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Upside Down Bikini Trend

When the sun starts to peek through the clouds, you can practically feel summer in your veins. Suddenly you’re overwhelmed with the urge to plunge into the ocean or stay out late with friends. The security of winter has passed and made way for spontaneous warm-weather fun.

Luckily, the most recent trends have taken spontaneity to a whole new level.

The upside-down bikini trend has taken over beaches and pool parties everywhere. Though it may be popular among celebrities and influencers, it’s never been easier to jump in on the fun yourself.

Whether you’ve dying to wear your new bikini top or you’ve been sporting the same swimsuit for years, take a moment to shake things up and turn your whole world upside down.

What Is The Upside Down Bikini Trend?

The upside-down bikini top trend has become a sweeping sensation in recent months. The basis of this topsy-turvy movement involves a different utilization of the typical triangle bikini top.

Rather than wearing as instructed, stylists and celebrities have started turning the tops upside down, making the tips of the triangle face outward rather than upward. Though unusual, many have deemed this look a creative, innovative measure to revolutionize how we think about swimwear.

It’s unclear exactly where this trend began, although many believe it took off thanks to the reality show Love Island. Once one contestant started wearing her bikini top upside down, many other women on the show followed suit.

Before long, influencers and celebrities began sporting this saucy look. Some of our favorite bikini baddies who have taken to this trend include:

  • Sydney Sweeney
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Elsa Hosk
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Dua Lipa

Between reality stars and Instagram models, it’s safe to say the upside-down bikini trend has reached star-level status. In fact, some reports show this trend has reached a 200 percent increase in shopping app search engines. Luckily, if you have a triangle bikini packed away in your drawer, you can get in on the fun at zero cost.

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How to Nail the Upside-Down Bikini Trend

If you’ve ever seen a photo of an upside-down bikini, you may think to yourself: how on earth did they manage to do that?

Much like achieving a french braid or applying fake lashes, wearing your bikini upside down takes a little practice. Once you understand the mechanics, you’ll get beach-ready in record time.

As a reminder, this particular bikini trend only works with triangle bikinis or tops with two ties on the top and sides. So if you’ve got one in your drawer, grab it, and let’s get started.

To properly wear an upside-down bikini, follow these steps:

  • Tie around the neck – With the triangles of your top facing down, tie the new top string in a knot behind your neck.
  • Fasten around the waist – Once secured around your neck, you should have two strings hanging from the tips of the downturned triangles. Use those strings to tie around your waist (tada!—the former top string is now the new bottom).
  • Adjust for comfort – Make sure the knots feel secure, and then adjust the swimsuit material to cover your chest to your liking. A bit of sideboob is typical for this new bikini style.

If you’ve followed these steps to the letter, you’ve got yourself a brand-spanking new way to strut your stuff at the beach. Keep at it, and you’ll become a bonafide bikini legend in no time.

Other Triangle Bikini Variations

This upside-down bikini trend took off because it opened people’s minds to many unexplored possibilities. You can always find ways to reinvent a classic style, so once people turned the bikini world upside down, the wheels just kept spinning.

With just a few tweaks of the tie, you can discover tons of unique fits to suit your summertime style. Take your bikini to the next level by opting for some of these triangle top variations:

  • Sideways – Wrap the ties that usually go behind your neck around your body instead so the triangles face outwards. Then tie the bikini bottom string in a tight bow right underneath your chest. The result should look like a cute, bandeau-style bikini with a keyhole front.
  • Cross-band – Follow the same steps as the sideways method above, but instead of tying a bow in the front, cross the string in an X below the chest and wrap it around to the back before tying it off. The result should look like a strapless bikini with a cross-body band.
  • Cross-neck – Turn your bikini upside down. Before putting the new top string around your neck, cross the string over itself and put your head through the hole. This should create an ‘X’ just above the breasts. You can either tie a bow in the front with the bikini bottom string or cross over again to make another cross-band and tie it in the back.

Once you free yourself from the constraints of standard swimsuit dressing, you may find countless other ways to play around with your style. After all, it’s your swimsuit. Wear it your way.

Benefits of the Upside Down Trend

While some trends may come and go, we hope this swimsuit trend stays for a while. Many consider the upside-down bikini controversial, as it goes against the designer's original intentions and may look ill-fitting as a result. However, some find an upside-down bikini suits their body's natural curves better than typical triangle bikinis.

The benefits of this fashion trend go beyond the fit itself. We foresee this trend standing the test of time because it promotes the following:

  • Sexy lift and support – Not everyone loves the way standard triangle bikinis fit their bust. Wearing a bikini upside down can help bring your boobs closer together. Stylish support with a touch of sexy sideboob? Where do we sign up?
  • Cost-effective practices – With the recent rise of fast fashion, it's become easier to overindulge in products you may not need. This fashion trend helps open the public's eyes to the possibilities and striking styles that can emerge from creative thinking. Why buy four swimsuits when you can have one that does it all?
  • The appearance of tan lines – Wearing a triangle bikini in multiple ways can help you achieve a more balanced tan. On the other hand, some people prefer to show off their tan lines. An upside-down bikini allows your standard lines to get the sun-kissed attention they deserve.

While many chalk up the trends as frivolous or trivial, some people miss the mark. With so many potential benefits to discover, the only advice we have to offer is: don’t knock it before you try it.

How to Style an Upside Down Bikini

If you feel like you've mastered the art of upside-downing your bikini, you may wonder how else you can elevate your beach-day fit.

Make your swimsuit style one to remember by adding the following any of the following to your outfit:

  • A bright, statement bag or tote
  • A headscarf
  • Platform sandals
  • A tasseled or fringey cover-up
  • Chunky earrings

Take inspiration from the out-of-the-box conception of this trend and apply it to your wardrobe for a chic look any it-girl would adore.

Other Bikini Trends You Should Try

As long as the trend forecast shows nothing but sunny skies ahead, we might as well indulge you with some of the most exciting trends heading your way this year.

If you want to feel ahead of the summer swimwear storm, look to these upcoming trends:

  • High-leg one-pieces – One-pieces provide a sense of elegance, but they're suddenly more daring than ever with high-leg one-pieces on the rise. For a flattering fit, you can count on, try a One Piece Tank for your next outing to the ocean.
  • Bright colors – After Pantone’s recent announcement of the hottest colors of the year, people have been boarding the bright color train. Whether you prefer a refreshing shade of Lemonade or the gorgeous hue of Royal Blue, you can let your true colors shine.
  • Ring bikinis – For a swimsuit that screams glamour, you can't go wrong with a ring bikini. Rings add gorgeous visual complexity and are excellent for bold accessories like oversized sunglasses or chunky jewelry.

Discover all the latest developments in swimwear essentials, with our stunning Seaside Collection. Between beautiful bikinis and sultry one-pieces, you can ride the waves of upcoming trends like a pro. Surf’s up!

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