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bra and blazer look

It’s been causing a stir for decades, and it’s still a daring fashion statement that’s guaranteed to make waves wherever you take it: the bra and blazer look. Blazers are a wardrobe staple, of course, but you might think of them as stuffy or straight-laced. However, when paired with the right bra, it is guaranteed to look versatile and dynamic, a combination that continues to captivate, inspire, and empower women.

The bra and blazer look is all about elevating the bra from a mere undergarment to a fashion statement by layering it with a perfectly fitted blazer for a sleek, put-together, and oh-so-daring lingerie outfit.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make a splash at a party or just going out for drinks with friends, the bra top under an oversized blazer is always a show-stopper. Here’s how to add a blazer with a bra outfit to your regular wardrobe rotation.

Where Did the Blazer and Bra Look Start?

The lingerie as outwear trend has been around longer than you think. For all our bra-and-blazer fans out there, here’s a quick lesson in fashion history:

  • 1983 – Brooke Shields was one of the earliest A-listers to show off the blazer and bra style at a Hollywood movie premiere, establishing herself as a fashion icon at just 18 years old.
  • 1990 – Madonna made the style even more famous (and controversial) when she Vogue’d in a black blazer and bra top.
  • 2016 – Decades later, the style is still bold enough to ruffle feathers, as Susan Sarandon demonstrated by causing controversy with a stunning white-blazer-over-black-bra at the 2016 SAG Awards.
  • Today – Blazer and bra show no signs of breaking off their long-term relationship in 2023. Modern-day celebs like Jennie from BLACKPINK,  Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Dua Lipa, among others, continue to embrace the trend. 

Better yet, the sexy-yet-stylish combo is becoming more welcoming to people of all sizes and shapes, according to stylist Mecca James-Williams, who rocks her blazer and bra in a size 36DD.

5 Ways To Wear the Blazer and Bra Look For Every Occasion

While the look still has an edge, you don’t have to be headed to the Met Gala or the Hollywood red carpet  to take a bra-and-blazer outfit out for a spin. Here are 5 ways to put together a bra and blazer outfit for a variety of events and moods.

#1 The Classic Chic – Lace Bralettes and Structured Blazers for Timeless Elegance

Whether you’re meeting up with a new match and want to make an unforgettable first impression, or you’re reconnecting with an old flame and want to remind them what they’re missing, the classic blazer-over-bra look delivers a timeless fashion statement. 

Ready to ramp up the sex appeal and the high-fashion polish? Here’s how to do both:

  1. Sharp blazers for sophistication – To keep the look elegant and sexy, make sure you choose a fitted and structured blazer that is tailored to emphasize your waistline. A black blazer with sharp lapels usually does the trick, giving you a sophisticated look. This can be long or cropped, but it shouldn’t be too slouchy or baggy. 
  2. Lace and details for maximum ‘wow’  factor –  Pair the structured blazer with a lace bralette. The lace adds a delicate feminine touch against the boldness and masculinity of the blazer. You can level up your bra game and add that element of intrigue by opting for lace bralettes with unique and intricate details like scalloped edges or a racerback design that peeks through your blazer’s lapels.

You can also do a red or black bra in a demi-cup or balconette style with plenty of lace and ribbon detail.

  1. The finishing touches – Pair with dark, straight-leg jeans or flowy trousers to create a longer leg line. Finish with your favorite heels, boots, or strappy sandals—you can go neutral here, add a pop of color, or opt for a metallic tone.
  2. Try a suit – For maximum high-fashion style, nothing is as timeless as a suit. If you’re going this route, make sure your pieces are well-tailored—fit is key here. Pair with a structured, beautifully detailed bra or corset.
  3. Accessory Tip - Wear a pendant necklace of your choice that falls just above your chest and lace detailing to draw attention to the intricate design of your bralette effectively.

Minimalist jewelry like thin bracelets and stud earrings keeps the focus on the outfit. 

Celebrity inspos for this look include Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes.

#2 The Casual Day Out – Oversized Blazers and Sports Bras for Comfort

This look is perfect for those days when you’re rushing around running errands and you want to look put-together but don’t  want to feel constricted, uncomfortable, or overdressed. Bra and blazer combo to the rescue! (And this trendy look comes with a hidden bonus: it’s the perfect combo for beating the heat as the days get warmer.)

