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Are you tired of swimsuits that don't hug your curves just right? Don't worry, beach babe, we've got you covered (literally)! Finding the perfect fit is crucial for feeling confident and comfortable in your high-quality swimwear, especially to avoid the dreaded swimsuit cameltoeSo, if you've found a bathing suit you adore but it's a bit too loose, keep reading.

With a few simple techniques, you can shrink your swimming suit to achieve that ideal fit without compromising its style or quality. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through various methods on how to shrink a swimsuit. Get ready to transform your favorite swimsuit into a just-for-you fit that will make you look and feel like the beach goddess you are!

FAQ: Tips on Shrinking Your Swimsuit for a Perfect Fit

  • Q: Can all swimsuits be shrunk for a better fit?

    • A: Most swimsuits can be shrunk slightly for a better fit, especially if they are made from shrinkable materials like cotton or certain blends. However, it's crucial to check the care label first, as some materials and treatments used in swimwear may not be suitable for shrinkage methods.
  • Q: What's the safest way to shrink a swimsuit without damaging it?

    • A: The safest method is usually a hot water soak. Fill a basin with hot water (check the care label for maximum temperature), submerge the swimsuit for about 30 minutes, and then let it air dry.
  • Q: Can I shrink a swimsuit using a washing machine and dryer?

    • A: Yes, you can use a washing machine set to a hot cycle and a dryer at a high heat setting for swimsuits that are machine-washable. Place the swimsuit in a mesh laundry bag for added protection during the wash.
  • Q: Is boiling a safe method for shrinking swimsuits?

    • A: Boiling can be used for targeted shrinkage, but it's a more aggressive method and not suitable for all fabrics. It's best reserved for cotton swimsuits and should be done with caution.

But First! Check the Care Label

Before diving into the world of swimsuit shrinkage, it's important to check the care label for any specific instructions from the manufacturer. Some swimsuits are made from delicate fabrics or have special embellishments that may require specific care. By following the care instructions, you can ensure effective shrinkage while preserving the quality of your swimming suit.

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Fabric Types and Shrinkage: Understanding How Different Fabrics React

Understanding the main fabric types of swimsuits is crucial when considering shrinkage. Different fabrics react differently to shrinkage methods, and being aware of their characteristics can help you choose the most appropriate technique for your swimsuit. Here are the main fabric types commonly used in swimsuits and their implications for shrinkage:

Nylon/Spandex Blend

Nylon/spandex blends are a popular choice for swimsuits due to their stretchiness, durability, and quick-drying properties. These fabrics typically have good shape retention, which means they are less prone to excessive shrinkage. When applying shrinking methods, such as hot water soak or steam, nylon/spandex blends tend to have minimal shrinkage while maintaining their elasticity and overall fit.


Polyester is another common fabric used in swimsuits, known for its resistance to chlorine and fading. Polyester swimsuits tend to have low shrinkage potential due to their synthetic nature. They are less likely to shrink significantly when exposed to heat or water. However, it's still important to follow the recommended care instructions to maintain the swimsuit fabric's quality and prevent any potential shrinkage.


Lycra, also known as spandex or elastane, is a stretchy swimsuit material that provides a snug and comfortable fit. While Lycra itself has excellent elasticity, it can be more prone to shrinkage than other fabrics. When applying shrinking methods, it's important to be cautious to avoid excessive shrinkage. Test a small area first, and opt for gentle techniques like steam shrinking to minimize any potential damage to the fabric's stretch and shape.


Although less common in swimwear, cotton swimsuits offer a natural and breathable option. Cotton has a higher shrinkage potential compared to synthetic fabrics. Therefore, it's important to exercise caution when attempting to shrink a cotton swimsuit. Avoid using high heat or aggressive methods that can cause excessive shrinkage and potential fabric distortion. Handwashing in cold water and air drying may be more suitable for maintaining the integrity of cotton swimsuits.

Specialty Fabrics

Some swimsuits incorporate specialty fabrics such as neoprene or microfiber blends. These fabrics often have unique characteristics such as enhanced insulation, compression, or quick-drying properties. When it comes to shrinking specialty fabrics, it's essential to refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. These fabrics may have specific recommendations or precautions to follow to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Remember that each fabric type reacts differently to shrinking methods, and results may vary. It's crucial to consider the fabric composition and follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent any unwanted shrinkage or damage to your swimsuit. Always test a small area first and proceed with caution to achieve the desired fit without compromising the fabric's quality and integrity.

