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Guide: How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit

There’s something utterly sultry about a lace bodysuit. In general, bodysuits always cut a chic shape: they hug the best parts of you close—and you don’t have to worry about tucking them in. But a lace bodysuit offers a sophisticated and sexy take on the staple. 

While you may think that this clothing item falls solely in the realm of “lingerie” or “boudoir attire,” there are plenty of ways to style a lace bodysuit for any scene. With a pair of jeans, it becomes an elevated take on a T-shirt for casual wear. Tuck it into some leather trousers, and you’ve got a rock’n’roll vibe that won’t quit. But where to begin? 

If you’re just a girl standing in front of your closet, asking it to come up with some stylish lace bodysuit outfits for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to wear a lace bodysuit for any occasion, with items that are probably already in your wardrobe. 

#1 Prepare Your Underthings (Or Not)

As with all outfits, you first have to consider what you wear underneath—aka, your sustainable lingerie. Bodysuits are typically lined, and are meant to be worn directly against the skin. That being said, you may prefer some extra layers if you’re wearing yours out in public. If so, turn to some time-tested tools of the trade. 

These underthings will help you maintain some distance without adding bulk. Protect your skin with: 

  • Pasties – Many bodysuits may come in daring (and skin-baring) cuts, with plunging necklines or halter backs. If you’re working with minimal coverage up top, slap on some pasties before you slip into your sheer bodysuit. They will keep the girls covered without any of the embarrassing strap slips that can happen with bras. 

  • Thin bralette – If your bodysuit is unlined, you may want an additional layer between your girls and your clothing. If so, a thin bralette or a triangle everyday bra should do the trick. 

  • Thong — If your bodysuit is lined, you don’t technically need to wear anything beneath it. (That’s particularly helpful when you’re trying to create a svelte silhouette.) But if wearing panties beneath your suit makes you feel more comfortable, go for it! Seamless, thin panties like thongs are your best bet. This is not the time to wear your boyshorts. You don’t need any bunching down below when you’re trying to rock your bodysuit. 

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    #2 Slip On Tights or Go Bare-Legged

    When you’re getting dressed for the colder months, there comes a moment of reckoning: when do you put your pantyhose on, and what comes first? 

    Fear not. We have the official order of operations at ready:

    1. Put on some slim, seamless panties.
    2. Slide on your pantyhose.
    3. Slip on your bodysuit.

    Your bodysuit does double duty when worn over tights. Not only does it cover your top half—it also keeps your pantyhose from riding down in the middle of the day. In return, a pair of high-rise pantyhose can help you achieve an even smoother silhouette.

    #3 Style Your Lace Bodysuit for Any Look

    Now that you know the first (and most essential) steps to feeling confident and looking gorgeous in your lace bodysuit, let’s dive into some contemporary styling tricks. After all, what good is looking good in your bodysuit if you can’t take it out on the town? 

    Leather Weather 

    If you’re planning to take your bodysuit for a hot night out on the town, try pairing it with a pair of skin-clinging leather pants. This look is a rock’n’roll-inspired style that looks particularly chic in all-black. Here’s what you need to complete the look: 

    • Leather pants – Whether your style is high-shine patent pleather or muted buttery calfskin, leather trousers were practically made to go with a lace bodysuit. Because the bodysuit doesn’t need to be tucked in, you can wear your tightest pants without fear of any lumps or visible panty lines. 
    • Ankle booties – If you’re wearing all black, you’ll want to continue that line down to your toes. An edgy-heeled ankle bootie is the perfect accentuating kick. Be sure to strut your stuff when you sashay away in them. 
    • Your fave jewelry – The finishing touches are the baubles that make you feel like a million bucks. Chains and dripping metal and shiny diamonds are all welcome. You’re looking for anything that screams “rocker glam.” 

    Back It Up 

    Take a style lesson from the mullet and keep the party in the back. If you have an open-backed sweater hanging in your closet, you might not be ready to wear it with a fully exposed bare back—but wearing a T-shirt underneath loses some of the sex appeal. Enter the lace bodysuit. 

