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The Do's and Don't of Buying Lingerie

As you sift through your intimates drawer searching for something exciting to wear under the day’s outfit, you notice that it’s looking a little barren. Le sigh—you’re tired of wearing the same basic bras and undies on repeat.

You know what you need? A nice lingerie upgrade.

Lingerie is designed to make you feel seductive and self-possessed. But if you haven’t shopped for new unmentionables lately, the notion of selecting a new négligée can feel intimidating. 

So, what’s a girl to do?

You can gather your gaggle of besties to launch your lingerie shopping epic. But before you do, settle in with this complete guide to 10 do’s and don’ts of buying lingerie you’ll treasure forever.

#1 Do Learn Your Bra Size

When starting their lingerie-hunting epic, shoppers of all cup sizes might bee-line to the bra category to filter designs by the same bra size they’ve worn for years. But what they may not realize is our bodies and breasts tend to change over time—and they would very much appreciate it if you chose a bra fitted to your body’s uniquely magnificent shape.

Learning your correct bra size provides a suite of benefits for your wearing experience:

  • It improves your posture – A well-fitted bra can improve shoulder slouching and help support your chest to keep your back straighter.
  • It enhances your outfit – Wearing the perfect everyday bra with each look you don can minimize creasing, wrinkling, or puckering during a long day of wear.
  • It boosts your confidence – The more physically comfortable you feel in your clothing, the more your confidence smolders when you walk into any room.

One surefire way to find your accurate bra size is to get measured by a professional. Don’t know where to get a professional bra fitting?When in doubt, ask an associate in your local boutique if they can help you get fitted.

#2 Don’t Worry About Your Bra Size

If the person completing your measurements surprises you with a bra size you weren’t expecting, remember this one golden rule: embrace it.

Every pair of breasts is unique, and each can look stunning in a flattering set of the right lingerie. Over time (and with some expert advice from yours truly), you’ll learn which bralettes can make athletic breasts look bangin’, or which bustiers can give full breasts the TLC they deserve.

Find pleasure in the small things! Shop our intimates now!

#3 Do Start with the Essentials

Yes, it’s true—one can easily carried away with all the different styles and sumptuous fabrics while buying lingerie. But if you’re a true lingerie novice, focus on shopping for top-drawer staples the first time around. You can always come back for round two to add some deliciously spicy pieces to your growing collection!

Ideally, the foundations of any budding lingerie drawer should include the following pieces:

  • T-shirt bra – As its namesake would suggest, a t-shirt bra is ideal when worn beneath your favorite T-shirt, fitted tank, or even a bodycon dress.1

  • Unlined lace bra – Trust us: you’ll love having an unlined lace bra in your lingerie drawer. With only one layer of fabric, it offers just enough support for your breasts when paired with that slinky dress.

  • Adhesive bra – Adhesive bras lend support with strapless and backless styles, and the best ones will give your ladies some extra lift and va-va-voom.

  • Psst! One last thing—don’t forget about your derriere! For every staple bra you put in your shopping cart, try to find a matching pair of panties to wear with it. 

    #4 Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

    Just because you’re shopping for the basics doesn’t mean you should completely avoid a statement bra and panty set that’s beckoning—au contraire.

    The beauty of lingerie is that you’re buying it for yourself. Whatever piece you find yourself gravitating towards, it should make you feel empowered and beautiful.

    So, if you find yourself ogling an ultra-strappy catsuit, a racy three-piece set, or a garter belt with detachable lace handcuffs you can’t take your eyes off of—go for it. Everyone deserves at least one whimsical lingerie number to whip out and wear whenever, and for whomever, they please.

    #5 Do Shop for Quality over Quantity

    If you find yourself lingerie shopping IRL, you may find those mega-sale undies in the discount bin testing your willpower. And while these temptresses seduce us with the promise panties by the fistful and amazing deals, consider the saying, “You get what you pay for.” 

    When it comes to beautiful lingerie, ain’t that the truth.

