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How to Pick Out Lingerie Based on Your Style

When you’re putting together an outfit, sometimes things just happen naturally. A hemline here. A pop of color there. Add a dash of texture, a bit of sparkle, and voila! You’ve intuitively crafted an ensemble incorporating all the elements of your personal style.

But then you open your beautiful lingerie drawer, and nothing speaks to you. What’s the deal?

Whether you are coming up with lingerie party ideas or hitting the town with your friends, Knowing how to choose the right lingerie for your style can help your entire outfit feel complete. But compared to the rest of your wardrobe, undergarments can feel like a whole other world of fashion. The key to making your lingerie choices a snap? Identify your personal style and the elements you love about it—then look for those very same features in your lingerie shopping.

#1 Cool and Classic

Love a little black dress and a red lip? Does your idea of dressing up mean channeling Audrey Hepburn’s cool confidence? Polished, timeless, and always put together, a classic style focuses less on frills and more on eternal looks that echo throughout fashion history.

Sure, that might mean you stick with some tried-and-true pieces like pearls and pencil skirts. But some of the most classic looks (LBD included) can end up feeling especially romantic.

When shopping for beautiful  lingerie to suit your classic style, look for items that blend coolness and classic romance. Here are some examples:

  • High-waisted panties and longline bras These sexy lingerie styles mix sultry with modesty for a simple yet sexy look. And nothing quite whispers elegance like sheer lace fabrics. 

  • Plunge and demi bras – The shapes of these elegant styles add a touch of timeless sensuality to your day and nighttime looks.

  • Silky fabrics – Reflect the cool confidence of classic cinema stars with the luster of smooth silk bras and underwear. 

  • Find pleasure in the small things! Shop our intimates now!

    #2 Modern Minimalist

    If you steer toward a minimalist style, you might have a less-is-more approach when putting together outfits. Now now, we know what you’re thinking—but this style usually does involve wearing clothes. 

    The term “minimalism” comes into play with subtle details, quality fabrics, and streamlined, elegant silhouettes. 

    Masters of minimalist fashion can make a plain white tee feel chic or a simple trench coat look visionary. It’s all about letting the elements speak for themselves and wearing your style with confidence. The only question remaining? How to pick out lingerie that’s equally effortless. 

    As a modern minimalist, opt for the lingerie set  that follows the same standards. Look for high-quality cotton or jersey bras and briefs. Triangle bras can offer a flirty yet simple shape that fits right into any minimalist ensemble. For a sexier minimalist look, try a sheer mesh bandeau bra that keeps things subtle but sensual.

    #3 Timeless Vintage

    Maybe you’d rather chat on a corded phone than text, write letters instead of emails, or hang out at the local arcade cafe instead of the club. If you like all things retro, you might also prefer vintage-style lingerie.

    Curating the perfect vintage style requires some serious skills—you may even find yourself scouring eBay or sifting through thrift stores for authentic pieces. 

    The trick with vintage-looking lingerie is to first identify the era you wish to embody. Then, you can match your perfect lingerie to those same style elements. Now, let’s take a journey through time:

    The 1920s – With flapper styles and shorter hemlines, slip dresses offered this era’s undergarments a silky, sassy style to match.1 A bra slip dress will fit perfectly with your roaring twenties vintage style.

    The 1940s – During this decade, push-up bras and high-waisted panties created classic hourglass figures.1 You can easily recreate the style by seeking their modern counterparts.

    The 1960s – The sixties were liberating in many ways—lingerie styles included. Pay homage to the decade with ruffles, bows, and frills.

    #4 Rocker Chic

    Would you feel more at home on stage than in the crowd? Does the studded leather style of Joan Jett strike a chord? Rocker chic fashion can be as versatile as the music genre itself, but there are a few elements you can find across the board:

    • Ripped, distressed, or deconstructed fabrics
    • Dramatic coats and collars
    • Plenty of fringe, buckles, and zippers
    • Graphic tees and chunky boots

    When finding women’s  lingerie to match, lean toward all things dramatic and edgy. That might mean rocking a bra with bright colors that shows through other clothing. Or, maybe it means slipping on a daring open-bra style. Lace can also add interest to your edgy fit, while mesh can complement your style’s grunge appeal.

