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How To Craft The Perfect Lingerie Unveiling This Valentine's Day

Whether it’s something as small as sneakily having their favorite flowers delivered to their door or as elaborate as whisking them away on a romantic getaway, everyone loves surprising their special someone on Valentine’s Day. One especially romantic way to surprise your Valentine is with the reveal of sexy new lingerie purchased with them in mind.

But just how do you pull off the perfect unveiling of your new lingerie? It’s not as easy as simply stripping down—you and your beautiful new lingerie deserve a little fanfare. 

Don’t get stressed about getting undressed. We’ve created a step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect lingerie reveal to wow your partner this Valentine’s Day.

#1 Envision Your Unveiling

It can be hard to know where to begin with picking a sexy new set, especially if you’re new to buying lingerie. Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes and colors, so your first task is to identify what aesthetic you’re going for and what versatile style of lingerie feels most uniquely you.

Before you even begin browsing online or taking your measurements, take a little time to figure out just what kind of style you’re going for. Are you on the hunt for a sexy vamp look? Something delicate and girly? A sleek and seductive vibe? Depending on your desired aesthetic, your search might look very different.

If you feel like you have no idea what you like, start by gathering some inspiration:

  • Decide on your desired price point, the vibe you are going for, and usage of your purchase:
    • Are you looking for a standout Valentine's Day look, or something you can wear time and time again?
    • Does your price point permit multiple pieces, or are you building on your current collection with a stunning new piece?
    • Do you want to feel sexy being yourself, or channel a fun new persona for the evening?
  • Explore your own closet! Even if you’re planning on buying something brand new, it can be helpful to try on old pieces as you start thinking of what you might like to purchase. This can help you get a better sense of what you’ve liked in the past, what looks good on you, and where you might like to add something new into the mix.
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#2 Pick the Perfect Set

You’ve created the perfect lingerie and figured out just what you’re looking for in a set—now comes the fun part. It’s time to take all of the fashion fantasizing that you’ve been doing and use it to figure out just which pieces you’ll be taking home with you.

When you picture lingerie, you might just be picturing a matching bra and panty set, but lingerie actually comes in quite a few different shapes and forms. Some of the basic types that you might encounter as you shop include:

  • Bras Perfect for lifting and enhancing the bust, bras are either underwire, offering an additional level of support and lift, or wireless, which are super comfy. Bras are far from just a support garment—they’re a spectacular way to add some effortless sex appeal to any outfit.
  • Panties Panties come in all shapes and sizes, from full- to medium-coverage briefs and bikinis to barely-there thongs and G-strings. Matching your bra to your panties is an easy way to turn up the heat—think of it like Lingerie 101.
  • Slips Often worn under dresses to provide an additional layer of lining and shaping, slips are dresses typically made of silky material to hug the body’s curves. Wear it under a dress or as-is for a sexy mini-dress moment.
  • Bodysuits Similar to a leotard, a bodysuit is a one-piece wonder perfect for accentuating your figure. Wear it by itself to use it as lingerie or wear it underneath jeans or a skirt for a sexy, smooth look.
  • Camisoles These light and floaty tank tops are often made of sheer or lacy material for a feminine, flirty finish. These can be worn with no bra underneath for a sexy peek of skin or with a bra for an outfit ideal for hitting the town.

Once you’ve landed on what pieces you’d like in your lingerie look, browse a lingerie collection and start to figure out what interests you. Are you more of a sexy slip dress girl or a floaty camisole and matching panty set lover? No matter which path you choose, lingerie gives you the ability to dress yourself up in clothes that make you feel confident, empowered, and sexy. 

When purchasing lingerie, you can either go for classics like a bra and panty set, or opt for something a little more daring, like a plunging bodysuit or a sheer slip.1 No matter what pieces you’re considering, there are a few different factors to weigh when picking out lingerie, including:

  • Color – While you might be tempted to buy a set in sexy black or classic white, don’t be afraid to add a little color into the mix. Try a piece like the Dainty Bra in dazzling deep emerald or lush burgundy, paired with panties in the same color.

  • Coverage Are you a thong lover or a full-coverage fan? Lingerie is all about what makes you feel most comfortable and sexy, so you don’t have to opt for a revealing thong if you usually prefer more full-coverage briefs (or vice versa).

