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How to Choose Your Wedding Lingerie

From the moment you step into your perfectly tailored wedding dress, your wedding day will encompass a whirlwind of firsts as a married couple—your first kiss, your first dance, and your first unforgettable night together.

But when you step out of your wedding dress… what kind of wedding lingerie should you wear?

From morning bridal robes to nighttime negligees, we’ve created a guide to help you choose wedding lingerie that makes you feel everything you deserve to feel on your big day—sexy, beautiful, confident, and composed.

Start the Day Right—in Lingerie-Style Slips

When you think of wedding lingerie, you might picture a scantily clad white lingerie set. While that is part of the—ahem—main event later in the evening, bridal lingerie can begin much earlier in the day, while you’re primping and prepping with your bridal party.

No, we’re not suggesting you parade around wearing only a chiffon bridal bra and panty set (although you certainly can—it’s your day). Rather, you deserve a sultry satin robe or slip befit for the guest of honor. Plus, it sets the tone for the day, allowing you to feel like the queen you are from the moment your morning begins.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, depending on the tone you want to set for the rest of your magical day. Are you feeling boho or bourgeois? Cute or classic?

Here are a few wedding personas (and the coinciding slips, sets, or robes) that might pique your interest:1

  • Sexy – Want to start the morning off with a bang? A sexy slip dress in wedding-day ivory might be just what you need, with just enough coverage to feel clothed, but not enough to dull your sparkle. If you’re really looking to have a little fun with your bridesmaids and want to set the tone for a sultry day of love, consider a more full-coverage bra and high-waist brief set underneath an open white button-up and oh-so-laid-back boxers.
  • Minimalist – A simple silk robe in white, cream, or taupe will do wonders for a “less is more” bride. It’s practical, elegant, and perfect for your morning festivities.
  • Cozy – If you’re a firm believer in “comfort is key,” opt for a simple cotton robe set or a white jersey cotton two-piece PJ set. They’re soft and comfortable, in a variety of different styles and colors.
  • Boho – Carefree and living large on your big day (and all year round)? You deserve a bohemian-inspired robe fit for a boho beauty. You’d look lovely in a sheer vintage robe with eyelet and embroidered details from top to bottom.

As a bonus, you can don your bridal robe again on your wedding night or bring them along on your honeymoon.

Find pleasure in the small things! Shop our intimates now!

Keep the Momentum Going—with Under-The-Dress Wedding Lingerie

What you wear under your wedding dress is almost as important as the dress itself. You’ll undoubtedly wow in your gown, but with the right bridal lingerie, you’ll exude an added air of allure and sophistication. Not much makes a woman feel sexier than knowing what seductive surprises she’s hiding under her dress for her spouse to discover later.

Wedding lingerie is also like a makeup primer. You can’t see it underneath the finished product, but it makes all the difference in your overall aesthetic. A poorly-chosen bra and panty set can show undesirable lines or straps, whereas a well-fitted bra can lift your ladies and enhance your look.

From bras to shapewear, here’s a breakdown of how to pick the perfect wedding lingerie to wear under your dress.


Before you begin searching for the best wedding lingerie options, it’s essential to know what style of wedding dress you’ll be wearing. Some of the most common styles include:

  • Mermaid
  • Ball gown
  • A-line
  • Sheath
  • Trumpet

The tailor altering your dress can include sewn-in cups to provide built-in breast support. However, if you have a fuller bust or simply prefer a traditional option, you may prefer to wear a well-fitted bridal bra to provide you with ample all-day (and all-night) support.

