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The Ultimate Guide on How to Hide Bra Straps

We’ll be the first to admit it: As early bra wearers, many of us deliberately displayed our bra straps because that was (once upon a time) “the look.” And while we fully support your right to sport whatever look makes you feel sexy, some situations just call for the complete concealment of said undergarments.

So: how to pull off this bra strap disappearing act in a pinch?

Whether for professional responsibilities, family functions, or just getting caught in your “last resort” bra on laundry day, dialing it back from coy to conservative is simpler than you’d think. To contribute to the cause, we’ve assembled this foolproof guide to keeping your bra straps out of mind—and, most importantly, well out of sight.

7 Ways to Hide Your Bra Straps

You couldn’t resist locking down that sexy halterneck dress to wear on a highly-anticipated Hinge date. Or, your mother just called, and it’s time to head upstate for the somber occasion of saying goodbye to Hugh, the family hamster. 

Whatever the reason, there are many why you may need to keep your bra straps hush-hush. Below, find 7 creative ways how to hide bra straps to pull it off, no matter what tools of concealment you have in your closet.

#1 Try a Strapless Bra

We firmly believe your girls deserve as many bra choices as you do outfits—and strapless bras make for a clever no-see solution for tops that leave your shoulders bare.

These styles feature a simple hook-and-eye closure and a no-slip band, providing support without causing pinching beneath the arms (or giving you that breathless Bridgerton corset feeling). In our humble opinion, every lady’s closet needs at least one for such occasions.

#2 Use the Paperclip Method

This is a great trick if you need to hide your bra straps at the office, where paperclips are aplenty, and bra straps need to be nada. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Grab one of those silver devils and thread it through both the left and right strap at the spot between your shoulder blades. This will link the two together, creating an impromptu racerback. 
  2. Next, move the paperclip further up or down to adjust for your shirt style. 
  3. Finally, add some length to your straps if you need some extra room after this adjustment.

The paperclip method can also be achieved using other handy tools like:

  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pins
  • Ready-made bra clips

And if you’re really in a bind, you can attempt this trick with almost any piece of tape, fabric, or string to keep those straps together. Try it at home today.

Find pleasure in the small things! Shop our intimates now!

#3 Cross Your Straps

Cross our hearts, this method works equally well as the paperclip method—and requires no special accouterments. Many bras have removable straps, and this method leverages that design secret of rendering them invisible beneath your shirt, like so:

  1. Detach the shoulder straps from the front of your everyday bra. Then, cross them over each one another behind your back. 
  2. Rehook the removable straps at the front of your bra, making sure they don’t twist as you fold them over your shoulders. 
  3. Secure that cross in place using a hair tie or rubber band.

Et voilà! Bra straps, begone.

#4 Invest in Clear Straps

This method requires some foresight. If you invest in some clear or transparent bra straps ahead of time, you may be able to detach your usual bra straps altogether to switch them out for a transparent solution. 

You can find clear transparent  bra straps online or in specialty stores. These are usually made from:

  • Polyurethane 
  • Plastic
  • Silicon

Sadly, because they’re made with shiny silicon or synthetic materials, these clear straps aren’t always completely invisible. We don’t recommend wearing them beneath bright lights—so opt for another bra strap hack if ever you need to walk the red carpet. Nevertheless, this strategy gets the green light from us for times when a sleeveless dress puts you in a fashion bind.

#5 Sew Cups Into Your Fave Dresses and Shirts

If amateur seamstress is one of your hidden talents, sew-in cups provide the support and coverage of a regular bra without including a bra at all.

You can purchase bra cups in your cup size from a specialty store, or swipe them from a bra you already own. Using a sewing machine for best results, sew them into the underlayer of the dress. No underlayer? Not a problem. Simply purchase a pair of adhesive breast pads and use these to stick the cups to the lining of the dress.

It bears mentioning that this may not be the most effective solution if your girls need a touch more support or shaping. However, if you’re looking for simple coverage and a uniform shape, this is one trick that works particularly well for dresses, swimsuits, and onesies.

