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What to Do with Old Bras

Bursting drawers, overflowing bras, and clothing items strewn about can only mean one thing: it's time for a wardrobe purge! But what should you do with your old bras? That's the million-dollar question. Discarding old bras feels wasteful, especially if they are still in usable condition. Here are a few sustainable solutions and recycling options to help you out.

Upcycle: A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

If you have old bras in good condition, why not repurpose them? Sew an old strapless bra into a backless dress for built in support or turn bra cups into shoe inserts for a more comfortable fit. With a little creativity and some DIY spirit, the possibilities are endless!


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Donate: Giving Bras a Second Life

One of the best things you can do with old bras that are still in good condition is to donate them. Many charities, shelters, and organizations are more than happy to accept donated bras for women who cannot afford to buy new ones.

Women's shelters are an excellent place to donate. These facilities provide a safe haven for women escaping domestic violence, homelessness, and other crisis situations. They often rely heavily on donations of food, clothing, and other essential items. Your unwanted bras could make a significant difference to women in these circumstances. However, it's crucial to ensure that the bras are clean and in wearable condition before donating them.

Charitable organizations, such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill, also accept old bras for their second-hand clothing stores. These charities sell the bras at a low cost, making them accessible to women who can't afford to buy new bras. Plus, the revenue generated from sales supports their charitable programs.

Recycle: A Sustainable Solution

Got unwearable bras, sports bras past their prime, or old underwear? Recycling is the way to go! There are several bra recyclers such as The Bra Recyclers that specialize in textile recycling. They repurpose textiles into new items such as carpet padding, effectively reducing textile waste. You'll be saving your old bras from ending up in a landfill and contributing to a cleaner, greener world!

What to do with old bras

Selling: Make a Little Cash

Just as you would sell your old clothes, selling bras in good condition is also an option. Online marketplaces and consignment stores can help you turn your unwanted bras into cash.

Disposing Responsibly: For Bras Beyond Salvation

There may be times when the bras are too worn out for any of the above options. In such cases, dispose of them responsibly. Some textile recyclers take in textiles in any condition. The Salvation Army, for instance, accepts all textiles regardless of their state and ensures they don't end up in a landfill.

If you’re disposing of to make room for new ones, be sure to buy the right size. Buying the wrong size can ofen cause boob chaffing and an overlfowing bra, which means those ill-fitting bras are more likely to be tossed.

What to Do with Old Bras

Make a Difference by Embracing Sustainability

The next time you’re wondering what to do with old bras, remember that every choice you make impacts our planet. By upcycling, donating, recycling, or responsibly disposing of your old bras, you're making a stand for sustainability. This isn't just about freeing up drawer space; it's about creating a cycle of change — one bra at a time.

Whether your old bras end up supporting women in need or find a new purpose as a comfy shoe insert, they're making a difference. Each bra, each piece of clothing recycled or repurposed, helps to reduce waste and promote sustainable living. So the next time you're faced with a new bra or an old bra, remember — you have the power to choose what happens next.

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