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The Best Color Bathing Suits to Complement Your Skin Tone

Finding a bathing suit for the summer when your complexion is on the paler side can feel like a challenge—after all, as much as you love the sun, it doesn’t exactly love you back. Since it can be difficult to find a bathing suit that complements—rather than clashes—with your light skin tone, what’s a fair-skinned girl to do?

First things first—put down that bottle of extra dark spray tan and your tanning mitt (and consider swapping it out for some SPF 50). The most important step toward having a Hot (Pale) Girl Summer is learning to love the skin you’re in—freckles, fairness, and all. We’ve got your guide to figuring out the best swimsuit color for pale skin and how to rock it all summer long.

Figuring Out the Skin You’re In

There’s actually a lot more that goes into determining the best bikini colors for pale skin than just realizing your complexion is on the fairer side. When you think of fair skin, you probably imagine a pale complexion that easily develops a sunburn if out in the sun without sunscreen for too long.

While this can certainly be the case for some of those with pale skin, our skin comes in a range of undertones that differentiate it even further than simply fair, olive, or brown.

Undertones 101

Your skin’s undertones are the colors and shades that add an extra tint to your complexion. Think about the color pink—both cool-toned magenta with its hints of purple and warm-toned coral with its orangey-red shades are considered pinks. Their undertones, however, are quite different.

Your skin has undertones as well that can be the key to decoding everything from what color bikini you should be rocking this summer to the exact shade of red lipstick to wear on a night out.

There are three types of undertones in our skin:

  • Warm undertones are often yellow or golden in color.
  • Cool undertones boast shades like rosy pink or blue.
  • Neutral undertones are typically a mix of both warm and cool undertones.

These undertones are the reason why a bathing suit that looks killer on you might wash a friend out or vice versa. Even if you’re both fair-skinned, a bikini top that looks showstopping with your warm undertones might make her cooler undertones appear grayer.

Vacay in Style! Find your seaside staple now!

How to Determine Your Skin’s Undertones

So, how do you crack the code on your skin’s undertones?

While very pale skin is often cool-toned, that’s not always the case. There are a few tricks you can use and questions to ask yourself to get to the bottom of this beauty mystery:

  • Do you tend to sunburn in a second, or are you rocking a subtle bronzed glow all summer long? Cool-toned skin tends to burn much quicker, while warmer tones can typically catch a tan.
  • Are you a gold-only gal, or do you gravitate toward silver jewelry? Bright, sunny gold looks divine on those with warm undertones, while cool undertone girls stun in moonlit silver pieces.
  • What color are your natural features, like your hair, eyes, or even your veins? Cool-toned skin tends towards lighter eyes and hair with blue veins visible under your skin, while warm-toned skin often is accompanied by brown hair or eyes, with green veins.

Best Bikini Colors for Pale Skin With Cool Undertones

If you’ve got pale skin with cool tones, finding a bathing suit that works for you might feel like a struggle at first. Cool-toned skin can appear washed out in dark, dramatic colors like solid black or in warm, natural tones like burnt orange, terracotta, or earthy deep browns.

Instead, opt for a bathing suit that complements your skin tone by keeping an eye out for suits in rich, vibrant colors—particularly blues and greens. Blue and green pieces play beautifully off of the soft blue hues in your skin’s coloring for a look that puts the cool girl in cool-toned.
Here are a few of our favorites for turning major heads by the pool this summer:

  • With its shimmering, sculpting fit and sexy plunging triangle neckline, the So Chic Bikini Top in Minty will feel like a breath of fresh air on the beach this summer thanks to its minty-cool pistachio green shade. It makes for the ideal fit for all-day comfort with its fully adjustable back ties and shoulder straps and wireless design.
  • Looking to dive deeper this summer? Go even greener with the So Chic Side Tie Bikini Bottoms and matching Halterneck Triangle Top in a lush Forest Green that’s a match made in mermaid heaven for cool-toned skin—especially if you’re rocking fiery red hair.
  • On the hunt for a sculpted look in the most electric swimsuit color of the summer? Go bold with the So Chic Sculpting Top and So Chic Thong in bright Royal Blue. This structured 90s style top provides underwire, balcony-style support for your bust, while the Brazilian cut briefs provide a cheeky peek of your best assets.
Model in black bikini

Best Bikini Colors for Pale Skin With Neutral Undertones

You might think that neutral undertones mean just about everything looks good on you—after all, you’ve got a little bit of both warm and cool, right?