Here are some style tips for creating a toned-down version of the bra and blazer combo  that’s perfect for shopping, brunch with the bestie, or any other low-key outing while keeping that fresh look:

  1. Choose a looser blazer – For this look, you want a blazer that’s less fitted and flowier for more effortless movement. Look for oversized, boxy cuts and long-line blazers that fall at the hip or mid-thigh. Choose light colors like beige, white, or pastels in general to keep the look comfortable, airy, and daytime-friendly. While this look can work with heavier suiting materials like wool or tweed, a lighter-weight material like cotton or denim feels more playful and relaxed.
  2. Pick a simple bra – Choose a bra with minimal detail, like a bralette or sports bra, in a relaxed fabric like jersey or spandex. (More details like lace and underwire look more dressed up.)
  3. Finishing touches - Finish the look with comfortable bottoms and shoes like a pair of jeans or shorts, cute sneakers, and a simple tote bag. This way, you'll look stylish, but not trying too hard.
  4.  Accessory Tip – You can accessorize this look with a chunky belt to cinch the waist of the oversized blazer, helping you achieve a defined silhouette look even while you’re on the go in loose clothing.

#3 The Fashionista – Embellished Bralettes and Statement Blazers for Layered Sophistication

Got a special occasion coming up and want to go for the full runway-ready blazer and bra look? The best way to do it is with a stunning, perfectly fitted blazer and skirt or trousers.

Here’s how to make this look come together:

  1. Choose statement blazers as the centerpiece - Pick a unique blazer that speaks volumes about your personality and style. This can be an oversized piece with bold prints, textured fabric like velvet or brocade, or a blazer featuring unique structural elements like metallic studs, exaggerated lapels, or bold shoulder designs. 
  2. Wear embellished bralettes - Pair your statement blazer with an embellished bralette or sexy underwire bra. Look for bras with intricate laces, beading, sequins, or embroidery that will add a layer of elegance and allure to your outfit. Not only will it complement the boldness of your blazer, but it can create a delicate contrast that's stylish. 
  3. For a cohesive look - You can balance the complexity of your top layers with sleek,  streamlined bottoms. Try tailored trousers, high-waisted jeans in a slim fit, or minimalist skirts. This approach keeps the focus on your statement pieces, the bra and blazer, while making them look cohesive.
  4. Accessory Tip - Choose accessories that won’t overwhelm your already visually compelling outfit. You can try minimalist heels and a clutch in complementary tones. For jewelry, carefully choose pieces that resonate with your detailed bralette, like a delicate necklace or subtle drop earrings. 

Celebrity inspo for this look is Jennie Kim from the famous K-Pop girl group, BLACKPINK.

#4 Bold & Bright – Colorful Bra Tops and Monochrome Blazers for a Fun Look

Want to look sophisticated and sexy but at the same time showcase a vibrant personality? A bold and bright style for a bra and blazer duo is a fun look for those days when you want to stand out but balance comfort and skin exposure,whether it’s a casual meetup with friends or a high-energy outing to a club or party, a contrasting bold and bright look guarantees that you’ll stand out from the crowd and reflect your spirited side. 

Here’s how you can achieve a fun and eye-catching getup with your bra and blazer:

  1. Wear monochrome blazers – For sheer elegance, try matching your blazer and trousers or skirt in all black, white, burgundy,3 or any solid color that can provide a striking contrast to your colorful bra top underneath. The goal is to create a sleek backdrop that can make your bra shine.  Whether it’s a classic cut or something more experimental, ensure that it complements your figure and the vibrancy of your bra.
  2. Pair with a bold and vibrant bra - This is where the magic happens! Select a bra in a vibrant color that contrasts yet complements your blazer. Try a soft blue blazer with a sunshine yellow bra, or a hot pink bra with a deep blue blazer. Also, think of neon hues, jewel tones, or fun patterns and prints that can peek through your blazer and steal the spotlight. 
  3. For daytime, go brighter – Don’t be afraid of trying bright, bold colors like oranges, pinks, and greens. Vivid hues make a big impact that’s perfect for an afternoon soirée on a summer afternoon.
  4. Balancing the look - To avoid making the outfit too overwhelming, pair your bra and blazer with simple and refined bottoms. Wear high-waisted trousers or a sleek pencil skirt in a color that echoes the blazer.
  5. Accessory tip - Choose accessories with care by going for minimalist pieces that complement rather than compete with the contrast. Go for elegant stud earrings, a classic watch, or a thin bracelet.

