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Different Types of Lingerie

Don’t get us wrong—we love the confidence and femininity a gorgeous pair of pumps brings, but there’s nothing like coming home to a drawer filled with beautiful, finespun lingerie to help you tap into your feminine side. 

Regardless of who plays witness to your drawer full of goodies (your amour chéri? Your selfie cam?), curating a sumptuous collection of intimates is all about making yourself feel irresistible inside and out. That said, cherry-picking the pieces that please both the senses and the eye can be a challenge—especially when there are so many different types of lingerie options to choose from. 

Whether you’re on the prowl for a steamy ensemble for a future date night or are just looking for something soft to the touch to enjoy solo, this guide will introduce you to all the lingerie set looks that you want to come home with you.

For Up Top: Bras and Camis

Ready to learn how to measure bra size at home and order your next set of intimate lingerie? Let’s take it from the top and meet the garments that keep your girls feeling snug and secure: bras. The purpose of bras is threefold:

  • To provide coverage, support, and security beneath your clothing
  • To sculpt or contour the natural shape of your breasts
  • To help take on any extra weight, which can help ladies with more volume to work with allay back pain or discomfort

There is, of course, a vanity argument to be made for bras: that you look damn good wearing one.

Whatever main purpose your bra of choice will be serving, you’ll find a myriad of bra designs on the market to suit your preferences in function, aesthetic, and fit. When hunting for your next favorite piece, you’ll find your options fall into one of two categories—underwire and wireless.

Underwire bras

As the name suggests, underwire bras are defined by the structural element of the underwire, which gives the wearer an added dose of support to keep their breasts in place. 

There are 4 common styles of underwire bras you’ll encounter when perusing:

  • Full-coverage bras – Full-coverage bras cover the majority of the chest, offering maximum support to women with larger breasts. Most full-coverage bras use underwire to help gather up the girls and transfer any excess weight to the shoulders. You’ll find this style of bra in both soft-cup and molded cup designs.
  • Demi cup brasDemi bras offer coverage to the bottom half of the breasts while leaving the decolletage exposed, often with a romantic balcony or sweetheart neckline. Also, these are different from features that define a plunge bra. They may use soft cups or sheer lace fabric trimmed with delicate accents, like delicate lace or scalloped edges, to complement your natural physique.
  • Balcony or balconette bras – Aptly-named balcony bras are designed to give your breasts a soft lift from below, without the overt cleavage (or extra bulk) that a padded push up bra tends to inspire. Rather than using two individuated cups, balcony bra cups resemble a bandeau with one clean, broad swath of fabric.
  • Push-up bras – The push-up bra is a one-stop shop for adding maximum cleavage to your decolletage. Most push-up bras used to rely on padding to give breasts a boost, but these days, designers are using the architecture of the bra alone to add contour and let your natural physique do the talking. Not only does this method save extra bulk, but it also helps to avert the issue of misshapen cups after a few cycles through the laundry. Still, be sure to check how to wash lingerie properly to avoid this from happening.1

Beyond keeping breasts lifted, underwire bras also have the aesthetic appeal of looking drop-dead gorgeous when clothes come off. Whether you’ve got more volume to work with or are rocking a petite chest, underwire bras are perfect for keeping the girls steady, accentuating your silhouette, and making you feel irresistibly feminine.

Find pleasure in the small things! Shop our intimates now!

Wireless bras

Built for pure comfort, wireless bras are your go-to for casual wear or lounge days spent making the rounds between your bed and the sofa. You’ll find two main types of wireless bras in the lingerie world:

  • Triangle bras – Reminiscent of classic swimwear designs, triangle bras have a barely-there feel and work perfectly under everything from a crisp white oxford to a basic tee. To feel like a bombshell in your everyday triangle bra, scope out styles with sheer cups, lace detail, and adjustable shoulder strap to help you get the perfect fit.
  • Bralettes – Think of bralettes as the lovechild between a crop top and a bra. Bralettes offer the most coverage of any bra style, with more fabric skirting the ribs and tummy. They’re especially perfect for women who require less support and favor pure comfort over fussy designs.

Bralettes in particular, are skyrocketing in popularity these days, and many fresh designs include underwire to make them wearable for women of every cup size. Translation: if the weather’s warm and the mood is right, there’s nothing stopping you from pairing one with your favorite jeans for a lingerie-inspired evening look!


Beyond bras, camis (also known as camisoles) are the final type of top you’ll find in lingerie land.

