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As the days turn longer and sunnier, and the temperature climbs higher, there’s only one question that you’ve got on your mind: what are you going to wear to the beach this summer?

You’ve got a whole shoreside wardrobe planned of plunging triangle bikini tops, one-piece swimsuits with a sexy low back, floaty eyelet coverup dresses, and stacked platform sandals— but make sure that you don’t forget about your bikini bottoms in all your outfit planning.

It can feel tricky to figure out what types of different bikini bottom styles work best for you— after all, they can all start to look a bit similar after hours of browsing. If you don’t know your Brazilian cuts from your cheeky coverage, have no fear—we’ve got our handy bikini bottom styles chart ready to make this the spiciest summer yet.

#1 Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms

First spotted on the beaches of Brazil and now popular around the world, the Brazilian cut bikini bottom is one of our favorite bikini bottom styles. This style is designed to show off your best assets (ahem) with its low, hip-hugging shape and ultra-cheeky coverage. While it might not be quite as revealing as a thong, it certainly comes close with its low profile coverage for your rear.

You’ll love Brazilian cut bottoms like the So Chic Thong for how they offer you all of the flirty fun of a thong-style suit with a little extra bum coverage, in case you’re not quite ready to bare it all. With its double-lined swimsuit material and snug fit to ensure no slippage as you’re hanging ten in the waves, you’ll be comfy and secure in the So Chic Thong no matter where your adventures take you.

How do you style a Brazilian-cut bikini bottom? Here are a few ways we’ll be rocking this flirty fave this summer:

  • Pair the So Chic Thong in bright red Coral with a matching classic triangle bikini top for a fiery lifeguard-inspired look.
  • Go for a soft-toned brown that’ll be the perfect complement to your sunkissed skin when you pick up the So Chic Thong in sweet Cacao—perfect for when you want a neutral shade that’s a step up from black or white.
  • It’s electric! Try the electric Royal Blue So Chic Thong with the matching sporty yet stylish So Chic Top. This combination makes for a daring yet comfortable look, thanks to the top’s wireless design and fully adjustable shoulder straps, and the bottoms’ stretchy fit. All in all, it’s an ensemble that’ll get heads turning on the beach. Pair this bright blue combo under a sheer white coverup like the Cruise Dress in Ivory for a sexy pop of color underneath the floaty white fabric.

Vacay in Style! Find your seaside staple now!

#2 Thong Bikini Bottoms

Definitely the most daring option on the bikini bottom style chart, thongs are known for their show-it-all design and barely there coverage. These sexy bottoms feature minimal coverage of your rear with just a thin strip of fabric for maximum sultriness.

Thongs are a great option if you’re looking to turn up the heat at the beach this summer—after all, their skimpy design makes them effortlessly sexy. They’re also a perfect pick if you’re looking to eliminate those pesky tan lines or if you want a suit that offers a smooth, streamlined fit.

Looking to dip your toe into the thong bikini bottom pool this summer but not quite ready to bare it all? Come on in—the water’s fine! There are plenty of thong bikini bottom options that offer the thong’s iconic flirty flash of skin while still making up for it with coverage in other areas, so you don’t feel too exposed.

Look for thong bikini bottom options that combine a thong shape with sturdy, fully lined material and medium coverage of the back and stomach, like the For You Thong Bikini. Thanks to this bathing suit bottom’s high-cut leg and ample waist coverage, you’ll have all the sexy benefits of a thong while also still being able to control just how much skin you show.

Pair this thong’s sweet, soft dusty Rosebud color with a matching bikini top and borrow from the boys with q white cotton poplin shirt like the Les Girls Homme Shirt (worn open and unbuttoned to show off your brand new bikini!). This look is a deal for an easy, breezy morning spent reading your book and sipping your iced matcha poolside.

#3 Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Looking for a coverage option that’s not quite as daring as a Brazilian or thong-style bikini bottom, but still gives you a chance to show off a peek of skin? Cheeky bikini bottoms are going to be your BBFF (Bikini Best Friend Forever) this summer!

Cheeky bikini bottoms give you a chance to show a little more skin than a full-coverage bikini bottom, while still giving you a little extra fabric that you wouldn’t necessarily have in a thong swimsuit bottom—perfect for when you want to show a little bit but not too much. It’s no wonder that cheeky bottoms are one of the most popular styles—they offer the best of both worlds!