While we know you’re sure to stun no matter what you’re wearing, neutral skin tones look even more incredible in muted, soft colors like dusty rose, periwinkle, and sage green—or in classic neutrals (surprise, surprise) like black or white.

If you’re on the hunt for a bikini or one piece swimsuit style that’ll enhance your neutral undertones, here are a few of your new must-haves:

  • Slip into the So Chic One Piece in Blue Lagoon for an oh-so-refreshing dip into soft, muted blue. This sexy one-piece swimsuit features a plunging neckline and a sculpted fit, made all the more radiant by its gold hardware and shimmery finish.
  • You’ll swoon over the High Waist Bikini Bottoms in soft pink Rosebud, featuring extra smoothing coverage across the tummy and hips and a cheek-forward thong cut.
  • Go for the classics with our favorite shoreside spin on an LBD—the LBB (Little Black Bikini). Pair the So Chic Halterneck Triangle Top in black with the matching So Chic Thong Bottoms, a sultry, strappy bikini style that’s as timeless as it is tantalizing. Finish the look off with your favorite pair of chunky gold hoops, an ideal match for the bikini’s gold hardware.

Best Bikini Colors for Pale Skin with Warm Undertones

Warm-toned babes look best when they play up their undertones’ natural golden aura with earthy tones and burnt terracottas. These nature-inspired colors bring out the skin’s peachy flush and gleaming glow.

Go all in on the earthy look with organic details like cork or raffia sandals, woven straw oversized beach totes, and jewelry decked out in boho touches like wooden beads, shells, or pearls. Pair your all-natural look with bikinis perfect for warm-toned skin:

  • With its strappy design and shimmering gold rings, the So Chic Halterneck Triangle Top is sure to make waves at the beach this summer, especially when paired with the high-cut So Chic Thong. Wear this bombshell duo in toasted terracottas like Rum or cozy soft browns like Cacao.
  • It’s just about as sweet as can be—try the Good Vibes Sculpting High Waist Bikini Bottom in delicious Chocolate brown. You’ll love this ultra high-waisted piece for how it shapes and smooths while providing plenty of coverage through the waist and hips.
  • It’s oh-so-easy being green when you’re wearing the So Chic One Piece in grassy Sage green. This daring swimsuit will have you feeling your sexiest with its deep V neckline and its hip-skimming high-cut leg.

Best Bikini Colors for Olive or Brown Skin

On the lookout for bikinis for those without fair skin? If you’re trying to figure out the ideal one pieces for olive tones or the best bikini color for brown skin, we’ve got an easy guide for you:

  • Olive skin – Those with olive skin should look for vibrant, bright colors to bring out the inner warmth of their skin. Look for poppy, saturated colors like the So Chic Sculpting Top in Coral.
  • Light brown skin – If you’ve got light brown skin, play up the natural golden glow in your complexion with sunshine-sweet colors like the cheerful yellow Lemonade of the So Chic Bandeau. Plus, you’ll love its retro-inspired styling and double-lined material.
  • Dark brown skin – Dark brown skin can often be on the cooler side. Match those undertones with a richly colored deep blue bikini, like the flirty So Chic Triangle Top in Royal Blue.
Model in red bikini

Find Your Perfect Shade With Gooseberry

Warm-toned, cool-toned, neutral—no matter what skin you’re in, Gooseberry offers beautifully designed, expertly crafted bikinis and one-piece swimwear that you can stun in all summer long. Don’t get too hung up on making sure the swimwear color matches perfectly—what matters most is that you feel like the sexiest, most confident self in your new swimsuit.

At Gooseberry, we’re devoted to creating everything from minimalist swimwear and lingerie to pajamas and loungewear. What’s more, our pieces are designed to empower and build confidence in women as they fall head over heels for the greatest love story there is: the one they have with themselves. Visit us today at Gooseberry to explore our collection of lovingly designed pieces.



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