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Behind the Seams

Get a glimpse into Gooseberry's design and production process.

In today's fast fashion landscape, the need for sustainable practices is more urgent than ever. In fact, approximately 85% of all textiles end up in landfills each year, contributing significantly to climate change.1

At Gooseberry, we take a different approach. We're here to show you how we craft the pieces you love, focusing on sustainability at every step—from selecting materials to our eco-friendly packaging. Let's explore how thoughtful design transforms into the Gooseberry garments you treasure.

The Garment Journey: From Material Selection to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Each Gooseberry garment begins with a commitment to sustainability that guides every phase of its creation. What sets Gooseberry apart as a sustainable fashion brand is that each garment is conceptualized, designed, and created entirely within our own facilities vs. outsourcing production overseas. We have a dedicated production team that sources the finest materials, which are then handed over to our skilled pattern makers. These experts craft the initial designs into patterns, setting the stage for our artisan sewers, who hand-sew each fabric with precision and care.

As the garment takes shape, it undergoes rigorous trials by our team and fit models, working closely with our designer to ensure every detail is handled with care. We continuously revise and refine the pattern, sewing new samples as needed until the final piece meets our exacting standards of perfection. This in-house process ensures superior quality and fit while allowing us to maintain a seamless, sustainable production chain from start to finish.

Through this detailed and loving process, Gooseberry garments not only look exquisite but also contribute positively to the environment, arriving in your hands in eco-friendly packaging that aligns with our sustainable practices.

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Design and Development

In our design process, our production team aims to merge timeless craftsmanship with modern style. Our journey begins with securing high-quality materials that complement the design, such as lace, silk, mesh, and swim fabric, that are sourced globally. We conduct collaborative sessions to assess and determine the suitable materials to complement each style.

With a clear vision in place, our designs are handed over to our skilled pattern makers, who bring our ideas to life. Since we manage our own production facilities, we are free from the usual constraints of external manufacturing timelines and limitations on revisions. This autonomy enables us to refine and revise designs according to our vision to produce multiple samples, ensuring that each piece looks exquisite and feels inherently right.

This systematic approach means that your Gooseberry piece is unique and crafted with the fabric’s natural character in mind. Our designers are in tune with the dynamic world of fashion and draw additional inspiration from industry trade shows, iconic style influencers, and leading fashion publications. Together, this inspiration helps us build a cohesive vision that’s innovative yet functional. 

Meticulous Material Selection

Deciding on the correct materials is an integral part of our production process at Gooseberry. Our selection of materials is guided not only by the aesthetic and tactile qualities of each fabric but also by its environmental impact. We prioritize sustainable materials like natural and recycled fabrics and avoid using those composed of high percentages of synthetics and plastics.

This rigorous selection process ensures that each piece uses sustainable material—be it organic cotton found in our cotton rib collection, luxurious silk used for dresses or pants, or innovative recycled materials such as recycled polyester. These materials support both the environment and the delicate balance of your skin’s needs. Our commitment extends beyond the visual appeal to include the very composition of the fabric, ensuring it aligns with our dedication to sustainability and ethical fashion.

Once a material is selected, we explore its properties—how it stretches, how it flows, how it conforms to the body—and let these characteristics guide the design process. This approach allows us to envision and develop distinctive styles suited to each fabric’s unique qualities. For instance, an intricate lace might be used for delicate lingerie, while a textured fabric could be better suited for a bodysuit.

By integrating these principles into our material choices, we ensure that each Gooseberry garment looks and feels beautiful while standing as a testament to our ethical and environmental standards. This approach to material selection allows us to create sustainable clothing that you can wear with pride, knowing they are crafted with respect for both people and the planet.

Plum bra

Support Fair Trade Practices

At Gooseberry, our commitment extends far beyond the aesthetics of our garments; we are dedicated to ethical practices that influence every link of our production chain. Owning our production facilities affords us complete oversight over the working conditions and the well-being of our artisans. We ensure that all our workers are compensated fairly and receive wages that surpass the minimum requirements set by local labor laws, including provisions for overtime pay and statutory benefits.