Looking for the perfect cheeky bottoms to bring with you on that long weekend this summer? Here are a few of our flirty faves:

  • Go for a classic 90s-inspired high-cut suit with a cheeky bottom with the Good Vibes Cheeky Bikini Bottom in either rich Chocolate or neutral Nude.
  • Feeling bold? Try the So Chic Side Tie Bikini Briefs—these boho-chic bottoms are easy to make your own with their adjustable booty coverage and sexy barely-there side ties. You’ll also love all of these double-lined bottoms’ sultry little details, like gold rings along their strappy hip strings.

#4 High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Go retro with the ultra-flattering, high-waisted bikini bottoms! Inspired by the pinup girl looks of the 1940s and 1950s, high-waisted swimsuit bottoms are easy to wear, offer all-day coverage and comfort, and look great when paired with just about everything.

High-rise bikini bottoms typically go up to or even over your belly button, covering up your hips and the lower part of your stomach, giving them the sneaky hidden benefit of acting similar to shapewear and smoothing out any lumps or bumps. This gives a polished, sculpted look that pairs great with a scoop neck bikini top or a strappy, sexy style.

For a smooth, sporty look with a thong-style bottom and high waist coverage, try the Good Vibes High Waist Bikini Bottoms in either Chocolate or rosy Peach. On the hunt for a more shaped style? Get snatched with the Good Vibes Sculpting High Waist Bikini Bottom, which offers a thong shape in either Chocolate, Peach, or Nude.

#5 Low-Rise Bikini Bottoms

Feeling frisky this summer? Try a low-rise bikini bottom. This early aughts style, trademarked by its hipbone-baring waistline, has already been spotted making a return in jeans and skirts. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve when you hit the sand this summer by getting in on the trend early.

While high-rise bikini bottoms extend all the way up to (or sometimes even beyond) the belly button, low-rise bikini bottoms do exactly the opposite of that, keeping your full midriff on display as the waistband dips down towards your hips.

If you’re trying out a low-rise bikini like the So Chic Side Tie Bikini Bottoms this summer, make sure to keep the top half of your bikini equally light and barely there. Pairing a bikini top with thicker straps or fuller coverage will look out of place when worn with a flirty low-rise bottom. Instead, try it with an adjustable halterneck triangle string bikini top for a look that’ll be making serious waves wherever your summer adventures take you.

#6 Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Thongs and low-rise bikini bottoms are not for you? Look for full-coverage bikini bottoms instead! Far from frumpy, these full-coverage bottoms offer all of the sex appeals of skimpier options while still keeping you covered up.

Unlike other bikini bottom designs, full coverage bikini bottoms stay in place no matter what you’re doing, making them a great pick if your beach plans include:

  • Doing aquatic activities like swimming or surfing
  • Getting sweaty with sand sports like beach volleyball or bocce
  • Trying to skip the sun (and saving yourself from getting sunburnt on your booty… ouch!)
  • Going for a shoreline stroll or walking along the boardwalk

Go for a sporty, 90s look with the So Chic Bikini Bottoms in sunshiney Lemonade. These double-lined bikini bottoms offer ample coverage while still showing plenty of legs thanks to their thigh-skimming, high-cut design. Wear them with the So Chic Sculpting Bikini Top in a matching color for the ultimate in structured, supported chic.

Looking for a thong option that still feels full coverage? The So Chic Bottom in Blue Lagoon or Sweet Sunrise pairs full coverage with a medium-rise waist and a thong bottom—perfect for when you want to bare a little, not a lot.

Get to the Bottom of Bikini Shopping with Gooseberry

Shopping for bikinis can feel overwhelming until you’ve learned the lingo. Whether you’re a full-coverage fanatic or a low-rise lover, we know you’re sure to stun at the beach this summer, no matter what you’re wearing.

At Gooseberry, we’re all about creating daring yet delicate designs for the modern woman. Whether it’s high-cut bikini bottoms or more intimate items like lingerie or pajamas, you’re sure to find items that make you feel like you when you shop at Gooseberry—sexy, confident, smart, gorgeous you. Shop our collection of swimwear today to find your next summer swimsuit fling.



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