  • Material While lace is beloved for its romantic look and delicate details, some prefer fabrics with more glide and less texture. If you’re on the hunt for a smooth, soft texture, look for 100% silk pieces like the Manhattan Bra and Briefs.
  • #3 Cultivate Your Confidence

    A lingerie unveiling can feel intimidating no matter how comfortable you are with your partner, but it doesn’t have to be. The most important part of any lingerie reveal is how confident and happy with yourself you feel while you’re wearing your new pieces.

    If you’re still a little nervous ahead of the big reveal, it might help to do a solo practice run with your new set. Become familiar with the way you look and feel while wearing your new pieces by checking yourself out in your bedroom mirror or by wearing them under your everyday clothes.2This will help the lingerie feel like an ordinary (but still sexy and special) part of your wardrobe.

    As you prepare for the big reveal, try doing a mini-reveal just for yourself so you can experience firsthand how amazing you feel (and look) in your new lingerie. Light that fancy candle that you’ve been saving, turn on your favorite playlist, spritz on some of your favorite perfume, and take a good look at yourself—after all, you’re gorgeous! Snap a few pics to remind yourself of how hot you look (and maybe save one to send to your Valentine as a sneak preview).

    #4 Plan the Ideal Unveiling Outfit

    While the lingerie is the star of the show, it’s important to also consider everything else you’ll be wearing. After all, the outfit you wear to Valentine’s Day dinner or drinks that night is essentially the first layer of your lingerie reveal.

    Keep these ideas in mind when choosing an outfit for a lingerie unveiling:

    • While you might have time to “slip into something more comfortable” after your night out, you don’t want to leave your Valentine waiting too long as you primp. Make it a seamless transition from after-dinner drinks to undressed by wearing your lingerie under your outfit that evening as a sexy reminder of what’s yet to come.
    • Pick something easy to slide in and out of. This might not be the night for your favorite leather leggings that you need to peel off your body! Instead, opt for easy-to-slip-off jeans or a dress with a back zipper (your partner will love the opportunity to unzip you at the end of the evening).
    • Consider how much you want to maintain the element of surprise, or tease what’s in store (both can be equally sexy). While the former is easily accomplished by covering up your set with clothing, you can achieve the latter by wearing a top that shows a sexy flash of your lace bra, or take it a step further and wear a form-skimming bodysuit like the Coquette Ruffle Bodysuit in softly romantic white as a top.

    After you’ve picked the perfect outfit, spark the romance early on in the night by planning a sultry evening ahead of your reveal. Head to a dimly lit cocktail bar, share some aphrodisiac foods like oysters or figs, and dance the night away—you’ll end the night in the perfect flirty mindset to reveal what you’ve got going on underneath.

    #5 Set the Mood

    Whether it’s your bedroom or a luxe hotel suite, the final and most important step ahead of a lingerie unveiling is to set the mood for romance. You’ve dressed for the occasion—and your unveiling atmosphere should reflect that.

    It’s easy to transform your space into a sexy sanctuary. There are just a few must-dos to make sure the vibes are just right ahead of your big reveal:

  • Curate the lighting Harsh overhead lights and a steamy lingerie unveiling don’t always mix. Set the mood by dimming the lights and lighting a few candles or lamps around the room for the perfect flirtatious ambiance.

  • Play some tunes Having a little music playing can help you relax and get you and your partner on the same wavelength. Prep a playlist ahead of time with sexy songs or put a record on for a lo-fi groove.

  • Add some fragrance Whether it’s that perfume that your lover just can’t get enough of or your favorite santal-scented candle, scent can play a major role in passion and desire. Spritz on your sexiest fragrance for the finishing touch ahead of your lingerie unveiling.

  • Slip into something more comfortable If you decide to change out of what you were wearing previously before the unveiling, put a silk robe or a sultry slip dress over your lingerie for an easy-to-remove layer.

  • And voilà! All that’s left is to perform that unveiling you’ve practiced—sensually slipping off those outer layers and showing off the alluring lingerie set you’ve been saving for this night.

    Unveil Your Most Confident Self With Gooseberry

    No matter what you’re wearing this Valentine’s Day, your loved one is sure to be blown away by you. After all, they can see you for the confident, beautiful person you know you are. 

    At Gooseberry, we make lingerie that’s inspired by that very feeling—confident, empowered, fearless, and sexy. Every piece in our collection of simple yet sultry lingerie has been expertly crafted and beautifully designed to celebrate you—whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any day. 

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