Method #1: Hot Water Soak

One of the simplest methods to shrink a swimsuit is through a hot water soak. Start by filling a basin or sink with hot water. Again: be sure to check the care label ahead of time to determine the maximum temperature your swimsuit can withstand. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, immerse your swimsuit, and let it soak for approximately 30 minutes. Hot water helps relax the fibers, allowing for shrinkage.

Method #2: Machine Wash and Dry

For swimsuits that are suitable for machine washing, this method can be quick and convenient. Begin by placing your swimsuit in a mesh laundry bag to protect it from potential damage. Set your washing machine to a hot water cycle and use a mild detergent. After washing, transfer the swimsuit to the dryer and select a high-heat setting. Keep a close eye on the drying process to prevent excessive shrinkage.

Method #3: Boiling

For more precise and targeted shrinkage, the boiling method can be effective. Follow these steps:

  1. Fill a pot with water and bring it to a rolling boil.
  2. Carefully place your swimsuit into the boiling water, and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.
  3. Using tongs or a heat-resistant utensil, remove the swimsuit from the pot.
  4. Rinse it under cool water to stop the shrinking process.

The boiling method is a reliable technique for achieving precise and targeted shrinkage of your swimsuit. Always exercise caution when handling hot water and utensils, and be sure to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the best results.

Method #4: Steam Shrinkage

If you have a delicate swimsuit or prefer a gentler method, steam shrinkage is a great option. Here’s how to shrink a swimsuit using steam:

  1. Hang your swimsuit on a hanger, or lay it flat on a clean surface.
  2. Fill a steam iron or a handheld garment steamer with water, and allow it to heat up.
  3. Hold the iron or steamer a few inches away from the swimsuit, and apply steam evenly over the swimsuit fabric.
  4. While steaming, use your hands to stretch and manipulate the swimsuit to facilitate the shrinking process.
  5. Allow the swimsuit to dry completely before trying it on.

By following these steps, you can achieve effective shrinkage while maintaining the integrity of your swimsuit, and enjoy a customized fit that makes you feel fantastic.

Tips for Shrinkage Control

Achieving the perfect fit requires some control and finesse. Consider the following tips to ensure successful swimsuit shrinkage:

  • Test a Small Area: Before subjecting the entire swimsuit to the shrinking process, test it on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure the fabric reacts as desired.
  • Gradual Shrinkage: If you want to achieve slight shrinkage, repeat the shrinking process gradually. Allow the swimsuit to dry and check the fit before proceeding further.
  • Stretching While Damp: After washing or steaming, when the swimsuit is still damp, gently stretch and manipulate it to customize the fit according to your body contours.

The Importance of Care

While shrinking a swimsuit can be an effective way to achieve the desired fit, it's essential to remember how to wash a bathing suit to maintain your suit’s quality. Follow these care tips to keep your shrunken swimsuit in excellent condition:

  • Rinse After Use: Rinse your swimsuit with cool water after each use to remove saltwater, chlorine, and other impurities that can cause damage and discoloration to the fabric.
  • Hand Wash: Whenever possible, hand wash your swimsuit using a mild detergent. Gently squeeze the fabric without twisting or wringing it to preserve its shape.
  • Avoid Excessive Heat: After shrinking your swimsuit, avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight or high heat, as it can cause further shrinkage or damage to the fabric.
  • Store Properly: Store your swimsuit in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and deterioration.

Embrace Your Perfect Fit

Now that you've successfully shrunk your swimsuit to achieve the perfect fit, it's time to embrace your newfound confidence. Wear your swimsuit with pride, and enjoy your time at the beach or pool—knowing that it hugs your curves just the way you want it to.

Remember: the journey to finding the perfect fit is unique for everyone. Experiment with different shrinking techniques, and don't be afraid to tailor them to suit your swimsuit's specific fabric and design. With patience and care, you can transform any swimsuit into a custom-fitting, flattering, and comfortable piece that makes you feel like a true beach goddess.

So, dive right into the Gooseberry Seaside collection that has a new bikini style for everybody. Grab your favorite, and if you find that it’s just a tad too big (but not enough to go down a size), follow these proven methods, and get ready to make a splash with confidence and style. With a shrunken bathing suit that accentuates your curves and reflects your unique personality, you'll turn heads wherever you go.

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