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7 Lingerie Trends for 2023

9 Hot Lingerie Trends for 2024 You Must Try

There’s nothing like slipping into a slinky piece of lingerie to make you feel gorgeous and powerful instantly.  Whether you’re dressing up (or down) for a partner or yourself, putting on a luscious lacy confection just feels good. And with this year’s lingerie trends, you can bring that mood outside the bedroom, too.

The trending lingerie fashion for 2024 are all about blurring the lines between underwear and outerwear, with see-through layers over high-waisted underwear, bras as tops, and—yes—peek-a-boo thongs.

So while lingerie never really goes out of style (we’re pretty sure no one’s going to object to a babydoll nightie and marabou mules straight out of the swinging ‘60s), the latest lingerie trends let you don your lovely intimates even longer. Let’s get an eyeful of the newest looks that sashayed down the runways for 2024, showcasing the creativity and innovation of the lingerie industry.

#1 Bras as Statement Tops

All right, they never really went anywhere—but now they’re taking center stage. The bra-as-a-top look is coming back in a big way this spring, to judge from its appearance on spring runways, from New York to Milan, highlighting pieces from lingerie brands like Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana.

If you love the lingerie style but you’re not quite ready to go shirtless, here are some fun ways to incorporate the fashion trend into your wardrobe:

  • Wear a sheer top – You can still get the bold, lingerie-baring look while wearing a top—opt for a blouse in a sheer fabric. Try a structured dress-shirt style in a transparent material to create a contrast between buttoned-up respectability and fashion-forward prowess.
  • Opt for a shirt with bra style built in – Another look you’ll see this season is shirts with bra structure built into the outside of the top. Options include pretty details like decorative bra-style stitching, quilted cups, lace overlays, and built-in straps.
  • Layer a bra over a top – Try it with a form-fitting knit top or sheer blouse to avoid trapping too much bulky fabric under your bra.

#2 Lace and Mesh Lingerie 

Imagine slipping into a piece of lingerie that’s sensual and blissfully comfortable – you can achieve both with lace and mesh lingerie. The trend about wearing lace and mesh is not just about looking sexy and exquisite, but it’s about feeling fabulous too. So whether you’re spending an intimate night with your partner, stepping outside, or just lounging at home, you can never go wrong with letting the soft embrace of lace and mesh caress your skin.  

For a smooth transition from comfort to glamour, you can try the following:

  • Pair lace and mesh lingerie with a high-waisted skirt and a sheer blouse –  This combo ensures both comfort and sophistication. 
  • Layer a mesh bodysuit under a tailored suit – If you want a modern and sexy twist for corporate fashion, the delicate lace peeking through your blazer can work in your favor. This look can command attention while expressing your inner grace and femininity.

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#3 High-Waisted Underwear With Sheer Outerwear

We’ve all had a pair of undies that were just too cute to hide under clothes all day. We’ve got great news: It’s time for underwear to have its day in the sun. One of the most popular fashion trends this year is a sheer skirt, slip dress, or tights that give a glimpse of what’s underneath.

To capture the runway look:

  • Choose full-coverage briefs – This look is bold enough without adding cheeky briefs. Go for high-waisted, full-coverage underwear (aka granny panties, despite the look being oh-so modern.)
  • Add layers – This spring is all about floaty, filmy layers. Top your briefs with transparent materials like a gauzy slip dress, tulle skirt, or semi-opaque black tights.
  • Choose the right shoes – Pair your underwear fashion with pretty heels to boost the dainty factor, or sturdy boots for a more hardcore, leather-meets-lace vibe.

#4  Thongs and Low-rise Jeans

Thong lovers, you’ve got something to celebrate: The rise of early-2000s nostalgia brought back the peek-a-boo thong. And thanks to Alexander McQueen, low-rise bottoms are back, too. They’re the perfect pairing when you want to show off a hint of your sultry undergarment.

So feel free to stock up on thongs in every color and style, slip into a pair of low-rise jeans that hits just right, and let those peaches breathe while you show off your gorgeous underwear.

#5 Bright, Bold, and Vibrant Lingerie

Sexy is not just about wearing the classics like black, white, or nude. This time, hop on the trend of defying the neutrals with lingerie in bright and bold colors. Think of wearing intimate pieces in fiery orange, party pink, vivid yellow, and all the colors of the rainbow. After all, vibrant pieces are designed to give you that fun, playful vibe and add joy to your wardrobe while still looking and feeling sexy. 

Achieve that sexy and lively look with these tips:

  • Choose a bright-colored bra - Contrast is key. Select a brightly colored bra or bralette that can either peek through your slightly unbuttoned blouse or under your sheer top. A pop of color can add a vibrant element to your outfit. 
  • Pair with high-waisted, wide-leg trousers and an oversized blazer – This completes the fun, laid-back look, which is perfect for brunches or outings. You can also add some statement jewelry to enhance your look and highlight playfulness.

#6 Spring For Underwires

Not only are bras making themselves the star of the show, but they’re also totally wired—underwired, that is. The tired sports bra you lived in through lockdown has officially been retired in favor of more structured, padded, cleavage-maximizing underwires.

If you’re ready to try it out, here’s how to choose the right bra for the look:2

  • Try balconette and corset-style cups – They’re on-trend and flattering no matter your size. They’ll support you all day long and perk up the girls in delicate lace.
  • Mix underwear styling with outerwear fabrics – Show off a statement lingerie piece in an unexpected fabric reserved for outerwear, like denim or leather.
  • Add visual accents – Look for pieces that incorporate metal embellishments, buckles, and straps to enhance the underwear-meets-outerwear look.