Our commitment to fair trade practices is embodied in the employee benefits we provide, such as comprehensive healthcare and nutritious meals during work hours, with all food costs covered by the company. These practices foster a sustainable business model and cultivate a thriving community, setting a higher standard of ethics in the fashion industry. By ensuring safe working conditions and sustainable wages, Gooseberry promotes a more humane and ethical approach, demonstrating that fashion can be both beautiful and benevolent.

Craftsmanship and Production

The essence of Gooseberry’s craftsmanship lies in the heart and soul our artisans pour into every detail. From the precise cuts to the resilient stitches, each element of our garments is a testament to our pursuit of excellence. This meticulous attention to detail enhances its longevity and timeless appeal.

Opt for Made-to-Order Pieces

Our made-to-order approach is not just a method—it's a mission to combat the excesses of the fashion industry. Unlike conventional brands and fashion companies, we refrain from producing large volumes of inventory in advance. Instead, we craft each garment specifically upon order, which reduces the need for excessive stock and helps prevent overproduction. This method aligns with our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that each piece is made with precision and care.

Furthermore, our dedication to minimizing waste extends throughout our production process. We choose to hand-cut our fabrics to maximize material usage and reduce remnants. Any leftover fabric, particularly from our swimwear line, is creatively repurposed into accessories like scrunchies, demonstrating our commitment to zero-waste principles.

By choosing Gooseberry's made-to-order garments and clothes, you enjoy exclusively crafted pieces that contribute to a sustainable fashion movement. Each order supports our goal to lessen environmental impact, providing you with a garment that is unique and personal as well as ethically and responsibly made.

Sustainable Packaging

At Gooseberry, our commitment to sustainability seamlessly extends from our clothing to our packaging practices. Embracing a zero-waste ethos, we've carefully designed our packaging solutions to minimize environmental impact and promote recycling. Each piece of Gooseberry clothing is encased in packaging that mirrors the ecological integrity of the garments themselves.

This conscientious approach to packaging is a crucial part of our strategy to reduce the fashion industry's carbon footprint. By using materials that are fully recyclable and engineered to reduce waste, we ensure that every product delivered to your doorstep carries the elegance you expect and upholds our dedication to the planet. This initiative is just one of the ways we demonstrate that thoughtful, sustainable practices can lead to substantial environmental benefits, showcasing our commitment to a cleaner, greener world.

Silk dress red

Offset Emissions with Tree Planting

Each time you place an order with Gooseberry, we commit to planting a tree. This deliberate action helps offset the carbon emissions generated by our production processes and shipping each piece directly to you. Through this effort, we contribute to global reforestation, making a tangible impact on the environment.

By participating in this initiative, you become an integral part of our mission to enhance sustainability. Gooseberry’s tree-planting program extends the positive influence of your garment far beyond its lifecycle, bridging the gap between individual consumer actions and broader environmental stewardship. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly practices and illustrates our commitment to leading the way sustainably. As a Gooseberry customer, you empower us to make a significant, positive impact on the planet, reinforcing our shared goal of a greener, more sustainable future.

Educate Yourself on Sustainable Fashion

To truly embrace sustainable fashion, it's essential to understand the lifecycle of a garment—from its initial conception to its ultimate disposition in order to create impactful resolutions. At Gooseberry, we're leading the charge in this educational movement, working to spark a fashion revolution that values enduring quality over fleeting trends. When you choose Gooseberry, you're endorsing a sustainable future and celebrating garments that are crafted with integrity and care.

Our dedication to sustainable fashion encourages you to reconsider the significance of your wardrobe. Opting for Gooseberry supports a broader vision—one that transcends typical clothing to include empowerment, responsibility, and transformative fashion. Each purchase is more than a style choice; it's a commitment to substance, durability, and the sheer delight of owning a garment made with a conscientious approach. Remember, there are many compelling reasons to choose high-quality garments over fast-fashion alternatives. These pieces are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are ethically produced treasures, embodying beauty and virtue in every stitch.


  1. Public Interest Research Group. The Fashion Industry Waste Is Drastically Contributing to Climate Change. 

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