#6 Drape A Sweater Over Your Shoulders

It’s not the most minimal way to hide your straps, but it’ll do in a pinch! Throw a thin sweater, shawl, or cardigan over your shoulders to hide whichever part of your bra is peeking out. You can tie the sleeves behind your back if you need vertical coverage, or in front if you’re sporting extra décolletage exposure.

The sweater method works especially well in settings for upscale affairs were tossing a sweater over your shoulders is already considered chic (the Hamptons, anyone?). Plus, it also works as a simple styling trick during the cooler seasons—or as a quick beachside outfit transformation, if all you have on hand is a sarong!

#7 Don’t Wear a Bra At All

When all else fails, you can always try removing your bra entirely. 

Now, we recognize that not everyone likes (or feels physically comfortable) swinging free in public, and it can look and feel inappropriate in settings like the office or formal events. So if you find yourself needing to urgently decide between going avec une brassiere or feeling uncomfortable in your skivvies, it may be time to ask: 

Am I wearing the right bra for me, full stop?

Ultimately, bras aren’t designed to hurt, cut, or itch—they’re meant to provide support, and make you feel divine while they’re at it. If your bra is causing you pain or leaving you breathless on the regular, this is your sign for finding one you can trust to cradle your curves (and match your outfit) in any situation.

Preventative Measures: How to Find A Bra That Fits Like a Dream

Zeroing in on the perfect bra fit will give you a headstart to feeling comfortable in your bra, regardless of the style of clothes that you put on top. Ill-fitting bras can lead to all kinds of wardrobe headaches, among them:

  • A lack of support
  • Insufficient coverage
  • Clothing that wrinkles, bunches, or refuses to lay flat on top
  • Bra straps peeking out on shoulders and beneath sleeves

We all know how a lack of support can lead to a long, hard day of discomfort. If the cup size or band size of your bra is off, you’ll struggle to feel secure no matter what adjustments you make to the band and straps. 

Moreover, an ill-fitting bra may not provide all the coverage you’re looking for—especially if the bra is too small. This could create wardrobe malfunctions, particularly if you’re wearing a low-cut top or are trying to get a workout on.

With all that in mind, try these three tips to ensure your bra fits correctly:

  1. The T-shirt test – Throw your tightest, whitest t-shirt on over a bra and take a look in the mirror. If you see straps cutting into your back or cups bulging beneath when you move, this is going to clue you into your specific problem. Ideally, the bra should provide no ripples beneath the shirt. If it does, you may be wearing the wrong size.2
  2. Break out your measuring tape – In brick-and-mortar lingerie boutiques, bra-fitting experts measure your rib cage and your bust to determine your fit. At home, you can do this all by yourself with the help of a measuring tape and a handy bra size calculator.3
  3. Get to know your ideal bra style – Depending on your body and breast shape, you may achieve a better fit with a specific bra type, like racerbacks, bralettes, or full-cup bras. Experiment with the options to see what works for you.

If bra sizing and shaping seems like a whole new world, let us be the first to tell you: with a little patience, it can be a wonderful one. When you ensure a beautiful bra fit, you not only ensure your comfort and confidence—you put the possibility of bra straps gone rogue to bed, long before they arise.

Make Your Lingerie Drawer’s Day with Gooseberry 

Whether you’re headed to a wedding in a backless dress or sipping cocktails poolside in a trendy tube top, it pays to pamper your closet with a variety of different bra styles if you want to keep your bra straps out of sight and out of mind.

Gooseberry Intimates wants to lavish you with luxury lingerie no matter what you’re wearing, or who gets to see it. A Bali-based label and a labor of love, Gooseberry’s aesthetic is delicate, lacey, and peppered with just the right amount of sass.

Visit our online shop or drop into our Bali boutique to treat yourself to inspired, handcrafted delicates every dresser drawer dreams of.


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