#7 Timeless Whites and Vintage Floral Prints

White lingerie and vintage floral prints have always been a timeless classic with its nostalgic charm. The pristine beauty of a milky white color and the romantic, youthful allure of florals not only make this visually pleasing, but also blissfully comfortable. If you want to feel sexy and ethereal, this is a trend you can hop on. 

To add to this beautiful look, here’s what you can do:

  • Pair with a light and breezy linen dress or skirt - White and floral lingerie pieces fit well with light and breezy linen dresses or skirts, giving it an airy and comfortable feel.
  • Choose accessories in earth tones or pastel coloursThis can easily complement the white and floral lingerie for that summer elegance vibe. 

#8 Layering Lingerie over Outerwear 

Layering is key if you want to capture the lingerie trends for 2024. Think a cozy rib-knit sweater over tights à la Kendall Jenner,4 or denim outerwear layered over long, fluttering layers of floaty tulle and lace as seen in Blumarine’s line for Spring 2023.

It’s easy to achieve the look for yourself:

  • Choose a unique piece of lingerie to build your look around – A beautiful nightie, slip, or underwire bra with lots of lace and ribbon are all possibilities. Go for a sexy lingerie piece that offers the amount of coverage you feel comfortable in.
  • Mix and match textures and lengths – This season’s sustainable lingerie looks are all about combining outer and inner wear in new ways, so mix it up with unexpected combos. Try topping a thigh-skimming slip with a long, flowy jacket or cardigan, or pair a delicate bralette with wide-legged trousers, a heavy belt, and a boxy jacket.

#9 Sexy and Strappy Lingerie

Strappy lingerie is a trend that allows you to embrace the darker and even sexier side of fashion. It’s designed to make you feel sensual and sophisticated. Whether it’s the appeal of faux leather or the intricate design of the straps, be prepared to unveil the masterpiece that is you when you slip into this kind of lingerie. 

Ready to showcase that body? Here are some additional tips to slay this look:

  • Incorporate your strappy lingerie into your evening wear – Choose pieces that feature unique and sexy straps. Get playful and let them peek under a slip dress for that added intrigue, or pair it with a sheer top for a bolder statement. 
    • Use them as outerwear or get them under the spotlight – Pair a strappy bralette with a sheer top and high-rise jeans to give those unique designs their well-deserved attention. This combo is perfect for evening events like night-outs or concerts. 

    How to Try the “Underwear As Outerwear” Trend In 2024

    While it may seem like a lingerie trend that’s hard to pull off in everyday life (and for people who aren’t built like runway models), lingerie trends can actually be incredibly comfortable. After all, what feels nicer against your skin than a silky chemise or whisper-soft satin cami?

    Here’s how to adapt the latest lingerie trends to any lifestyle:

    #1 Elevate Comfort into Style

    Just because we’re back to underwire bras and thongs doesn’t mean we’ve given up everything we learned about comfy clothes during the pandemic. Choose to incorporate lingerie that makes you comfortable and stylish, like:

    • Layering a delicate slip dress under a cozy, oversized sweater for a look that’s both comfy and chic.
    • Pairing a lounge-wear-inspired rib-knit bra with your favorite blazer or jacket.
    • Pairing worn-in jeans with a gorgeous demi-bra and a soft denim jacket

    #2 Show Off What You Love about Your Body

    In 2024, we’re all about letting go of judgments. You can make lingerie trends work for you while showing just as much or as little skin as you prefer—and while highlighting the body parts you feel most confident about.

    Some balancing acts we recommend:

    • Wear silky bottoms paired with a cozy top to play on contrasts that showcase your legs while keeping your upper body snug.
    • Wear a draped jacket over a bra top that confidently displays your midriff, complemented by trousers or a flowing midi or maxi skirt. 

    #3 Find your Perfect Balance

    The way to wear lingerie out and about—without feeling like all the goods are on display—is by maintaining balance. Balance the proportions of the pieces you put together, and ensure that the fit is perfect by consulting a size guide. This helps balance how much skin is exposed and where.

    Here are some examples of how to do it:

    • If you’re wearing a form-fitting corset – Offset the small proportions of barely-there corsetry with looser layers. Cinching your corset over a flowy dress shirt or prairie it with a sleek blazer and wide-legged pants can transform the look from bedroom to boardroom.
    • If you’re wearing a lacy babydoll – Keep the dainty, uber-feminine piece from feeling too overly delicate by pairing it with edgier elements like a distressed leather jacket and boots or a menswear-inspired coat and loafers.

    In your quest to follow the latest lingerie trends, always remember to include the essentials that lie at the heart of your lingerie drawer: the perfect panty set, and ensuring you know your bra size for that best bra fit. The right selections will surely elevate your style, and ensure comfort and confidence, reflecting the best of what women’s lingerie has to offer.

    Hop on to the Latest Lingerie Trends with Gooseberry

    Lingerie trends for 2024 aren’t just for the bedroom. This year, it’s all about freeing ourselves from restrictive clothing rules and letting loose with our lingerie choices. So go ahead: show off your prettiest intimate apparel by layering them with sheer tops, tights, and slinky slips. You’ll be right on trend whether you’re chilling on the couch or in the club.

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