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Best No Show Underwear

When you find the perfect pair of soft stretch slacks for your dream job interview or the perfect pair of linen pants for your summer date night, you want to have the confidence to wear them without worrying about panty lines.

And you can get that confidence from knowing that you have quality undies in the right cut and color for your everyday wear outfit.

Fortunately, finding your perfect seamless panty wardrobe starts here. In this guide, we’ll provide all the knowledge you need to achieve that no show underwear look for when it comes to all the different underwear styles.

Best No Show Underwear For The Office

We’ve all seen that nine to five panty line. And let’s be honest: most of us have worn one to work at one point or another, too.

Fortunately, it’s time to eliminate workplace worries of the visible panty linewith these no show tips.

When Wearing Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt is such an elegant boss-lady silhouette, but so prone to panty lines. If you want to make the most of this power style, pay attention to these important pointers:

  • Pencil skirts tend to sit high on the waistline, meaning that low-rise or hip-hugger styles of undies run the risk of showing a visible panty line around the hips. To alleviate this risk, try wearing a high-waisted panty.
  • Since pencil skirts tend to be tight across the derrière, they’re prone to panty lines from bikini or even high-cut styles of underwear. You can avoid these panty lines by wearing a seamless thong, or, if the seamless thong isn’t your style, by wearing a longer boy short panty that hugs your body around the upper thighs.1
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When Wearing Slacks or Trousers

Slacks and trousers have a lot in common with pencil skirts in terms of the best no-show underwear:

  • It’s important to match the waistline of your seamless underwear with the waistline of your pants. Ideally, the waistline of your seamless underwear should fall a half to a quarter of an inch below the waistline of your pants in order to avoid both panty lines and the possibility of your panties showing over the top of your trousers when you bend over.
  • If you opt for a lighter fabric or a tighter fit, your best no show underwear choices are going to be  thong underwear or more of a boy short style underwear.
  • Heavier fabrics, such as winter wool trousers, may do okay with other cuts of underwear, especially if the trousers are a looser fit across the bum and the panties are made from some of the best fabric for underwear, such as silk or satin. When in doubt, you can always double check in the mirror or ask your partner for an honest opinion before you head out for the day.
  • When wearing lighter colored slacks in the spring, be sure to wear nude soft stretch underwear that matches your skin tone.

Best No Show Underwear For Flowy Linen Pants

Linen is great for many reasons—it has a casual, understated elegance and a natural airflow that will keep you cool during hot summer months. Another great thing about linen? Most linen styles are roomy, meaning that panty lines are not a huge concern, and you can wear underwear in virtually any style. 

You will, however, want to be careful that the color of your panties doesn’t show through the fabric, since a lot of linen pieces incorporate a loose weave to add to the natural character of the fibers.

So, what is the appropriate underwear to wear with linen pants (or a linen dress, for that matter) to achieve that no show look?

With linen, it’s best to wear nude-toned underwear that matches your skin, especially if the linen is in a white or pastel color.

Best No Show Underwear For Leggings

Leggings and yoga pants  are great for everyday wear. They’re form-fitting, comfortable, and casual. However, their one shortcoming may be how difficult it is to completely eliminate a leggings panty line. After all, leggings hug your body. 

To achieve a no show workout underwear look, your best choices are:

  • Wear a long enough shirt to cover the panty line – If you go with this option, you don’t have to worry as much about which workout underwear to choose, but it does limit your wardrobe choices.
  • Wear a thong – The thong is the ultimate no-show panty as long as your leggings sit higher on the waist than your thong. Choosing between a G string vs. thong in this case is a win win.2
  • Wear boyshort-style underwear – If you aren’t a fan of thongs, then you could choose to wear boyshorts with your leggings. They’ll likely show a line, but not in the traditional panty line spot, so it’ll be less noticeable.
  • Wear your leggings sans panty – It may seem risque, but leggings are some of the most comfortable pants to wear this way. Not to mention, if you don’t wear any panties, they definitely can’t make a line.

Best No Show Underwear For Dresses

The best no show panties for a dress depend on the type of dress you’re wearing.

When Wearing a Bodycon Dress

The appropriate no show underwear for a bodycon dress follows much the same guidelines as the appropriate underwear for a pencil skirt. The main difference is that with a pencil skirt, you can hide the waistband of the panty under the waistband of the skirt—a bodycon dress features no such option.

So, the best underwear options for a bodycon dress include:

  • A thong with a seamless waistband.
  • A full body, boyshort-style underwear with a waistband that sits near the band of your bra.
  • Going panty-free, assuming that your dress provides enough coverage to avoid any mishaps.

When Wearing an A-Line Or Fuller Skirt Dress

With an A-line or fuller skirt dress, you don’t have to worry too much about panty lines. What you do have to think about is what will be on display should you have a Marilyn moment. Of course, we hope that doesn’t happen, but on the off-chance that it does, it never hurts to be prepared.

That’s why we recommend wearing a full coverage panty, like a boyshort, under an A-line or fuller skirt dress. For extra points, you can coordinate the color and style of your boyshorts with the color and style of your dress. For instance, a baby blue boyshort with lace trim would go well with a baby blue A-line dress in a feminine style.

This way, in the event of a Marilyn moment, everyone will be impressed rather than embarrassed.

How to Avoid Common Panty Problems

No matter what outfit you’re shopping for or what cut or color of underwear you’re trying to find, you can still experience panty lines if you don’t know how to avoid common panty problems. 

The most common panty problems include: 

  • Wearing underwear that’s too small – It can be hard to resist the temptation to buy the smallest size of underwear that’s still comfortable (or even to squeeze into the size below that), but it’s not worth it. All too often, wearing a size too small results in serious VPL, the same way that wearing too-small pants can create a muffin top or a too-small bra can lead to side boob. Do yourself a favor and ignore all of those size markings—look for the underwear that sits comfortably on top of your bum rather than pushing into it.
  • Wearing underwear that’s too big – It’s unlikely that anyone would buy underwear that’s too big for them, but sometimes, the underwear you’ve worn for a little too long can become stretched out. These underwear will create a baggy appearance, and nobody wants that. Trust us—if the panties don’t fit snugly over your bum, it’s time to throw them out and get yourself some new ones that do.
  • Wearing underwear that’s cheaply or poorly made – Some bargains simply aren't worth it. And while it’s easy to think that nobody is going to see your bargain underwear, it’s still the foundation of your entire outfit. Poorly made underwear often has prominent seams that can lead to panty lines, excess fabric that creates baggy spots under your clothes, or less-than-ideal cuts that simply won’t flatter your body.

Even if you’ve perfectly matched your underwear to your outfit, you could still get lines if your panties aren’t well made or if they don’t properly fit your body. Essentially, to get that no show look, you need to be equipped with underwear that’s the right cut, color, size, and quality.

Stock Your Panty Wardrobe with Gooseberry

No matter how much planning goes into coordinating your undergarments with your outfits, at the end of the day, a quality pair of panties is going to hug your curves just right and disappear under your clothes in ways that a poorly made substitute could only dream of.

That’s why it’s worth your time and your money to invest in quality undergarments made from quality materials—and there’s exactly where Gooseberry comes in. 

From thongs to briefs, Gooseberry lingerie is handcrafted with delicate Indonesian lace and made to order, so you can ensure a no show look no matter what style of lingerie panties you’re searching for. And when you do want to show off your underwear, Gooseberry pieces guarantee you’ll look effortlessly elegant doing so. 

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