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Do You Wear Underwear With A Bodysuit

Bodysuits are the Anna Wintours of the undergarment world—their sleek, classic, and tailored fits make a statement for polished perfection. But that doesn’t mean they can’t hang on the side of bold eccentricity or sultry sensuality, either.

They’re versatile—from top to bottom.

Their effortless clasps at the base are only a testament to their utility, and their moisture-wicking fabric provides unparalleled comfort from dawn to dusk.

That said, do you wear underwear with a bodysuit? Well, that’s between you and your bodysuit.

FAQ: Wearing Underwear with Bodysuits

  • Q: Is it necessary to wear underwear with a bodysuit?
    • A: It depends on the material of the bodysuit and personal preference. For example, bodysuits with a cotton gusset may not require additional underwear, whereas bodysuits made from less breathable materials like nylon might be more comfortable with underwear.
  • Q: What type of underwear should I wear with a bodysuit to avoid visible lines?
    • A: Choose underwear that is no larger than the bodysuit's bottom, such as a seamless thong or brief in a matching color to ensure a smooth silhouette.
  • Q: Is it hygienic to wear a bodysuit without underwear?
    • A: Bodysuits with a cotton gusset are designed for breathability and comfort, allowing for safe wear without underwear. However, for non-cotton bodysuits, wearing breathable cotton underwear can be more hygienic.
  • Q: What are the best practices for maintaining a bodysuit when going commando?
    • A: Wash your bodysuit after each wear, especially when worn without underwear. Follow the care label instructions to keep the fabric in good condition and maintain hygiene.

Styling a Bodysuit: To Commando or Not to Commando?

Okay, we’ll tell you some of our secrets.

Do you wear underwear with bodysuits?

It’s a reasonable question—after all, these one-piece garments offer coverage for the lower half of the body, and include an easily snappable gusset.

That said, most bodysuits have you covered—literally. However, you determine your personal style, and if a silky thong makes you feel all the more sultry, and all the more comfortable, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add it to your sophisticated date-night look. Alternatively, you might prefer the additional layer of safety that bikini panties offer.

No matter what kind of underwear you’re wearing, make sure it fits snugly to your body to avoid the appearance of lumps or oddly-bunched fabric. Panties in the same color or color family as your body suit can also ensure seamless blending.

But, the type of bodysuit in your wardrobe might have another thing to say about it. Typically, bodysuits come in a variety of fabrics for various occasions, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

While a ribbed bodysuit may welcome an undie companion, a sustainable lingerie bodysuit made with delicate, ornate lace will prefer to take this act solo.

With all that said, no bodysuit outfit is set in stone. Let’s explore several occasions in which you’ll want to vote your panties in—or out:

  • When running out – A bodysuit for everyday wear must be versatile. These types of bodysuits are often made from cotton and nylon. While cotton allows your body to breathe, nylon often stifles it. When wearing nylon, it’s advised to pair your bodysuit with a comfortable pair of breathable, absorbent cotton undies to ensure your health is just as top-notch as your style.1
  • When in the gym – When performing any type of athletics, underwear can provide an extra level of safety, especially so when you’re flipping, twirling, and somersaulting through the air. However, if you’re pairing your bodysuit with a pair of lightweight athletic shorts, feel free to ditch the underwear, if you so choose.
  • When out on the town – You're heading to dinner and drinks with the girls, and you’re wearing a thong-style bodysuit, like the corset-inspired Bliss Demi Bodysuit. This sexy one-piece features sultry scalloped lace along both the underwire cups and the high-cut hem, and it has a thong bottom for a flirty flash of skin. You can tie the whole look together with your favorite floral mini skirt and sheer lipstick for a soft flush of color and romantic allure, sans underwear. Or, if you’re planning to wear underwear with a thong-style bodysuit, a good rule to remember is that the underwear should be no bigger than the bottom of the bodysuit to avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines). For a bodysuit like the Bliss Demi Bodysuit, that means finding a cheeky, high-cut thong, preferably in the same shade of black, such as our Sweet Nothing thong, Dainty thong, or Muse high waist thong.
  • When in the bedroom – A lingerie bodysuit is made to be the star of the show. Let it shine, and keep your underwear backstage. However, if you’re wearing a full coverage bodysuit like the vintage-inspired Coquette Ruffle Bodysuit in white lace, you can opt for a pair of matching high-cut briefs in a form-hugging material to create a smooth, seamless appearance, including cotton Les Girl High Waist Briefs, silky soft Manhattan Briefs, and oh-so-feminine Irresistible Briefs, which feature tulle, lace, and delicate picot trim.
Coquette Ruffle Bodysuit White

When You Can Definitely Ditch the Underwear

Have a bodysuit made of cotton or featuring a cotton gusset? That’s your sign that you can safely go commando!