    A sweater in any material will work for this look. Consider options in: 

    • Mohair 
    • Wool 
    • Cashmere 
    • Cotton

    The key to this outfit is keeping the rest of the pieces fairly minimal, so no one expects the surprise sultriness when you turn your back. After all, you know how to keep everyone on their toes. 

    You’ve Got Good Jeans 

    On a typical day, you may just throw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, then sashay your way out the door. But today is not that day. You want something a bit more daring. So swap out your basic T-shirt for a lace bodysuit and prepare yourself for a casual look that still somehow oozes va-va-voom vivacity. 

    Complete the look with: 

    • A cardigan – A perfect additional layer for colder days. Make sure that it’s not too baggy and not too long. You still want the world to be able to spot the lace of your bodysuit (and how fab your behind looks in your favorite denim). 
    • A belt – If you’re wearing high-waisted jeans, a bold belt cinched tight at your waist will tie your whole outfit together. 
    • Sneakers – If you’re going for a completely casual look, low-top sneakers will finish you off. You should never have to sacrifice comfort in a gorgeous outfit. 

    The look is just as easy to rock as a T-shirt and jeans, but puts your curves front and center. 

    Drop + Give Me 10 

    One of the oldest style tricks in the fashion books is unexpected pairings. So what’s the furthest away you could get from sexy, lacy, ladylike boudoir? Camouflage. 

    Pairing your lace bodysuit with an army jacket or cargo pants is an entirely of-the-moment styling hack. But this isn’t your typical G.I. Jane look. Pick one army-inspired item and style your outfit around that:

    • Army jacket — If you are building a boxier top half of your outfit with an army jacket, you’ll want to keep things sleek on the bottom. Try a pair of short denim shorts for a casual look. 
    • Cargo pants — Now is the time to keep things minimal. You don’t need much else when you’re pairing your lace bodysuit with baggy cargo pants. Throw on some stacks of jewelry and let the rest of the outfit do the talking. 

    Finish the fashion look with some chic ankle boots, and give yourself a salute in the mirror on the way out the door. 

    Skirt Out

    When you’re looking to put together a ladylike and sophisticated look, pull out your classiest high-waisted skirt and pair it with your lace bodysuit. The high-waisted silhouette of the skirt creates a seamless, timeless, and flattering silhouette. Depending on your mood (and the temperature outside), you can do a: 

    • Mini skirt 
    • Midi skirt
    • Maxi skirt

    This is a perfect styling trick for when you’re sick of wearing the same Little Black Dress to all your events. Although you’ll know that you’re wearing separates, everyone will be dying to know where you got that unique dress. 

    It Suits You 

    When it comes time to dress up, and the last thing you want is to wear a dress, the answer is simple—throw on your favorite suit. The lace of your bodysuit is a perfect antidote to the formal business vibes a suit may bring. Throw on your favorite bodysuit, then: 

    1. Pull on a pair of trousers that hug you perfectly 
    2. Top it off with a crisp blazer or jacket 
    3. Throw on minimal jewelry, like a thin gold chain necklace 
    4. Finish your look with a classic pair of pumps

    As a bonus, when you wear a bodysuit instead of a button-up, you’ll never have to worry about wrinkles ruining the crisp appearance of your suit. 

    Find Your Perfect Lace Bodysuit With Gooseberry 

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you style your lace bodysuit. What’s going to really sell the look is how you feel in it. So make sure you’re starting your outfit with a lace bodysuit that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

    You want something comfortable, soft, and stylish. And it should fit you to a tee. If you haven’t already met your lace bodysuit soulmate, browse through Gooseberry’s selection of lace bodysuits to meet your perfect match. 

    All of Gooseberry’s pieces are specifically designed to be ultra-flattering, no matter how you style them. With features like adjustable shoulder straps and a back band, our bodysuits were made to fit your body’s unique and beautiful curves. And thanks to its sexy and comfortable shape, you’ll probably never want to take it off. 

    Luckily, now that you know how to style it, you can wear your lace bodysuit anywhere and everywhere. 


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