. Common in many bridal swimwear styles, underwire provides shape and support for breasts without the worry of slippage.

Since underwire has been designated the norm for so many women, ample swimsuit styles exist with this supportive feature so you can show off your curves in style.

Some types of bikini tops with underwire  include:

  • Tie-front – A fun and flirty style to draw attention to your fabulous features. A subtle tie knot can add some interest and functionality to your bikini top. If the knot is adjustable, you can tie it to your desire. Keep your breasts a tight-knit duo, or let them do their own thing. 
  • Balconette – A balconette-style bikini top offers support thanks to underwiring and far apart straps. Give your breasts a boost while allowing for breathability and fashionable flair. 
  • Scoop top – With a fabulous underwire bra to the rescue, you may feel confident enough to show off some cleavage with a decadent scoop top. Showcase your natural curves without sacrificing comfort. 
  • Bustier topGo for a more vintage-inspired look with a bustier bikini top. Extending further down the waist than most bikini tops, a bustier bikini can help give the enhance your figure with a nuance of a cinched waist along with a supported bosom thanks to the underwire and additional ribbing. 

With the aid of an underwire, your list of potential bikini tops increases significantly. With a supportive base, you can enlist any of these cute swimsuit styles to accompany you to the beach. Stay supported for your days in the summer sun. 

Non-Underwire Bikinis

If you’re on the hunt for bikinis for large busts, but underwire isn’t your thing, worry not. While underwire remains one of the most coveted ways to support your figure, it isn’t the only way forward. Keep your figure feeling free and easy. 

The thoughtful usage of well-designed straps or bands can give you support without an underwire. Many swimsuit styles with these facets exist, including:

  • Elastic band bikini – Picture a classic bikini top, but instead of underwriting underneath your bust, you have an elastic band. The elasticity of a banded bikini allows for flexibility and adjustments, as well as a shelf to keep your bosom in place. 
  • Halter topShow off those shoulders with a classy halter top, perfect for getting that sun-kissed glow. Thanks to the fully adjustable straps, you can tie your top to your comfort level and give your breasts the lift they require. Bring your goddess energy wherever you go. 
  • Sports bra swim topIf you’re often inclined to athletic wear, a sports bra style swim top may be your perfect sporty companion. Built to mimic a classic sports bra, this swim top provides you with proper support so you can dominate on the volleyball court. 
  • Wrap topFlatter your figure with a chic wrap bikini top. Adjust the ties beneath your breasts to give you proper lift while showing off your natural curves. Let your wrap snugly tie around your curves for an intimate and sexy look that may have you turning heads left and right.  

These swimsuits show that you don’t necessarily need underwriting to have a good time. Maximize casual comfort with any of these bikini tops while keeping your bust the star of the show. 

Molded Cups

The usage of molded cups can help ensure your breasts’ attentive care. A molded cup consists of flexible, durable, and often removable material. Moldable cups in swimsuits can provide supportive protection and coverage between your breast and swimsuit. Keep your breasts covered and shapely. 

Molded cups may rock your world if you prefer skimpier bikini cuts such as:

  • Bandeaus
  • Square neck bikinis
  • Halter tops
  • Triangle bikini tops

This type of bikini-style molds to your breasts and opens the door to many trendy, fashionable bikinis for larger bust that you can wear confidently regardless of your cup size.

A Note on Padding vs. Pushup

A common misconception among many bikini-shoppers is that extra padding isn’t helpful for women with large breasts. This misconception may stem from those who do not know the difference between padded and pushup bikini. 

Let’s explore some key differences between them:2 

  • Sewn-in paddingA bikini top with sewn-in padding can support the breasts and smooth out any unnecessary lines. Having a layer of protection can also help hide perky nipples on those extra chilly days. 
  • Removable paddingSome bikini tops come with optional padding, meaning that you can remove the soft cup thanks to a small open pocket along the lining of the suit. Removable padding allows for more options for your breasts’ overall shape. Some prefer the swimwear fabric to cling to their breasts naturally. Take your comfort into your own hands with removable padding. 
  • Pushup padding Pushup tops typically consist of supplemental padding designed to lift breasts upwards and together. Designed with angled padding, pushup bras3 can mold to your breasts' shape while comfortably holding them together. While this look may appeal to busty women, pushups can add more mass to the actual cup itself, thus not leaving enough room for breasts to fill the top naturally. A significant pushup can even make your breasts feel squished or lead to spillage in multiple areas. 

Padded and pushup bikini tops, while both containing pads, do not provide the same specialties. Keep in mind your bikini fit goals when choosing your top because the seemingly small difference between a padded and pushup top can change your overall look. 

Find a Bikini for Every Body with Gooseberry

Finding a bikini to compliment your figure shouldn’t be a hassle. Support your breasts and sense of self by shopping for bikini tops that compliment and flatter your natural curves. At Gooseberry, we pride ourselves on our diverse selection of swimwear that grants every woman the pleasure of feeling sexy, confident, and comfortable. 

Shop our selection of bikinis, dresses, and intimate apparel designed with your curves in mind. With various styles and colors to choose from, you can satisfy your beach body with a beautiful bikini today. 

Your perfect bikini awaits at Gooseberry


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