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What is Loungewear

Whether you consider yourself a homebody or cherish those rare laid-back moments in your busy life, you’ll need to ensure you have suitable clothing to keep up with your at-home schedule. For those days when you need to light a candle and unwind, cook a delicious meal, or binge on your latest TV obsession, loungewear comes to the rescue.

This cozy fashion trend has been all the rage recently, but you may still wonder: what is loungewear?

We’ll break down what loungewear is, how it differs from sleepwear, and how it can improve your sense of style. Before you know it, you’ll feel ready to experience casual comfort inside and outside of the home with the help of your new cozy wardrobe.

What Can We Consider As Loungewear?

The lovely world of loungewear refers to clothing you can wear in casual situations—anywhere from lounging at home, running an errand, or attending laidback hangouts with friends. Loungewear is meant to look fashionable while also feeling flexible and promoting comfort.

Loungewear has become especially popular as the rise in work-from-home employees1 requires clothes that both look professional and feel super-comfy. Now, tons of loungewear options exist for working professionals, students, and homebodies everywhere.

When distinguishing loungewear, you can look at these three characteristics:

1. Fabric 

 Loungewear comes in many different types of soft, flexible material (you likely won’t find any denim or leather loungewear sets). Some popular fabrics for loungewear include silk, fleece, cotton, and spandex.

2. Fashion 

 Loungewear elevates other options like pajamas and sweats by putting a more fashionable spin on them. They may have more modern cuts or fits and elevated materials. Luxe loungewear has become increasingly popular recently, as the public has deemed casual comfort an essential component of fashion.

3. Functionality 

 Because loungewear has both fashionable and flexible fabric, it’s the perfect clothing candidate to fulfill many roles. You can wear loungewear in and out of the house while sporting subtle, chic flair.

In general, loungewear combines the casual comfort of sleepwear and streetwear. The result? A fabulously cozy ensemble that can take you wherever good times are had.

Relax and unwind in style! Shop our loungewear!

Different Types of Loungewear

Ever spotted someone else’s cute, cozy outfit and wondered how they made it look so effortless? Because loungewear has recently become so prevalent in modern fashion, you may have come across loungewear many times without realizing that’s what it was.

To shed some light, we’ve curated a list of popular loungewear items to help demystify the term. Classic loungewear items include the following:

1. Joggers 

Comfortable and stylish, joggers can easily transition from home wear to casual outings or errands due to their soft fabric and relaxed fit.

2. Leggings 

Leggings provide a second-skin feel, and are usually praised for their comfort and flexibility. They pair well with almost anything in your wardrobe, making them a go-to loungewear choice.

3. Knit Sweaters 

The softness and warmth of knit sweaters make them a cozy option for lounging. Their varied texture also adds elegance to your relaxed look, proving that it doesn’t have to sacrifice style.

4. Matching sets 

 These can include coordinated top and bottom pieces with combinations like long-sleeve tops and joggers, sweatshirts and sweatpants, tank tops, and shorts, among others. They are soft and comfortable and provide a cohesive appearance without need for extensive planning. 

5. Robes 

Easy to wear and offers quick warmth and coverage for your upper body, which you can wear at home and outside.

6. Athleisure Sets 

 Athleisure sets blend the comfort and purpose of athletic wear and casual wear. The set includes pieces like leggings and crop tops, sports bras and high-waisted shorts, track pants,  joggers, yoga pants and jackets. They’re made from stretchy and moisture-resistant materials such as spandex, breathable cotton, and polyester, making it ideal for many activities.

7. Oversized T-Shirts 

Oversized tees offer freedom and a breezy feel for your upper body, which are excellent for lazy days at home or casual outings. They can also be paired with almost anything, making it an easy go-to choice of apparel.

8. Hoodies 

Comfortable, warm, and casual, hoodies are versatile enough to be paired with different bottoms for a laid-back look.

9. Camisoles 

 Lightweight and soft, camisoles are perfect as a base layer under loungewear pieces while offering comfort and a touch of femininity.

10. Sweatshirts 

 Easy to wear, they can provide warmth and comfort on cooler days and can be paired seamlessly with leggings or joggers while still maintaining a stylish look. 

11. Slippers 

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, slippers are a loungewear staple that keep feet cozy and protected from cold floors. They come in a variety of styles and complement many loungewear outfits.

That said, not everything on this list may check all the boxes of quality loungewear; not all sweatshirts are created equal. Remember those categories we mentioned above—fabric, fashion, and functionality—and use them to identify the perfect elevated loungewear options for your closet.

Loungewear vs. Sleepwear – What’s the difference?

We understand that the line between loungewear and sleepwear can be tricky to identify. But sleepwear differs from loungewear because it’s designed specifically for (you guessed it) sleep. These articles of clothing were made for sleep and comfort above all else.

Now, you can always wear your pajamas around the house. However, sleepwear is commonly considered less suitable to wear in public. Catch some of the main differences between sleepwear and loungewear by looking at the following:

1. Sleepwear’s Comfort vs. Loungewear’s Versatility 

 Most quality sleepwear fabric aims to promote sleep. While loungewear fabric may focus primarily on stretch, texture, or trending styles, sleepwear will concentrate on other aspects. Material that’s warm, breathable, and moisture-wicking remains the favorable option for sleepwear.

