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8 Types of Pajamas

It might seem like the clothes you don’t wear out of the house don’t matter—but we’d argue that feeling like your best self is all the more important when it comes to achieving amazing sleep. After all, the pajamas you choose can make a major difference in helping you feel comfy, cozy, and confident—all factors that can pave the way toward even sweeter dreams.

If you’re still wearing your favorite baggy, worn T-shirt to bed (for the fifth year straight), it’s time for an aesthetic sleep outfit upgrade. Treat yourself to some comfortable pajamas you’ll wish you could wear outside the bedroom. Here are eight types of pajamas you can add to your closet today.

#1 Cotton Pajama Sets

Yes, your worn cotton T-shirt may be pretty comfy—but imagine how much the comfort factor goes up with a matching set of cotton pajamas. Cotton pajamas are light, loose, and breathable, meaning they can help you snooze soundly and stay warm without overheating. They're also naturally soft to the touch, machine-washable, and highly durable.

Cotton is a versatile pajama fabric, meaning you can find these PJs in all sorts of sets and separates—such as:

  • Long sleeves and pants
  • Camisoles and tank tops
  • Short sleeves and sleep shorts

That said, our favorite combo has to be a long sleeves and shorts set. This pairing provides just enough coverage to keep your arms warm while your legs stay perfectly toasty under the covers.

#2 Fleece Pajamas

Fleece pajamas are famous for their ability to keep you warm—making them ideal for those who live in chilly climates. If you’re an avid camper, fleece PJs are perfect to sport in your tent, or, if you have friends or family in colder states, you can treat them to a sense of warmth with a fleece pajama set.

Fleece fibers have an incredible ability to hold heat and keep you warm while staying lightweight. Fleece PJs will be durable, and they’ll come in a variety of styles, including the classic plaid pajama bottoms or a sleep shirt and pants/shorts set. Fleece pajamas ensure that you'll be warm, cozy, and relaxed.

That said, if you tend to sleep warm, these may not be the ideal choice for you—trap in too much heat, and you might not sleep as soundly.

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#3 Silk Slip Dresses

The ultimate luxury sleep item, silk pajamas will take you away to the softest dreamland you've known yet. Silk is a hypoallergenic and incredibly non-irritating fabric, so if you're someone with sensitive skin, this option will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

As a fabric, silk simply evokes extravagance and sexiness. It’s shiny, smooth, and perfect for keeping cool during warm weather. Silk pajamas don't absorb moisture, ensuring your skin stays hydrated, and they reduce friction between your skin and your bedding.2

Like cotton PJs, you can find silk pajamas in plenty of options, such as:

  • Lingerie sleep sets
  • Silk shirts and pants
  • Nightgowns and slip dresses

But if there’s one item on this list that we personally can’t live without, it’s the silk slip dress. This little number supports the girls while giving you a light coverage of unbelievably smooth fabric. And with a fit so flattering, you’ll find yourself dreaming of ways to take your slip dress out of the bedroom and into your daywear.

#4 Jersey Pajamas

Jersey is a pajama fabric known for its super soft and stretchy feeling. Often made with an organic cotton blend, jersey lends itself perfectly to plenty of pajama types—but especially those which you want to feel velvety soft while close to your skin.

If you’re not a fan of oversized pajamas, a stretchy, form-fitting jersey top and shorts can help to accentuate your best features while simultaneously helping you achieve sweet sleep. Because it’s often made with organic cotton, jersey lends itself toward airy, breathable pajamas—but if you’re the type who sleeps best with the least coverage possible, we recommend looking for lightweight jersey PJs such as:

As a bonus, these options will fit right under your loungewear for the days when staying home and being cozy all day is at the top of your to-do list.

#5 Bamboo and Hybrid Pajamas

Bamboo and other hybrid fabric pajama sets have come into popularity recently as an alternative, eco-friendly option for pajamas.3 They boast superior softness and comfort while providing new ways to regulate body temperature and protect against allergens. Bamboo clothing is ultra soft and flowy, making it a superb lightweight option.