Celebrity inspos for this look are Dua Lipa, models Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid,  actress Kristen Stewart, Megan Fox, Hailey Bieber, as well as Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian.

#6 The Sophisticated Office Chic – Seamless Bralettes and Polished Blazers for Professional Poise 

Given the professional and bold allure of blazers, it’s no surprise that the bra and blazer trend can also embody elegance and professionalism for the sophisticated office look. Talk about hot- independent-CEO-woman vibes! This look bridges the gap between comfort and style, providing a refined aesthetic that suits boardrooms, client meetings, and everything in between. This trend is for the woman who wants to make an empowered statement while following professional standards. 

Here’s how you can elevate your office wardrobe with a polished and poised bra-and-blazer look.

  1. Polished blazers as a professional staple - Wear a well-tailored blazer in neutral hues like charcoal, navy, or soft beige for a clean look. Blazers with a nipped waist, clean lines, and subtle details such as button accents or a slight texture can make it look elegant while enhancing your figure.
  2. Wear seamless bralettes - This offers both support and smooth lines to ensure comfort throughout a busy corporate day without compromising style. Neutral colors like black, white, or nude can work well. 
  3. Coordinating bottoms to finish the look - Pair your blazer and bra with tailored trousers or a pencil skirt with a matching or complementary color to create a harmonious look. 
  4. Accessory Tip - Use understated accessories that show professionalism, like a pair of delicate hoop earrings, a structured tote bag, or a thin watch. This can pull off a look that’s both stylish and suitable for the office environment.

A celebrity inspo for this look is Olivia Wilde

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Tips for Assembling Your Bra and Blazer Look

If you want to create a truly iconic bra and blazer look, be sure to start by choosing your pieces intentionally. The blazer and bra you select can completely transform the look – from high-fashion to laid-back.

Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:

  • Start with the basics: Start with foundation pieces that manifest ease and elegance. A relaxed-fit blazer with cropped jeans, ankle booties, and a black or white bra is an easy choice that works for just about any setting. Once you’ve got the basic recipe down, change up the blazer style, bra style, and accessories to perfect the look for any occasion.
  • Find your blazer: Get a timeless and classic blazer in a neutral color like black, white, or beige first. Pair it with a matching bra for a versatile monochromatic look or a contrasting color if you want a bolder or daring statement.
  • Expand your blazer collection: Once you’ve gotten comfortable with a classic blazer and bra look, try different styles of blazers. Blazers come in an incredible variety, including tuxedo cut, oversized, cropped, patterned, and in fabrics like velvet, leather, corduroy, and everything in between. Each style brings its own character that allows your personality to shine through. 
  • Try on different textures: Experiment with different fabrics and textures to add interest to your outfit. Experimenting with the luxurious touch of leather or velvet blazer will give a luxurious edge, while a denim or corduroy jacket will give off a casual charm.
  • Vary your bra selection: The more structured the bra, the more dressy your outfit will feel. Patterned bras like florals and animal prints can make your look more playful, while colors like black and red amp up the sexy edge. Relaxed styles in stretchy fabrics like cotton and spandex are perfect for creating a laid-back weekend vibe.
  • Don't forget accessories: If you’re a little worried that your outfit might look less like a fashion statement and more like you just stepped out of the house without remembering to put on a top, add a statement necklace or pair of earrings. This will instantly elevate and complete the look.

Rock the Bra and Blazer Look with Gooseberry

Whether you’re dressing to the nines for a once-in-a-lifetime event or just spending time with friends, the bra and blazer look can do it all. The idyllic combination of pieces and how you combine them starts with the perfect bra—the centerpiece of this fashion statement.

For your next centerpiece, shop at Gooseberry. From casual loungewear lingerie for a relaxing weekend to stunning creations in silk and lace, we have the intimate apparel you’ve been searching for to complete your dream blazer and bra outfit.


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