    There are countless reasons to choose high-quality lingerie over their mass-produced counterparts. For starters:

    • Handcrafted lingerie lets you pamper yourself – Little else beats the look and feel of thoughtfully designed, lovingly made lingerie. Not only will these pieces adore your figure with their craftsmanship, but you’ll feel better about your purchasing decision. Compared with fast fashion, it’s the ethical choice.2
    • Beautifully made lingerie has lasting power – We love a good bargain as much as the next person, but buying quality lingerie usually means each piece will last longer. Plus, if you can follow your selects’ care instructions, you may have just found your next life partner!
    • Quality lingerie instills confidence – Whether you’re stuck at work after hours or floating through the farmer’s market in an innocent white maxi dress, you’ve got a secret no one else knows: underneath your outfit, you’re emanating major goddess vibes in your skivvies.

    #6 Don’t Assume Expensive Equals Exceptional

    You don’t have to search for the most expensive lingerie brands online to find the highest quality lingerie. Countless lingerie brands offer exquisitely made pieces at an accessible price point.

    Rather than using price to locate your best options, suss out the quality of a prospective purchase with the following questions:3

    • Are they comfortable to wear all day long?
    • Do they conform to your breasts in a flattering way?
    • Do they provide support and hold your breasts at the right angle?
    • Does the fabric feel soft, lightweight, and delicate on your skin?

    If you find a piece that ticks all those boxes, don’t you dare let her go.

    #7 Do Get Touchy Feely

    Whether you’re shopping in-person or online, your lingerie should be as much about feel as it is about appearance. Once your items arrive (or in the boutique, if you’re browsing IRL), take your pieces for a little spin, like so:

    1. Lead with your senses – Start by taking each item out of its packaging to compare fabrics and feel. Familiarizing yourself with different textiles can help you know what to look for in future shopping expeditions.
    2. Try them on – You’d be surprised how many people neglect to try on their négligeés before revealing them to a paramour. As we’ve mentioned, your personal comfort is paramount, so treat yourself to a sultry night in where no one gets to admire your new pieces but you.
    3. Don’t settle – If you’ve purchased a piece you aren’t 100% comfortable in, return it. Lingerie’s structural complexity can make some pieces hard to tailor, and with a little extra poking around you’re bound to find something that fits your gorgeous figure like a glove.

    #8 Don’t Hesitate to Take Advantage of Online Shopping

    If you can zero in on a lingerie brand whose aesthetic you love, you’re off to a phenomenal start. Having a home brand can give you a better sense of:

    • What sizes fit you best
    • What textiles feel best on your skin
    • Which bra and panty styles make you feel radiant

    With all of this information in tow, you can shop online without ever needing to leave the comfort of home.

    #9 Do Read (and Follow) Care Instructions

    If you’ve landed on the perfect teddy or plunge bra and are eager to hand over your credit card to secure the goods—just a moment. Have you read the care label on your new goodies yet?

    From delicate lacey bras to buttery silk slips, most beautiful lingerie comes with specific directions regarding their care. And if you want your delicates to have a long shelf life, it’s crucial to read their washing instructions before you purchase so you know you’re equipped to follow them. 

    In other words, if your new unmentionables will require hand washing and you’re a toss-in-the-wash kind of gal, don’t buy them at all!

    #10 Don’t Forget to Treat Your Lingerie with TLC

    Once you’ve brought your new pieces home, it can be tempting to lump them in with the rest of your clothing to wash—but the more special treatment you can give your delicates, the better!

    If your lingerie’s cleaning instructions say they can be washed on machine gentle, just ensure you:4

    • Separate your pieces by color – This is especially important the first few times you wash a brightly colored piece.
    • Invest in a lingerie bag – This will keep your sexy lingerie separate and tenderly care for if they’re entering a wash cycle with other clothing.
    • Air dry each garment – This can help lingerie dry sans wrinkling—and maintain elasticity and shape for future wear.

    Shop Gooseberry for Your Lingerie Needs

    When shopping for lingerie, the name of the game is finding pieces that make you feel like the gorgeous goddess you are.

    Gooseberry’s collection was made with the inherent beauty of femininity in mind. Our handcrafted, French architecture-inspired designs lean into every curve, providing support where you need it so you can feel comfortable and utterly irresistible.

    Whether you’re starting your sexy lingerie collection from scratch or just looking to revamp your look, start a new chapter of your top drawer’s story by shopping Gooseberry’s latest today.


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