If you opt for alternative fabrics, though, remember that your choices may be somewhat more limited in terms of style. To make them worth your while, be sure to look for PJ sets that give you just as much style and softness as any other fabric.

#6 Lacy Lingerie

If you’re in love with the delicate, sensual look of lingerie or the confident, powerful way it makes you feel, good news—you can wear it to bed, too.

The trick to wearing lingerie at bedtime is to opt for pieces that don’t constrict, and that feel soft and feather-light on your skin. Look for wireless bras and bralettes with little or no padding, and find a pair of panties to match.

If you want a little more coverage for your sleepwear lingerie, you can also add on another lacy piece over top, such as a lovely pair of lingerie shorts.

#7 Button Downs and Boxers

Button downs and boxers are a stylish and classy PJ option—and they’re not just for your boyfriend. This menswear-turned-sleepwear lends a certain je ne sais quoi that will have you wanting to style it as streetwear. There are also plenty of ways to mix and match—for instance:

  • Roll up your button-down sleeves to give your arms a little extra breathing room.
  • Wear your top unbuttoned, and add a lacy bralette or cozy crop underneath (or go for nothing at all).
  • Pair your boxers with a ribbed tank when you want a little more lightness on top.
  • Or, pair your button-down with lacy lingerie shorts to add a sexy twist.

No matter how you style them, make sure you choose options that keep comfort front and center. Look for boxers that have a covered elastic band for extra flexibility, and choose options that are made of 100% cotton to guarantee breathability. If you like a little extra room in your sleepwear, you’ll want to size up, as these options tend to come with less stretch.

#8 Robes and Slippers

Perhaps they’re not technically pajamas, but since they go hand-in-hand, we can’t skip these items. Robes and slippers are a key part of keeping any sleepwear set comfortable, and they’re useful in many nighttime situations:

  • When you’re in your PJs, but still catching up on your latest drama series before you hit the hay
  • When you need to get up in the middle of the night for a cup of sleepytime tea
  • When you’re making breakfast in the morning, and aren’t quite ready to part with your PJs yet

You can find robes and slippers alike in plenty of fabrics. To keep your sleepwear feeling seamless, look for options that match the fabric of your PJs—cotton, jersey, silk, lace, and so on.

Which PJ Style is Right for You?

If you’re still not sure whether you’d rather slip into a little silk set or stay snug and warm in cotton fabric PJs, don’t fret. You certainly don’t have to go with just one of the many options on this list. But if you’re looking to pare down the options, you can start with this Q&A:

  • Is comfort the name of your game? If so, you’ll want to go with pajamas that offer plenty of soft, stretchy fabric and loose fits. Look for PJs in cotton fabric or jersey fabric, and you’re sure to drift off in no time.
  • Are you looking to slip into something a little silkier? Silk pajamas are the way to go if you want PJs that don’t sacrifice sexiness for comfort. But the best part is, they can come with both. Go with a silk nightgown or slip dress for a sleepwear option that feels sultry, luxurious, and super smooth.
  • Is staying toasty-warm your top priority? If you can never seem to stay as snug as you want while sleeping, then fleece pajamas may be your best bet. Or, better yet, pair the PJs of your choice with matching robes and slippers to help you stay warm even when out of bed on cold nights.
  • Do you want PJs that just as easily transition to brunch? Then a button-down and boxer combo might be your best choice. These PJs can take your sleepwear from night to day with just a few easy additions—slip on your favorite slides, sunnies, and an oversized blazer, and you’re ready to go.
  • Go to Bed, But Make it Fashion with Gooseberry

    With all the time we spend at rest, finding comfortable pajamas that make us feel amazing just makes sense. Whether you’re the type to sleep in a lingerie outfit or prefer the softness of cotton, finding the PJs that fit your style is one key way to achieve your best sleep yet.

    Gooseberry’s selection of sexy and comfortable sleepwear is a perfect place to start. We’ve crafted elegant, sexy pieces meant to empower—and that includes the pieces you wear to bed. Check out our catalog today to find the pajama set made for you.


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