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Briefs vs. Bikini Underwear

If you've ever found yourself standing in the women's underwear section, wondering whether you should get briefs or bikinis, welcome to the club. The hunt for the right underwear can feel like a never-ending quest, with considerations ranging from fabric and coverage to waist height and comfort. Let's explore the pros, cons, and all things in between these two popular underwear styles.

What Are the Differences?

On one hand, we have the classic brief, with full coverage and a high waistline – it’s a universally adored style in the world of women's underwear. It's no surprise that the brief is a staple in the underwear drawers of women around the globe. Its full rear coverage, comfortable waistline, and generous leg openings make it an undeniable comfort champion.

On the other hand, we have the bikini panty, with a cheeky cut and minimal coverage – it has won the hearts of many with its flirty style. Often cut high on the sides with moderate rear coverage, the bikini panty sits lower on the waist, offering a flattering and stylish look.


One of the primary considerations when selecting the right underwear style is coverage. In the brief vs. bikini debate, the brief undoubtedly comes out on top, offering generous rear coverage and an all-around cozy fit. A godsend for when you want more coverage.

The bikini, on the other hand, champions minimal coverage. While it offers less coverage than the brief, it provides more than a thong. It's the ideal pick for a hot summer day or for sporting under jeans where you'd prefer to avoid visible panty lines. Remember, ladies, comfort is important, and the choice between full and minimal coverage comes down to personal preference.

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When it comes to the fabric of your underwear, both briefs and bikini panties come in a variety of fabrics. From the cool, airy feel of cotton to the luxurious touch of satin, the fabric can be a game-changer in your underwear experience.

In the end, the choice of fabric comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. Maybe it's the comfort of cotton briefs for a busy workday or the bold allure of lace bikini panties for a romantic night out. Don't hesitate to experiment with different fabrics – you might find a new favorite that enhances your comfort and confidence.


Which is more comfortable – a brief or a bikini? The answer isn't as straightforward as it may seem. Comfort varies from person to person, with some preferring the snug fit of a brief, while others prefer the free and easy feel of a bikini. When making your choice, consider factors such as body shape, personal preference, and even your plans for the day.

Briefs vs. Bikini Underwear

Exploring the Underwear Spectrum

While briefs and bikini underwear are popular choices, there are other notable mentions that deserve a spot in your underwear drawer:

  • Hipster Panties: The love child of the brief and the bikini, this underwear style offers similar coverage to briefs but with a lower waistband, sitting snugly on the hips.
  • Boyshorts: Inspired by men's briefs, boyshorts offer excellent coverage and a unique, sporty aesthetic. Ideal for lounging around at home or for wearing under skirts and dresses.
  • Thongs: A favorite amongst women seeking minimal coverage. Perfect for body-hugging outfits where visible panty lines are a dealbreaker.

Each of these styles comes in different types of fabric, from breathable cotton for everyday wear to luxurious silk for special occasions. Variety is the spice of life, and having a well-rounded collection of different underwear styles will ensure you're ready for any outfit or occasion. Whatever underwear you choose, you should know how to wash it, so be sure to explore our guide on how to hand wash underwear

Briefs vs. Bikini Underwear

Make Your Pick: Briefs, Bikini, or Both?

Now that we've covered the world of briefs and bikini underwear, the ultimate question remains: which one should you choose?

Well, why limit yourself to just one? Our underwear drawers, much like our wardrobes, benefit from variety. There's a place for both briefs and bikini panties, and the right pick often depends on the occasion, outfit, and even your mood.

Perhaps it's bikini underwear for your morning yoga session, a high waist brief for a day at the office, and boyshorts for a Netflix marathon over the weekend.

A diversified underwear drawer means you're equipped for every occasion, every outfit, every mood. At Gooseberry, we have a variety of underwear, from thongs to briefs, as well as bras, lingerie and swimwear. We have everything you need to stock up on intimates that will unleash your inner goddess.

So, ladies, next time you find yourself pondering over the brief vs. bikini decision, remember that whether you're a fan of the classic brief or the sexy bikini panty, there's no wrong choice. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your skin (and your undies!). So, go ahead, celebrate variety, embrace your individuality, and most importantly, enjoy the journey of finding the perfect pair of undies. After all, the right underwear can make your day just a little bit brighter.

The Ultimate Guide to Hand Washing Underwear

How can you ensure that your underwear stays clean and fresh? Keep on reading for the ultimate guide on how to hand wash underwear

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