2. Sleepwear’s Cozy Vibe vs. Loungewear’s Outdoor Persona 

While you may find your pajama set absolutely adorable, they may not feel like the right vibe when you’re heading to brunch or the grocery store—and that’s okay! Sleepwear allows you to feel sexy and stylish in your own home. It also allows you to wear an old T-Shirt and women's white boxers to bed. Keep your sleepwear style a little secret.

3. Sleepwear’s Private Comfort Zone vs. Loungewear’s Everyday Wear  

We usually reserve our sleepwear for private spheres of our life, not public (unless you’re feeling extra bold). Of course, it still serves an important purpose of helping you achieve extra-sweet dreams.

While many types of pajamas offer incredible comfort and warm fuzzy feelings, they're best when kept in their designated location—the home.

Types of Sleepwear

Does the line between sleepwear and loungewear still feel a little blurry? Look to this list of sleepwear samples to help clear up a few things:

  • Nightgowns
  • Pajamas
  • Oversized tees
  • Flannel pants
  • Robes
  • Button-down pajama shirts

How to Create a Comfy Loungewear Outfit

One of the best parts of wearing loungewear is its incredible versatility. Only a few types of clothing can feel perfectly acceptable in so many different environments. What's their secret? The truth is, loungewear designers prioritize both style and comfort in their pieces. As a result, loungewear usually makes a beautiful staple or "basic" piece to serve as the foundation for an aesthetic sleep outfit. With a few reliable loungewear pieces in your wardrobe, you can turn any outfit into a fashion statement in a snap. 

In honor of our new favorite type of clothing, we'll walk you through some popular loungewear pieces and discuss various ways you can elevate them. With the help of a few layering tactics, you may become a loungewear lover for life.

1. Start with Base Layers

The perfect loungewear foundation starts with what you wear underneath—because if it’s not cozy everywhere, it’s not cozy enough.

Begin your loungewear journey with layers like crops or tanks, or opt for a bodysuit if you prefer that tucked-in look. When it comes to your loungewear bottoms, opt for comfortable women's briefs or boxers. Don’t worry—they’ll fit perfectly with the flexible layers that come next.

2. Hoodies

A hoodie is one of those excellent loungewear pieces that’s ideal for both at-home wear and heading out the door. Offset the volume on the upper half of your body by wearing something more form-fitting on the bottom, such as leggings or joggers.

If you're rocking a hoodie in warmer months, pair it with a comfortable pair of biker shorts for an athletic vibe. If it's especially chilly outside, you can throw an oversized jacket over the hoodie.

Some jackets that look gorgeous with hoodies include:

  • A denim jacket
  • A blazer
  • A leather jacket

3. Jumpsuits

A jumpsuit already provides a level of relaxed sophistication that we love. So when you add classic loungewear fabrics into the mix, we can't get enough. This base can move to the next level in many ways.

Don't believe us? Check out these easy accessory hacks you can use to turn your jumpsuit into a showstopper:

  • Style your shoes – Loungewear jumpsuits typically consist of lightweight, flowy fabrics. This type of jumpsuit looks excellent with casual footwear like sneakers or flats. If you have to run into the office or attend a last-minute cocktail party, you could always swap your sneakers for a pair of heels. Talk about a quick change!
  • Add a belt – Putting a belt on your jumpsuit can help break up the look and create a more cohesive outfit. Plus, it will likely help cinch the flowy, soft fabric to give the appearance of a distinct waistline.
  • Throw on a jacket – It's no surprise that a coat can completely transform this look. Go for a sleek, subtle style with a suede or leather jacket. Or turn up the heat on that bold statement jacket you rarely pull out of the closet. It's your time to shine.

Just by adding a few minor tweaks to your loungewear jumpsuit, you can elevate your effortless look and start raking in compliments.

4. Matching sets

Matching loungewear sets already give off a fashionable edge thanks to the ever-popular monochrome look. Our ever-popular monochrome look, available in a variety of colors, including the serene ivory pajama set and the playful pink pajama set, provides a canvas for your style to shine. Each set features a button-down long-sleeve jacket paired with relaxed-fit shorts, combining comfort with a touch of elegance. Take it a step further by breaking up the colors with vibrant accessories.

Go big and bold with your favorite:

  • Necklace
  • Bucket hat
  • Set of earrings
  • Designer purse

You can also go for a minimalist "clean girl" vibe with a white cotton matching set. Pair with sunglasses and a slicked-back bun for a classic LA look (don't forget your iced coffee).

5. Joggers

Joggers have become the epitome of chic, athletic wear. Their relaxed fit and slimming look have also become integral in street fashion.

If you love that classic casual style, pair your joggers with a slim-fit T-shirt or a nice hoodie.

If you're looking to push the envelope, you can follow the advice of fashion expert Tan France, who recommends switching up textures.4  Pair your joggers with a chunky sweater or corduroy jacket for a more elevated appearance.

Lounge Around with Gooseberry

There's something so special about slipping on some soft, comfortable clothing. It gives us the space to breathe, unwind, and get in touch with ourselves. Whether you prefer to keep your comfy clothes in the home or put them on display, there's no shortage of possibilities with great loungewear by your side.

At Gooseberry, we understand the value of relaxation and release. That's why we provide the best loungewear and intimate apparel to satisfy all your closet cravings. Browse our intimate sleepwear and loungewear collections to discover your soft side. And when your sexy side takes over, we've got irresistible lingerie and silky secrets to share.

Explore the possibilities of comfort and style with Gooseberry.



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