From backless to strapless to all the bras in between, here’s a list of suggestions based on important aspects of your dress:

  • The fitted dress – A sheath dress is form-fitting from top to bottom, flowing over your body’s natural curves and providing you with a sophisticated statuesque appeal. Because the material delicately skims over your body, it’s helpful to find a lingerie style top that perfectly forms to your breasts. A strapless bra or shaping slip usually helps you avoid lines or excess spillage.2
  • The plunging neckline – With so many plunge bras to choose from, you no longer need to sacrifice support just to show off an extra few inches of cleavage. The ideal plunge bra will have a special cutout in the front to accommodate your dress’s plunging neckline.3
  • The backless dress – Backless lingerie dresses are currently one of the biggest wedding-fashion trends. With the help of a quality adhesive bra (or sewn-in cups), you can confidently show off every inch of your beautiful back on your wedding day.
  • The strapless dress – From A-line dresses to ball gowns, most wedding dress styles include strapless choices. You can always opt for a classic strapless pushup bra to secure your bosom in place.

  • Underwear

    Whether you wear a saucy pair of lace wedding underwear or a seamless nude-colored thong will depend (once again) on your wedding dress.

    If you’re wearing a ball gown or a dress with thicker fabric, you have more freedom to wear whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable. On the flip side, a fitted dress or one with only one layer of fabric is more likely to require a seamless panty to avoid lines.


    Shapewear certainly isn’t necessary, but it can help to smooth out your natural curves and accentuate them in all the right places so that your dress melds magically onto your skin.

    Nowadays, you can find shapewear that not only molds to your body but looks oh-so-sexy while doing it, including:4

    • Shaping slips
    • Shaping briefs (and thongs)
    • Shaping body suits
    • Girdles

    But do you need to wear shapewear under your dress?

    Definitely not. However, it can help to give you a picture-perfect figure, especially under certain dress styles that are more form-fitting, including:

    • Mermaid dresses
    • Sheath dresses
    • Trumpet dresses

    End the Night with a Bang—in Nighttime Wedding Lingerie

    After your family and friends have showered you with handfuls of rice and ushered you to the car with a hand-written “Just Married” sign on the back, the end of the night usually involves your sexiest wedding lingerie—and nothing else.

    If you wore shapewear or a simple seamless pair of panties under your wedding dress, you might be interested in doing a quick switcheroo before your partner sees you. After a busy day of socializing and dancing, it also gives you a moment to freshen up while you slink into your nighttime negligee.

    Not sure what to wear?

    Lingerie is all about making you look and feel like the vivacious vixen you are, so choose a lingerie set that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

    Depending on whether you’re going for lacy or racy (or perhaps a bit of both), consider these wedding lingerie options:

    • Sweet and lacy – If you prefer ample coverage, a sultry silk slip dress is an excellent lingerie option. This style breathes sensuality while leaving a little to the imagination.
    • Sweet but sultry – If you fall somewhere between lacy and racy, a bodysuit might be the perfect mix of minx and maiden. You might also choose an everyday bra and panty combo with a little more coverage, while still putting your best assets on full display. The Full On Glam Bra and matching high-waist, lacy undies will make you feel like your sexiest self while adding an extra ounce of comfort and modesty.
    • Seriously sexy – If you want to show off for your new spouse, you might prefer a transparent white lace bra and a matching thong. Looking to balk tradition with your lingerie choice? Leave the white lace behind and slip into something undeniably sultry—a fiery red bra and skimpy thong panties or the Sweet Nothing black mesh bra and black high-cut briefs. Consider pairing it with a sexy silk bridal robe set (perhaps the one you wore during your morning glam session), so you can show off while putting on a bit of show.

    Find the Perfect Wedding Lingerie with Gooseberry

    While choosing a showstopping wedding dress is of utmost importance, finding wedding lingerie that makes you feel like the goddess you are is just as crucial.

    When you shop Gooseberry Intimates, you’ll find the perfect seductive wedding lingerie, from the slinky undies under your wedding dress to the lustful lingerie you wear when it’s just you and your boo. We combine sexy styles and quality construction to provide you with the perfect lingerie for your wedding night—and every night after.

    When it comes to your big day, you deserve to wear only the best. For lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and bold, choose Gooseberry. 

    For more inspiration on selecting those special pieces, don't miss our blog on "5 Must-Have Lingerie Pieces for the Bride-to-Be 💍✨". It's a treasure trove of ideas to ensure you feel stunning, confident, and truly yourself on this unforgettable journey.


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