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Best Swimsuits for Curvy Women

Whether you’re soaking up the sun or splashing in the sea, it’s important to wear a bathing suit that’s attractive, supportive, and comfortable. With so many styles of swimsuits available, from one-piece maillots to tankinis and bikinis, it can take a little extra effort to find the right  bathing suit for your curvy shape. 

Luckily, we’re here to help you find the swimsuit of your dreams that will highlight your shape and keep you supported from a sunrise swim to a late-night beach bonfire. 

Wondering how to find the best swimsuits for curvy women? Keep reading for an all-inclusive guide on the most important factors to consider and the best choices for your uniquely beautiful body. 

How To Find Swimwear That Will Look Incredible And Last Forever

Regardless of what swimwear style you choose to wear, there are details to look for to ensure your swimwear doesn’t stretch, sag, or lose its luster—even if you’re wearing it for all-day fun in the sun.

Essentials of Quality Swimwear

Quality is key when it comes to swimwear—material, construction, and design all play a role in creating the perfect swimsuit. A high-quality swimsuit will hold its shape longer. That means no saggy bottoms or non-elasticized elastic. Here are the basics of any well-made, supportive swimsuit.


Quality always matters, but if you’ve been blessed with a curvy figure, high-quality materials tend to make more of an impact. Durable fabrics with just enough stretch to fit comfortably while staying put in all the right places? That’ll be your best friend this season. Ideally, your bestie will also feature quick-drying technology for a more comfortable experience all around. Check out swimsuits made from a nylon and elastane blend. 


When it comes to construction, the devil is in the details. A cheaply made swimsuit will quickly show fraying seams and might start to sag after only a few years. If you’re looking for quality construction made with curvy women in mind, keep an eye out for features like:

  • Double lining
  • Strong closures
  • Four-way stretch
  • Adjustable straps
  • Padding or underwire


Finding the right fit makes all the difference when it comes to you wearing the swimsuit instead of your suit wearing you. Swimsuit material plays an important role in how a swimsuit fits—this is why we’ve already emphasized the importance of stretchy fabric. But to maintain a proper fit, the fabric should revert back to its original shape after being stretched out.

When you’re trying on swimwear, do a few different fit checks to make sure you’re looking at the right sizes and styles:

  • Are the straps digging in? Just like with bra shopping, you want the straps to fit snugly, but not leave red marks or indents. If it’s a one-piece, you likely need a swimwear style  with a longer torso. If it’s a two-piece, you might not have enough chest support.

  • Are the leg holes digging in? Or, worse yet, cutting off circulation? Make sure that your bottoms fit everywhere—not just around the waist but around the legs, too.

  • Are the bottoms riding up? With too-small bottoms, any hint of movement might move you swiftly into wedgie territory. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff and do a few spins to make sure that your suit isn’t moving an inch. 

  • The Best Swimsuit Styles For Curvy Women

    You know what to look for across the board, but what style of a swimsuit should you be evaluating these criteria against? When it comes to finding swimsuit styles that flatter your body type and give you the support you need to enjoy your beach day activities, here are some of the must-haves or will-wants.

    Underwire Support

    When you’re frolicking in the ocean, one rogue wave can put everything on display if you don’t have the girls secure. With the correct fit, underwires lift, support, and secure your bust so you don’t have to worry about accidental exposure. Plus, they can alleviate back pain and strap indentations.

    Try It On!

    Our Good Vibes underwire bikini top gives you the classic underwire bra-top shape reminiscent of 90s minimalism. It’s double-lined with adjustable shoulder straps and a tie-back detail to add some texture to a relatively simple piece. Wear it with a Brazilian bottom for head-to-toe Noughties revival style. 

    But wait—underwires aren’t just for bikini tops. Our So Chic Plunge one-piece swimsuit features many of the most desirable details in swimsuits for curvy women. With a high-cut leg, plunging neckline, and unique mono wire V, this suit has unique detailing to make you stand out in the surf. 

    Plunging Necklines

    Deep scoops and V-necks create a flattering visual lengthening of your torso and draw the eye to your chest and waist. While deeply cut V-necks tend to flatter every body type, they’re especially complimentary if you have a shorter torso. 