Think of your cami as your favorite tank top—if all your tank top wanted to do was lounge the day away in bed. Of all the wireless options out there, camis lend the most coverage to your midsection and are usually sewn with feel-good fabrics like satin or tulle.

Camis are a classic option for bridal lingerie ensembles, though they work equally well if you’re spending the night solo and feel like slipping into something silky and cool to the touch.

Darling Caraco

For Down Below: Bottoms

Briefs, boyshorts, thongs—there are quite a few names to sort through when it comes to different styles of undergarment. To keep it simple, we’ve narrowed down lingerie undies into two main categories: briefs and thongs.


Briefs are a classic, full-coverage variety of loungewear lingerie that keep more of your butt, hips, and waist under wraps. This  underwear style is best for:

  • Daily wear when comfort is your first priority
  • Days when you aren’t concerned about revealing panty lines in your outfit
  • Occasions when you’re favoring a demure vibe for your lingerie look

Far from being boring, you’ll find a substantial amount of variability—and some undeniably sultrier options—within the brief category. To balance comfort with coquette, look for cheeky low-rise styles or high-waisted designs with a delicate drape over your derriere.


As the lowest-coverage underwear style, thongs leave very little to the imagination, with the majority of fabric reserved for the front-side triangle.

Thongs are perfect for:

  • Dresses or bottoms made of satin, silk, or sheer fabrics 
  • Date nights, special occasions, or events when you want to feel ultra-glam
  • Tight bottoms (like your favorite pair of slim-cut jeans) so you can avoid that bunchy, uncomfortable wedgie feeling of extra fabric where it shouldn’t be

Like briefs, this style of womens underwear can come in high-waisted, mid-rise, or low-rise designs to match the bottoms you’ll be layering them under.

Lingerie Shorts

Lingerie shorts are a kind of paradox: while they give the most coverage of the various kinds of bottoms out there, they’re also a lesson in seduction—just one more layer to unwrap.

Shorts, sometimes referred to as “shorties”, resemble a short skirt and typically expose just the bottom edges of your bum with delicate drapes of fabric. They’re a gorgeous option for bridal looks, anniversaries, or evenings when you’re feeling extra feminine (and maybe a little bit coy). 

To turn up the dial on your sex appeal, scope out styles that favor delicate lace or sheer fabrics and detailed trims for a flirty peek-a-boo effect.

Your One and Onlys: Slips and Bodysuits

The lingerie world has come a long way since the traditional bra-plus-undies combo. Shapewear and slips have made a major splash in the last few years of fashion, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


Suits aren’t just for lounging poolside anymore. The bodysuit is a uniquely versatile garment in the lingerie world, helping you to tease out an hourglass silhouette with minimal fussiness. 

Lingerie bodysuits are ideal for:

  • Streamlining your figure and offering you maximum coverage around the midsection
  • Wearing as loungewear with a glamorous twist
  • Styling as a top to dress up everything from slip skirts to fitted trousers

Not only does the one-off look simplify your intimates wardrobe, but it also provides shaping and compression to create a fluid, femme-fatale silhouette—a perfect primer for whatever outfit you have (or don’t have) planned.

To make sure your bodysuit works for your unique body shape, look for designs with maximum adaptability, like adjustable bands at the shoulders and ribs to get the perfect fit.


Slip dresses are most often associated with the golden age of Hollywood—an era which called for more modesty, and thus a few more layers under starlets’ most glamorous Oscar-worthy gowns.2 Nowadays, the slip or “half slip” is a wonderful option for when you feel like sliding into something a little more sensual than your favorite sweatpants (they deserve some time off anyway). 

Beyond the orbit of your bedroom, slips are also making their way into the world of evening apparel as a sultry, boudoir-chic option for nights out on the town or dinner dates with a special someone.

Linger In Your Lingerie with Gooseberry

There’s no reason your favorite undergarment shouldn’t be both impeccably designed and impossibly cozy. 

Our Bali-based company draws inspiration from French architecture and Indonesian lace to create timeless, ultra-feminine pieces that are pleasing to the eye and a dream to touch. Prioritizing Fair Trade standards and sustainability, we work with local artisans to handcraft each garment so you can feel confident in your purchase and your lingerie look, no matter where you’re headed.

Whatever lingerie styles are calling your name, Gooseberry intimates have you covered from top to bottom. Shop our lingerie collection now!


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