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What I'd Wear For...Spring Break 2024

Spring Break is the time to swap winter blues for beachy hues! It offers the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun and rejuvenate the spirit! Imagine the blissful scenario: toes buried in warm sand, the caress of the sun on your skin, and an unwavering confidence radiating through every outfit you choose. Whether you're jet-setting off to tropical paradises or opting for a delightful staycation, Spring Break invites a celebration of sun-soaked moments.

Spring Break is a time to break free from the routine, and what better way to do that than with fashionable ensembles that make you feel your best? In this guide, we curated outfit ideas to make your Spring Break more memorable and stylish, offering suggestions on what pieces to wear and how to accessorize. So, pack your bags, catch those rays, and let the adventure begin!

Travel Outfit: Casual Vibes

Let's make your journey to sandy shores a breeze – while staying stylish! You’ll want to be comfortable throughout your travels, so consider rocking the Les Girls Rib Tank with your fave joggers or leggings as you head to your dream destination. Whether on a flight or a road trip, this comfy-chic combo is the perfect travel attire for exploring new places. You can also elevate your overall look with stylish hair accessories, like a colorful scrunchy. Or, as a pro tip, consider wearing your beach hat instead of packing it! Doing this will help prevent it from getting squished in your suitcase and help it keep its structure.

Beach Day: Sun, Sand, and So Chic

The sun's out, and you're ready to conquer the beach! Slip into the One Piece Cutout Red with a sarong on top or the So Chic Triangle in Rum, paired with the matching So Chic Bikini Bottom.

From strolling along the shoreline, reading under the sun, or playing in the waves, these statement-making swimsuits let you soak up the sun and sea breeze in ultimate style. Consider adding a wide-brimmed sun hat for beach days, a stylish fedora, or a cute cap for casual strolls as the cherry on top of your Spring Break looks.

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Exploring the Town: Stylish and Comfortable

Exploring the town involves much wandering and walking; your outfit should keep up. Imagine donning the So Chic One Piece Tank in Coral with classic jean shorts paired with comfortable tennis shoes or strappy sandals as you explore charming streets, visit local markets or stop by cozy cafes. It's the perfect blend of chic and comfy, allowing you to dive into town adventures with style. To accessorize, invest in a chic pair of sunglasses to add instant glam to your look. From oversized frames for the beach to sleek aviators for town explorations – bringing a few options ensures the perfect match to complement your vibe. Also, your footwear should be as comfortable as it is stylish. Opt for chic sandals that can take you from the beach to exploring the town seamlessly—bonus points for styles that easily slip on and off for those impromptu beach dips.

Boat Day: Sail Into Laid-Back Style

Ready to sail into a day on the water? Picture yourself in calm elegance with the So Chic One Piece in Blue Lagoon or emerald. Alternatively, try the So Chic Top in Baby Pink with linen pants or a light sweater if you want a more laid-back look. Also, a scarf isn't just for colder days. Use a lightweight, colorful scarf as a headwrap, a beach cover-up, or a belt to add a pop of color and flair to any outfit. Versatility is the key! Whether sailing towards the sunset, snorkeling in hidden coves, or simply enjoying the sea breeze, your boat day look will exude sophistication.

Lounging at the Pool: Blue Hues and Tan Lines

Lounging by the pool is an art that involves ultimate relaxation paired with the opportunity to showcase your style and fit for the day. For the ultimate pool-day look, check out the So Chic Bikini Bandeau in Royal Blue, paired with the matching So Chic Bikini Bottom. The strapless style helps you avoid stubborn tan lines, all while sipping a refreshing drink, reading a good book, or taking a dip in the shark and sand-free waters. Top it off with the Coquette Silk Caraco in a coordinating color for an effortlessly chic poolside ensemble. To make a style statement, choose a beach bag that complements your overall look, whether a vibrant tote or a lightweight straw bag.

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Dinner Night: Elegance Unleashed

As the sun sets, let's dial in the elegance for your dinner night. Picture yourself in a bold-hued maxi dress like the Coquette Silk Maxi Dress in Royal Blue, paired with matching lingerie pieces like the Dolce Bra in Royal Blue and Dolce High Waist. With this night-time look, let your accessories do the talking. Opt for bold, statement earrings to elevate your night-out look. Whether it's vibrant colors or intricate designs, make your ears the focal point. Consider a classic watch that adds a touch of timeless elegance to any outfit. Whether you're keeping track of time for activities or simply making a style statement, a wristwatch is a must-have accessory.

So as you enjoy a candlelit dinner by the beach, explore local cuisine, or dance the night away, your dinner night look is a statement of effortless sophistication without the need for all the fuss.

Night Out: City Lights and Chic Delights

Keep your night-out style glamorous yet laid-back when those city lights come on. Opt for a mini dress in a solid color, just like the Coquette Silk Mini Dress in Black and throw on a jacket on top. Or, slip into a sleek Ruffle Coquette Bodysuit in White with high-waisted jeans or shorts. Keep it light and breezy with delicate jewelry for a more elegant look. Layering dainty necklaces or stacking bracelets adds a touch of sophistication without weighing you down. Think simple, think chic. Imagine strutting through city streets, exploring rooftop bars, or dancing in vibrant clubs – your night-out look is urban chic without the hassle, turning heads with every step.

Cozy Night Staying In: Lounge Like Royalty

Cozy nights after a long day basking in the sun are the best, right? Keep it comfy yet fashionable with a crop top, like the Les Girls Crop in White, matching Les Girls Rib Briefs, and The Homme Boxer on top. Whether having a movie marathon, playing board games, or having a self-care night, let your downtime be a mix of style and comfort as you enjoy quality moments with friends or relax solo. Even though you’re staying in, you can still relax in style!

For Blissful Vacation Sleeps: Dreamy PJ Set

Style matters even in Dreamland! Slip into a dreamy, Cozy PJ Set in soothing tones for those blissful vacation nights of sleep. Imagine yourself winding down after a day of adventures, sharing travel stories, or enjoying a good night's sleep. Soft fabrics, elegant hues – it's a touch of luxury for your dreams, ensuring that even your sleepwear is ready for a stylish slumber. Sweet dreams!

One Piece Emerald

Soak Up the Sun in Style

And there you have it, the ultimate Spring Break 2024 wardrobe, curated to celebrate your unique style, confidence, and comfort! From the sandy shores to the vibrant city lights, each outfit is more than clothing; it's a statement. Our Gooseberry Seaside pieces blend elegance and ease, ensuring you stand out wherever your vacation may take you.

Spring 2024 Swim Style Guide

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