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11 New Bikini Styles

As you wish away the bulkiness of puffer jackets and snow boots, you may find yourself daydreaming of warmer days to come—and everything that comes with them. Visions of spring break with your besties and fiery days lounging poolside begin popping up like flowers in the springtime.

Mentally sifting through your current collection of swimwear, you realize you’re due for an upgrade. You want your taste in swimwear to stand out like the sun-kissed goddess you are.

There’s only one thing to do—stay ahead of the swimsuit trends by securing the latest bikini styles.

From retro meets modern to ruffles aplenty, it’s time to dive into the bikini-clad waters to discover 11 new bikini styles that will elevate your bikini game all year long.

#1 Mix and Match with Monochrome Colors

Since their introduction in the early 1900s, bathing suits have undergone a head-turning evolution. What began as conservative one-pieces that covered every square inch—down to the knees!—have received a very extreme makeover.

In the years since swimwear’s inception, designers have turned bikinis into creations that are much more individualized for people of all shapes, sizes, and preferences.

Nowadays, you don’t need to purchase your top and cheeky bottom as a matching bikini set. You can choose from a variety of colors, cuts, and designs to pair with your body type and personal tastes.

And what better way to mix and match than with understated monochrome colors?

You can easily style a vivacious coral bandeau with a royal blue bottom for your morning tanning session. And since it’s five o’clock somewhere, feel free to switch out the bandeau for a lemonade-colored triangle top that pairs perfectly with an ice-cold margarita.

Vacay in Style! Find your seaside staple now!

#2 Give Major Vintage Vacay Vibes

Vintage bikinis bring back the glamour of luxurious vacations spent seaside. With their soft colors and vibrant floral patterns, you can channel your inner Marilyn and embrace the bombshell you are.

You’ll know you’ve chosen the right vintage bikini when it makes you feel like lounging on a yacht off the Amalfi Coast. But if you’re still unsure whether you’re headed in the right direction, here are some general characteristics to look for when hunting for a vintage bikini style:

  • High-waisted swimsuit bottoms
  • Patterns galore (polka dot, gingham, and stripes—oh my!)
  • Halter tops
  • Bandeau tops

#3 Show Off Your Gams with High-Cut Bottoms

Do you remember the wonderfully scandalous days of Baywatch? We’ll set the slow-motion scene. A handful of beautiful women are confidently jogging down the sandy beach—in nothing but their bikinis. Each one is sporting a triangle bikini top and high-cut bottoms that show off their very toned (and tan) legs.

Cut to today, and you’ll find that those same high-cut bikini bottoms have made a comeback—and they don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s because high-cut bottoms not only elongate your legs but also give the appearance of a slimmer silhouette. From Kim Kardashian to Hailey Beiber, cheeky bikini bottoms have made a sizable splash in the lives of many trendsetting celebs, and everybody wants on the bandwagon.

#4 Bring Sexy Back with a Classic String Bikini

Like the ocean tide, bikini styles ebb and flow. One year they’re wildly popular, and the next, they’re quickly forgotten. Although string bikinis were introduced in the 1940s, they didn’t gain momentum until the 1970s, when they quickly became the must-have summer fashion item.

Fast forward to the present day, and you’ll notice that string bikinis haven’t made a noticeable change in appearance—and for a good reason.

Their simple and sexy design is inclusive of all body types. From curvy to muscular and every body type in between, you can’t go wrong with a simple triangle halter top and matching side-tie bikini briefs.

What’s more, you can wear side-tie bottoms in multiple ways. Wear them like traditional hipsters or pull them up to highlight and lengthen your legs—the choice is up to you (and there’s no wrong answer).

#5 Give Your Gals a Lift with an Underwire Bikini Top

If you’re supporting a larger bust, your ladies will thank you for offering them support and sex appeal in an unassuming underwire package. In addition to providing comfort and confidence, they’re also easy to shop for since their style is very similar to underwire bras.