While panties are usually recommended (although not required) under non-cotton bodysuits to make your ‘fit as breathable as possible, they can often be the culprit behind panty lines, visible seams, and other bodysuit-related mishaps—not to mention they’re an unnecessary layer!

When you’re looking for bodysuits to wear without underwear, look for ones made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend. It’s up to you if you’d rather opt for full-coverage bodysuits or a thong—it’s all just personal preference!

Bodysuits without underwear are a great pick for chiller days where you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty or being out and about all day.

You’ll love sexy cotton-jersey picks like the Les Girls Rib Bodysuit if you’re looking for a place to start your cotton collection. Available in gray or white, this ribbed bodysuit features a trendy square neck and high-cut legs, making it the perfect piece to slip on under a pair of vintage jeans or your favorite overalls before heading out to the farmers’ market.

The Polished Perks of Bodysuits

Don’t let a bodysuit’s snaps and buttons intimidate you. Bodysuits are one of the most effortless garments to wear and style, thanks to their two key design features:

  • An upper portion that looks like your average top (though these are typically more fitted than your standard t-shirt—and the secret behind their silhouette-smoothing look)
  • A lower portion that features a gusset with snaps for easy wear and removal (similar to a baby’s onesie or a one-piece swimsuit)

Aesthetically, bodysuits feel at home among the ‘80s and ‘90s fashion trends, when aerobic classes, workout chic attire, and iconic dancewear-inspired costumes made their debut in featured classics like Flashdance.2

With the recent resurgence of quintessentially ‘90s trends (hello scrunchies, wide-leg jeans, and chunky gold hoops), the bodysuit is flattering the bodies of those looking to embrace cinched sophistication and allure.

How to Style a Bodysuit

What’s the reason for bodysuits’ staying power over the last four decades? Their versatility and their ultra-flattering smoothing abilities are two major reasons. Bodysuits come in all different styles, colors, and cuts, but no matter what kind of bodysuit you opt for, they offer an all-over smoothed fit that tucks effortlessly into your waistband.

Their close-to-the-body fit also means these one-and-done styles make for great layering pieces without adding any extra bulk. Here are a few favorite ways to layer a bodysuit:

  • Underneath a cropped leather moto jacket or an oversized denim jacket for a touch of edge
  • Layered under a sweater for extra warmth on a chilly morning
  • With a cardigan to add dimension and texture to a lingerie outfit

Mon Cheri Bodysuit Black

What Are The Different Types of Bodysuits?

So, there’s a bodysuit for every occasion, but there’s also a bodysuit for every look, making them the perfect mix-and-match staple.

If you’re looking to start building your bodysuit collection, add these bodysuit beauties to the mix:

  • Long-sleeved bodysuits – Available in everything from modest crew necks to plunging deep-Vs, long-sleeved bodysuits are a great option for everyday settings. Try wearing them with a silk midi skirt and a pair of white leather kicks for a cool yet office-approved business casual look.
  • Turtleneck bodysuits – Need your bodysuit fit to look a little more polished? Turtleneck bodysuits give you all the sleek elegance of a turtleneck sweater, with none of the bulk from wearing knitwear. Try these bodysuits with high-waisted jeans and a slicked-back bun for a smart and stylish look.
  • Tank bodysuits – The ultimate flirts, sleeveless bodysuits like the Coquette Bodysuit feature easy-to-adjust back and shoulder straps and embroidered white lace in a romantic floral design that pairs perfectly with ripped jeans and your favorite black ankle boots.
  • Find pleasure in the small things! Shop our intimates now!

    Turn Heads And Break Hearts In Your Gooseberry Intimates Bodysuit

    The answer to the question, do you wear underwear with a bodysuit? ultimately comes down to your personal preference and style, but hard-to-breathe fabrics like nylon may disrupt your body’s natural flow. To stay safe and comfortable, cotton companions make perfect undergarments, whether it be a bodysuit or a panty.

    No matter how you like to wear your bodysuits, Gooseberry Intimates make pieces that celebrate you for the sexy, confident, and capable woman that you are. We’re proud of our commitment to creating beautifully-envisioned, sustainably-made intimates inspired by old fashion houses, French architecture, and the Bali mentality.

    Browse our Gooseberry collection of bodysuits, loungewear lingerie, loungewear, and swimsuits to fill your wardrobe with well-crafted staples you’ll adore.



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