    #5 Bohemian Bliss

    Free spirits, this style is calling your name. If your closet features maxi dresses, wide-leg pants, and flowy blouses, a bohemian brassiere can transport you to ethereal flower fields and lantern-filled forests—figuratively, of course.

    The “boho” style has been through plenty of fashion revolutions since the ‘70s, but a few common features still ring true:2

    • Floral prints
    • Embroidery
    • Fringe trim
    • Ruffles and pleats
    • Loose, flowing fabrics

    The good news for boho-chic fashionistas? The same elements make an appearance in modern lingerie.

    Look for a plunge bra, demi, or longline bras with embroidered or lace florals (and grab a pair of panties to match). Or, embrace the scalloped-edge look to keep your lingerie feeling stylish and carefree. 

    #6 Sassy and Sporty

    You have more sneakers than a shoe rack can hold. Your bike shorts find their way into every ensemble. You’d rather wear joggers than jeans, and you have just about a million ways to make a hoodie look chic. 

    If you’re nodding your head, it might mean your style falls into the sporty category of fashion. This doesn’t necessarily mean you always wear activewear (though it’s certainly on the table). But in general, you might lean toward more athletic-inspired styles.

    Since many lingerie designs lean toward a more feminine look, the sportier styles can seem elusive. But believe us—the perfect option is out there.

    When sporting your casual wardrobe, look for lingerie elements that match:

    • Bandeau or balcony bras mimic the shape and support of a sports bra, but with a touch of sensuality.
    • Instead of lace, look for tulle and mesh. These fabrics offer a sultry see-through style while sticking to an unfussy, laid-back look.
    • Try crop bras and briefs in a matching set for ultimate sporty comfort and style.

    #7 Flirty Feminine

    When you step out, it’s in a sassy floral wrap dress, a head full of flirty curls, and the perfect pink lip. Your text messages are never complete without a sparkle emoji. And you totally get why some people put their dogs’ hair up in cute little bows. 

    If any of this feels true for you, dressing with flirty, feminine style might come naturally. But how do you choose lingerie that’s just as delightful?

    Good news: the world of lingerie is practically made for you. Look for bra and panty sets with plenty of the following:

    • Ruffles and bows
    • Flirty lace and satin
    • Gold and silver rings and closures
    • Cute patterns and prints
    • Pastel colors

    Aside from your daily lingerie, some feminine, lacy bodysuits, loungewear lingerie, and bra camis will likely fit right in with your wardrobe. 

    #8 Glam and Gorgeous

    For those who describe their style as “glam,” a red carpet moment never feels too far away. You might feel just as at ease in a sequined jumpsuit as in a pair of sweats. At the same time, you can pull off a bedazzled blazer like no one else and find a way to pair heels with literally anything.

    Including your lingerie, of course.

    Finding lingerie that suits a gorgeous, glam style is all about choosing sets that have you feeling ready for your close-up. Here are some options to inspire you:

    • A black lace bodysuit
    • A sheer bra-and-cami combo
    • A lacy longline bra and matching thong

    If you’re feeling bold, you might even give your lingerie its own spotlight by letting those colorful lacy layers show through your outerwear.

    #9 Beach Babe

    What if your idea of getting dressed up involves outfits that can be worn with bare feet, and saltwater plays a bigger part in your hairstyle than any department store products? Opt for styles that have the same easy, breezy feel as being on the beach.

    This means finding bras and panties that wear just as well as a bikini under a coverup or that fits right in under a sundress. Dainty lace and barely-there styles can play the part and keep you cool under the sun at the same time.

    Of course, if your days nearly always involve a swim, you might sometimes need swimwear as stylish as your lingerie—but that’s a style lesson for another time.

    Find Your Lingerie Style with Gooseberry Intimates

    Whether you are wondering what to wear to a lingerie party or  choosing your ideal lingerie, remember that your style doesn’t have to be static. Some of us stick to our styles like we were born with them, while others trade them from day to day. By naming your favorite parts of the outfits you adore, you can choose the perfect lingerie every time.

    Wondering where to find them? Look no further than Gooseberry Intimates.

    From timeless classics to chic modern sets, Gooseberry offers intimate lingerie in every style you need. Plus, our gently supportive bras and briefs are crafted with sustainability in mind. That means you can find the perfect fit for your wardrobe and know they’re good for the planet, too.

    For the lingerie style, you’ve been longing to discover, shop with Gooseberry.


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