Whether this is your first foray into the underwire waters or you’ve been splashing in this pool for years, there are plenty of underwire bikini top styles to choose from, like:

#6 Cash In on Crop Tops and Rash Guards

Showing skin is definitely in, but so is leaving a little something to the imagination. Whether you’re meeting friends for a riveting round of beach volleyball or you want an extra dose of sun protection, long-sleeve rash guards and short-sleeve crop tops are very on-trend swim styles.

They come in a sea of colors and lengths so you can match them with your favorite bikini bottoms. And if you plan on showing more skin later, you can layer it over a sexy bikini top to have the best of both worlds.

#7 Dazzle in a Mermaid-Inspired Bikini

As kids, many of us went through the mermaid phase. You know the one—the bikini top made out of shells (not the most supportive idea), the multicolored hair, and of course, the unforgettable mermaid tail.

But if you never had the chance to make your Under the Sea dreams come true, now’s your chance, because Mermaidcore bikinis are in. And don’t worry—no tails are required.

But what exactly does a mermaid-inspired bikini consist of? Some of their fantastical characteristics include:

  • Scalloped hems
  • Alluring shades of aquamarine and other oceanic hues
  • Crocheted tops and bottoms
  • Puka shells lining the hems

#8 Turn Up the Heat in a Monokini

Since the monokini is a one-piece, technically it isn’t a bikini. But when Kim Kardashian wowed the world in a daring monokini, we were hooked. And because of their strategically-placed cutouts, we’ve made an exception.

From sophisticated high-neck options to one-shoulder styles boasting retro patterns, the world of monokinis is yours for the taking. Whichever style you choose, they’re sure to accentuate your curves and make you the center of attention.

#9 Embrace Your Soft and Sweet Side with Ruffles

Do you ever wax nostalgic about your cute ruffle-clad bathing suits from your childhood? If so, you’ll be tickled pink to hear that ruffle bikinis are bringing the heat in the swimsuit department. Their ethereal and innocent qualities blend seamlessly, allowing you to bring a fun and flirty vibe to this beachside staple.

Some of this season’s rufflekini must-haves include:

  • Flounce detailing on the shoulders or neckline
  • Ruffles on the sides of your bikini bottom
  • Playful ruffles on the backside of your bottoms

#10 Shimmer like a Star with Micro Glitter

Whether you want to sparkle like a diamond or simply wish to exude star-studded glam, the glitzy swimsuit trend might be the new bikini style you never knew you needed.

Glitter-inspired bikinis come in a range of styles. From underwire to ruffles to everything in between, you can easily find a sparkly swimsuit in a style that complements your body and makes you feel like the shining star you are.

This swimsuit trend is also perfect for an upscale summer soiree, like beachside bachelorette parties or poolside brunches with your besties. Simply layer your look with stacked jewelry and a sexy wrap dress, and you’ve taken your sparkle bikini to the next level.

#11 Turn Your Tankini from Daytime Fun to Nighttime Chic

Gone are the days of baggy, less-than-flattering tankinis. They’ve been replaced by form-fitting tops that show off just the right amount of stomach. In essence, they’ve graduated to delightfully desirable crop top status.

If you want more bang for your buck (and a very on-trend style), give the tankini a chance. It’ll easily take you through the day’s activities of day drinking and wandering to the ice cream parlor down the street.

And that’s not all—a tankini can easily transition to trendy nighttime wear. Pair it with a high-waisted pair of shorts and a linen button-down, and bam—you’ve created an entirely new outfit that’s more than ready for whatever the evening throws your way.

Find the Bikini That Matches Your Style with Gooseberry

When you want to be a pearl in a sea of oysters, the first step is finding a bikini that stands out from the rest. From glittery two-pieces to bikinis with ruffles, there are plenty of trendy bikini styles that will highlight your best assets.

At Gooseberry, you’ll find chic and sultry minimalist swimwear that accentuates your curves and empowers you to feel like a queen as you strut down the coastline in your bikini. Whether you’re looking for a cheeky one-piece or a daringly bold bikini, our So Chic collection offers an array of stunning new bikini styles that you’ll want to wear again and again.

Browse Gooseberry’s collection and stock up on timeless summer styles for every sun-kissed occasion.



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