    Try It On!

    A plunging neckline can be super effective in a one-piece swimsuit or maillot, like our So Chic one-piece swimsuit. Paired with a high-cut leg, mid-rise back, and adjustable camisole straps, the deep V of the So Chic has a sculpting fit and just the right amount of coverage where you want it.

    High Waist

    High-waisted swimsuit bottoms can serve many functions: they can accentuate, lengthen the leg line, accentuate your hourglass, and provide ample coverage for added comfort. For a curvy girl, a high waist can really bring out your shape.

    Try It On!

    Try the For You high-waist bikini bottom with its flattering high waist and a sultry thong cut. These bottoms look fab with a triangle top or simple bandeau style. If you’re looking for a little more coverage in a two-piece, the Good Vibes sculpting high-waist bottoms are an excellent option to make sure you feel confident and secure. 

    High-Cut Leg Lines

    Another figure-flattering trick is a high-cut leg opening, which provides an attractive visual lengthening of your leg line. This style works well in both one and two-piece suits, and pairs well with a plunging neckline or triangle top. 

    Try It On!

    A bikini bottom with a high-cut leg, like our So Chic cheeky briefs, is ultra-flattering and coordinates with every style of the bikini top. You’ll find high-cut legs in many bottoms with varying back coverage from thong to full. High-cut legs are ideal for one-piece swimsuits as well, creating a sleek, sexy silhouette from top to bottom.

    Banded Bikini Tops

    If you like the look of a triangle top but need a little more support, a banded bikini top might be just the thing. They create the same soft shape, but the wide band at the bottom of the bustline gives an extra level of support and security. 

    Try It On!

    The For You triangle bikini top will give you the most flattering parts of a triangle bikini top, but with the support and comfort of a wide band below the bust. It also features a unique corseted back to get the perfect fit, lift, and level of support. Try it with a high-waist bottom for a modern silhouette. 

    Brazilian Cut Briefs

    There’s a reason the Brazilian cut bikini bottom is so popular—it looks amazing on every body type. Brazilian cut briefs give more coverage than a thong with a flattering shape to show off your best assets. 

    Try It On!

    When you’re deciding which bikini bottom style best accentuates your bottom, look no further than the So Chic Brazilian brief. If you’ve got it, flaunt it (and we know you’ve got it). They coordinate well with any style top, too, so feel free to mix and match them with everything from a classic underwire to a string bikini top. 

    Other Things To Consider When Searching For The Best Swimsuit

    Now that you know precisely what to look for when choosing minimalist swimwear, here are a few more tips to help you narrow down your search for the best curve-hugging swimsuit:

    • Don’t be afraid to mix and match tops and bottoms if you find yourself drawn to different styles for each. The most flattering option for your unique body may be different than what the store has on the mannequin—that’s more than okay.
    • Combining different colors or playing with patterns can be a fun way to add some unique flair to your beachwear.
    • Confidence is the best accessory. Finding a suit that fits well and feels good will have you looking beautiful inside and out.
    • Choose a suit that accentuates your favorite features. A Brazilian or thong bottom will spotlight your derrière, while a deep V neckline will draw the eye to your decolletage.

    Regardless of style, at the end of the day, the best swimsuit is one that is well-made, feels good, and will last through all your adventures. There’s a color for every style, too: whether you prefer the earthy tones of rum, forest, and sage or a soft and feminine honeydew or lilac, pick a swimsuit in a color (or colors) that make you happy and show off your unique personality. 

    Highlight Your Curves With Gooseberry Swimsuits

    Whether you prefer a maillot or a mid-rise bikini, finding a swimsuit to fit your curves is as easy as choosing styles that cinch, lengthen lines, and accentuate your best assets. With high legs, low necks, and support where you need it, a swimsuit from Gooseberry Seaside will hug your curves in all the right places. 

    At Gooseberry, our swimsuits are designed for all-day wear, so you can feel sexy, comfortable, and confident playing in the surf or lounging by the pool. Inspired by the tropical breezes of Bali, Gooseberry Seaside has swimsuit cuts and styles to flatter everybody. 


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